Package Details: mozc-ut 2.29.5374.102.20240211-1

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Package Base: mozc-ut
Description: The Open Source edition of Google Japanese Input bundled with the UT dictionary
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Licenses: Apache-2.0 AND BSD-2-Clause AND BSD-3-Clause AND CC-BY-SA-3.0 AND CC-BY-SA-4.0 AND GPL-2.0-only AND GPL-2.0-or-later AND LGPL-3.0-only AND MIT AND NAIST-2003 AND Unicode-3.0
Conflicts: mozc
Provides: mozc
Submitter: naoina
Maintainer: Nocifer
Last Packager: Nocifer
Votes: 24
Popularity: 1.00
First Submitted: 2020-11-04 02:00 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2024-02-11 12:33 (UTC)

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Nocifer commented on 2022-05-29 21:54 (UTC) (edited on 2023-08-22 09:33 (UTC) by Nocifer)

If you're getting compilation errors, please delete your Bazel cache (~/.cache/bazel by default).

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npreining commented on 2024-01-24 11:43 (UTC)

@Nocifer thanks for adding the additional override, hopefully it helps others. And thanks for maintaining these packages, much appreciated!

Nocifer commented on 2024-01-24 11:39 (UTC)

@npreining Nah, it's not you, Bazel is already known to break when ANDROID_NDK_HOME is set and some other conditions are also met, hence the unset ANDROID_NDK_HOME fix. But I guess with Bazel 7.0 we'll have to take care of ANDROID_HOME as well.

As far as I can tell by skimming through Bazel's source code it's only these two variables that are taken into consideration, so I've updated the PKGBUILD accordingly.

npreining commented on 2024-01-23 23:14 (UTC)

@Nocifer thanks, indeed, I have some Android env vars I have forgotten about. After doing


the build did work.

Thanks and sorry for the noise

Nocifer commented on 2024-01-23 14:31 (UTC) (edited on 2024-01-23 14:31 (UTC) by Nocifer)

@npreining I guess you have something Android-related installed? If so, then this must be some new Bazel 7.0 quirk. Does adding unset ANDROID_HOME in the PKGBUILD (e.g. under the similar unset ANDROID_NDK_HOME in line 96) fix it for you?

npreining commented on 2024-01-23 13:15 (UTC)

Current build fails, even after removing ~/.cache/bazel due to some android error:

==> Sources are ready.
==> Making package: mozc-ut 2.29.5346.102.20240122-1 (Tue 23 Jan 2024 10:11:43 PM JST)
==> Checking runtime dependencies...
==> Checking buildtime dependencies...
==> WARNING: Using existing $srcdir/ tree
==> Removing existing $pkgdir/ directory...
==> Starting build()...
Starting local Bazel server and connecting to it...
ERROR: /home/norbert/.cache/yay/mozc-ut/src/mozc-ut-git/src/WORKSPACE.bazel:123:23: fetching android_sdk_repository rule //external:androidsdk: android_sdk_repository requires that at least one Android SDK Platform is installed in the Android SDK. Please install an Android SDK Platform through the Android SDK manager.
INFO: Repository rules_cc instantiated at:
  /home/norbert/.cache/yay/mozc-ut/src/mozc-ut-git/src/WORKSPACE.bazel:52:14: in <toplevel>
  /home/norbert/.cache/bazel/_bazel_norbert/3750322742df521bdc6c65a43a994cfa/external/com_google_protobuf/protobuf_deps.bzl:80:24: in protobuf_deps
  /home/norbert/.cache/bazel/_bazel_norbert/3750322742df521bdc6c65a43a994cfa/external/com_google_protobuf/protobuf_deps.bzl:23:17: in _github_archive
Repository rule http_archive defined at:
  /home/norbert/.cache/bazel/_bazel_norbert/3750322742df521bdc6c65a43a994cfa/external/bazel_tools/tools/build_defs/repo/http.bzl:381:31: in <toplevel>
ERROR: Analysis of target '//gui/tool:mozc_tool' failed; build aborted: android_sdk_repository requires that at least one Android SDK Platform is installed in the Android SDK. Please install an Android SDK Platform through the Android SDK manager.
INFO: Elapsed time: 3.028s, Critical Path: 0.03s
INFO: 1 process: 1 internal.
ERROR: Build did NOT complete successfully
    Fetching repository @@local_jdk; starting
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().
 -> error making: mozc-ut-exit status 4

