Package Details: mingw-w64-qt5-base 5.6.0-3

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Package Base: mingw-w64-qt5-base
Description: A cross-platform application and UI framework (mingw-w64)
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Licenses: custom, FDL, GPL3, LGPL
Groups: mingw-w64-qt, mingw-w64-qt5
Submitter: ant32
Maintainer: Martchus
Last Packager: Martchus
Votes: 13
Popularity: 0.013684
First Submitted: 2013-08-28 23:56
Last Updated: 2016-05-13 13:14

Sources (18)

  • add-angle-support.patch
  • fix-opengl-to-many-sections.patch
  • fix-static-psql-mysql.patch
  • qt5-dont-add-resource-files-to-qmake-libs.patch
  • qt5-dont-build-host-libs-static.patch
  • qt5-enable-rpath-for-host-tools.patch
  • qt5-fix-implib-ext.patch
  • qt5-fix-QSemaphore-problem.patch
  • qt5-fix-static-dbus-detection.patch
  • qt5-prevent-debug-library-names-in-pkgconfig-files.patch
  • qt5-qtbase-fix-linking-against-static-pcre.patch
  • qt5-rename-qtmain-to-qt5main.patch
  • qt5-use-system-zlib-in-host-libs.patch
  • qt5-use-win32-g++-mkspecs-profile.patch
  • qt5-workaround-pkgconfig-install-issue.patch
  • qtbase-1-fixes.patch
  • use-external-angle-library.patch

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Martchus commented on 2016-05-18 22:01

All my packages are managed at GitHub where you can also contribute directly:
There also exist a binary repository:

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Martchus commented on 2016-05-18 22:01

All my packages are managed at GitHub where you can also contribute directly:
There also exist a binary repository:

Martchus commented on 2016-05-13 13:23

I only did some minor adjustments with the last update. It builds fine for me with GCC 6.1 in a clean chroot.

Salamandar: So I can't reproduce the issue. Changing popd to 'cd "${srcdir}/${_pkgfqn}"' is wrong. You must change to the build directory for the current architecture. From the error messages I guess that pushd hasn't been called correctly in the first place. Hence the the x86_64 version has been built directly in the source tree which is then of course "containing a previous build" when attempting to built the i686 version there, too. But as already said, I can not reproduce this.

Martchus commented on 2016-05-12 11:54

I'll look into it later. I haven't rebuilt this with mingw-w64-gcc 6.1 anyways.

Salamandar commented on 2016-05-12 11:50

I cannot build the package…
Building the x86_64 version worked but :
/home/salamandar/tmp/MingW-w64/aur-mingw-w64-qt5-base/PKGBUILD: ligne 273 : popd: pile de répertoire vide

I changed the popd to
cd "${srcdir}/${_pkgfqn}"
It stopped when starting the i686 build :
You cannot make a shadow build from a source tree containing a previous build.
Cannot proceed.

Martchus commented on 2016-03-28 21:23

Do not update to 5.6.0 if you want to link against Qt in a CMake project. I just found out that this is currently broken. I think I fixed it but I need to test before pushing the changes.
EDIT: The issue should be resolved now.

FoPref commented on 2016-03-28 17:15

Thank you very much for your work on this.
I tried mingw-w64-qt5-base-opengl 5.6 from your repository and it works great!

Martchus commented on 2016-03-27 21:03

xantares: No reason to say sorry - I've already updated all mingw-w64-qt5-* packages on my GitHub repo (

However, building the WebKit module didn't work when I tried it last time. I did a few adjustments and it might work now, but I still need to test before committing the changes. I still need to test whether the other modules actually work, too.

These packages where originally based on the Fedora packages. Because Fedora devs haven't updated yet and use a very old version of ANGLE I needed to do some adjustments on my own. I hope I didn't break anything.

There are also some new packages available: mingw-w64-qt5-{canvas3d,connectivity,quickcontrols2}

The package mingw-w64-qt5-quick1 is no longer available in Qt 5.6.0 so it won't be updated.

xantares commented on 2016-03-09 08:35

thanks a bunch!

Martchus commented on 2016-03-08 23:38

Fixed it. At least for me it works now. (I haven't tested whether it actually runs, but it compiles without errors.) For changes see the commit message. Rebuild mingw-w64-angleproject first because it needed to be fixed as well.

Martchus commented on 2016-03-07 18:26

When comparing the mentioned header files I've noticed that the new version only adds the relevant definitions if GL_GLEXT_PROTOTYPES is defined. So defining GL_GLEXT_PROTOTYPES should fix this issue.

I'm currently trying to rebuild. If I am correct I'll updated the PKGBUILD. It might be a good idea to check the other Qt modules (especially Qt Webkit), too.

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