Package Details: nomacs-git 3.2.0.r1446.g9eedbb1c-1

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Package Base: nomacs-git
Description: Free, open source image viewer, which supports multiple platforms.
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Licenses: GPL3
Conflicts: nomacs
Provides: nomacs
Submitter: pmattern
Maintainer: pmattern
Last Packager: pmattern
Votes: 4
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First Submitted: 2016-01-12 12:57 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2023-10-28 00:05 (UTC)

Latest Comments

FabioLolix commented on 2023-10-29 13:44 (UTC)

Hello pmattern

git-lfs need to be added to makedepends, otherwise it will give command not found

==> Extracting sources...
  -> Creating working copy of nomacs git repo...
Cloning into 'nomacs'...
git-lfs filter-process: line 1: git-lfs: command not found

For pkgver() please use --long --tags instead of --always, for my personal VCS pkgbuild I'm using git describe --long --tags | sed 's/\([^-]*-g\)/r\1/;s/-/./g' copied from archwiki

It will give 3.17.2287.r0.g9eedbb1c 3.17.2287 is the current tag, your give 3.2.0

About the python error I got it in the recent past, you need to launch the build from nomacs directory, see:

pmattern commented on 2023-10-28 00:24 (UTC)

Adding python to makedepends is only triggering a bunch of error messages here. Doesn't seem to make sense right now.

When you posted your comment nomacs couldn't be built without plugins. I can reproduce your error message trying to compile the then current commit right now. In recent commits, including the plugins is no longer a must, though.
Basically, a VCS package should provide stuff like those plugins. Given that their official repo is postponed for quite a while I'm not sure these particular plugins are really desirable here, though.

FabioLolix commented on 2023-05-13 12:05 (UTC)

Hello, this builds with devtools but fail with makepkg

  -> Creating working copy of nomacs git repo...
Cloning into 'nomacs'...
Downloading ImageLounge/3rdparty/win-binaries/qjp2.dll (581 KB)
Error downloading object: ImageLounge/3rdparty/win-binaries/qjp2.dll (8252a8e): Smudge error: Error downloading ImageLounge/3rdparty/win-binaries/qjp2.dll (8252a8e8056ca3842db7cc6de437a7330e302cab508390b8738f13275ad95d50): error transferring "8252a8e8056ca3842db7cc6de437a7330e302cab508390b8738f13275ad95d50": [0] remote missing object 8252a8e8056ca3842db7cc6de437a7330e302cab508390b8738f13275ad95d50

Errors logged to '/home/fabio/Dev/pkg_make/TOBUILD/nomacs-git/nomacs-git/src/nomacs/.git/lfs/logs/20230513T135741.271889392.log'.
Use `git lfs logs last` to view the log.
error: external filter 'git-lfs filter-process' failed
fatal: ImageLounge/3rdparty/win-binaries/qjp2.dll: smudge filter lfs failed
warning: Clone succeeded, but checkout failed.
You can inspect what was checked out with 'git status'
and retry with 'git restore --source=HEAD :/'

==> ERROR: Failure while creating working copy of nomacs git repo

python could be added as makedepends

-- QUAZIP: QuaZip-1 for Qt5 found
CMake Warning at CMakeLists.txt:208 (message):
  Python not found: the version number will be incorrect!

Snoop05 commented on 2021-01-24 12:40 (UTC)

Consider adding export GIT_LFS_SKIP_SMUDGE=1 to the pkgbuild (not in function) because upstream uses LFS and fails during sources extraction stage.

fenugrec commented on 2020-06-18 20:17 (UTC) (edited on 2020-06-18 20:17 (UTC) by fenugrec)

I cannot build this even with the PKGBUILD posted below:

-- setting plugins dir
-- using plugin directory: .../makepkg/nomacs-git/src/nomacs/ImageLounge/plugins
CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:212 (add_subdirectory):
  The source directory


  does not contain a CMakeLists.txt file.

And indeed, there are no files in plugins/ after cloning the upstream URL. Any ideas ?

churro commented on 2018-11-27 16:45 (UTC) (edited on 2018-11-27 16:46 (UTC) by churro)

it isn't compiling for me due to quazip (regardless of whether it is installed or not), so I disabled it at compile time and it works, my PKGBUILD

I saw that the dev said a month ago that quazip would be disabled by default and that it isn't supported on all systems, but I don't know in which systems it is supposed to be supported, so for now, until it is disabled upstream this will do I guess.

stefonarch commented on 2017-07-22 11:10 (UTC)

Build fails with: Call Stack (most recent call first): CMakeLists.txt:27 (include) CMake Error at cmake/CodeCoverage.cmake:126 (MESSAGE): lcov not found! Aborting... Please add lcov to dependencies, thanks!

pmattern commented on 2017-03-28 23:57 (UTC)

@mchwalisz The effective version of so-called "VCS packages" like nomacs-git, which are providing current development versions, is derived at build-time by function pkgver() of PKGBUILD. So there's no need to keep variable (!) pkgver up-to-date all the time. To my knowledge the only convenient way to acquire a version at build time which is stating both the latest release and the current snapshot is to use git command 'describe' which needs annotated tags. Upstream nomacs doesn't seem to use annotated tags but lightweight ones. This yields the apparently outdated versions which made you flag this package out-of-date. Note these do state the correct commit. If you still think versions like '' are desirable you have to ask upstream to use annotated tags.