Coelacanthus commented on 2024-01-16 15:58 (UTC)

Please follow RFC16 use 'Apache-2.0 AND BSD-3-Clause AND CC0-1.0 AND CC-BY-SA-3.0 AND CC-BY-SA-4.0 AND GPL-2.0-only AND MIT'

cnut1648 commented on 2023-04-22 23:55 (UTC)

@Nocifer thanks! This was the issue! Have been using manjaro for 2 years and still learn something today lol

Nocifer commented on 2023-04-22 10:13 (UTC)

@cnut1648 Reading your error more carefully, Bazel is actually complaining about a missing pkg-config binary. This probably means that you haven't installed the base-devel meta-package, which is an implicit prerequisite for installing AUR packages. Install that and you should be good to go.

cnut1648 commented on 2023-04-19 15:59 (UTC)

@Nocifer I am using Manjaro. By running pacman -Q | rg qt I have

appstream-qt 0.16.1-2
bluez-qt 5.104.0-1
fcitx5-qt 5.0.17-1
layer-shell-qt 5.27.4-1
libaccounts-qt 1.16-3
libdbusmenu-qt5 0.9.3+16.04.20160218-6
liblastfm-qt5 1.1.0-1
libmygpo-qt5 1.1.0-3
modemmanager-qt 5.104.0-1
networkmanager-qt 5.104.0-1
packagekit-qt5 1.1.1-1
phonon-qt5 4.11.1-3
phonon-qt5-gstreamer 4.10.0-4
polkit-qt5 0.114.0-1
poppler-qt5 23.03.0-1
pulseaudio-qt 1.3-1
python-pyqt5 5.15.9-1
python-pyqt5-sip 12.11.1-1
python-pyqt6 6.4.2-1
python-pyqt6-sip 13.4.1-1
python-pyqt6-webengine 6.4.0-1
python-qscintilla-qt5 2.13.4-1
qca-qt5 2.3.5-2
qscintilla-qt5 2.13.4-1
qt5-3d 5.15.8-1
qt5-base 5.15.8+kde+r185-1
qt5-declarative 5.15.8+kde+r24-2
qt5-graphicaleffects 5.15.8-1
qt5-imageformats 5.15.8+kde+r9-1
qt5-location 5.15.8+kde+r4-2
qt5-multimedia 5.15.8+kde+r2-1
qt5-quickcontrols 5.15.8-1
qt5-quickcontrols2 5.15.8+kde+r7-1
qt5-sensors 5.15.8-1
qt5-speech 5.15.8+kde+r1-1
qt5-svg 5.15.8+kde+r8-1
qt5-tools 5.15.8+kde+r1-3
qt5-translations 5.15.8-1
qt5-virtualkeyboard 5.15.8-1
qt5-wayland 5.15.8+kde+r63-1
qt5-webchannel 5.15.8+kde+r3-1
qt5-webengine 5.15.13-1
qt5-websockets 5.15.8+kde+r3-1
qt5-x11extras 5.15.8-1
qt6-base 6.4.3-1
qt6-declarative 6.4.3-1
qt6-imageformats 6.4.3-1
qt6-positioning 6.4.3-1
qt6-svg 6.4.3-1
qt6-translations 6.4.3-1
qt6-webchannel 6.4.3-1
qt6-webengine 6.4.3-1
qtkeychain-qt5 0.13.2-1

So I believe I have qt5-base and other dependencies installed already.

Nocifer commented on 2023-04-19 11:02 (UTC)

@cnut1648 It seems like Bazel can't find your Qt5 libraries, but it builds fine on my end. Are you using Arch, or one of its derivatives like Manjaro, Artix, etc?