Package Details: parsec-bin 150_28-4

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Package Base: parsec-bin
Description: Remotely connect to a gaming pc for a low latency remote computing experience
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Keywords: parsec remote streaming
Licenses: custom
Provides: parsec
Submitter: sdellysse
Maintainer: tadly
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First Submitted: 2017-08-10 02:44 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2022-06-13 13:02 (UTC)

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tadly commented on 2020-06-10 06:09 (UTC) (edited on 2020-06-10 06:10 (UTC) by tadly)

!!! Please do NOT flag the package out of date just because a new version has been release. !!!

Parsec self-updates and as long as the package still installs (no sha256 mismatch), there is no reason to update it in the AUR as the .deb actually is an older version.

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xouillet commented on 2022-09-29 15:11 (UTC) (edited on 2022-09-29 15:20 (UTC) by xouillet)

HW decoding is broken for me as well (intel chipset). No error in logs, just like it didn't even try to initiate libva. Tried to downgrade libva without any success

EDIT: the bug on parsec side, and it is more or less a wanted behaviour...

r0zbot commented on 2022-09-27 15:18 (UTC)

Any clues on what broke HW decoding recently? Nothing in the logs, the option just vanished from the UI

tadly commented on 2022-09-27 06:38 (UTC)

I'm out of town till next week.
I'll add the necessary dependency once I'm back.

As for now you can manually install ffmpeg4.4 which provides the missing lib.
This will the package I add as new dependency as well.

Scuttle commented on 2022-09-26 16:56 (UTC)

"libavcodec58 not found on your system"

So...yeah, doesn't run at the moment.

There are ffmpeg-compat-57 and ffmpeg-compat-59 that supplies versions 57 and 59 of the library, but no 58.

ModYokosuka commented on 2022-07-23 05:03 (UTC) (edited on 2022-07-26 01:21 (UTC) by ModYokosuka)

I was getting a segfault when trying to start parsec. This is a recent development that occurred after a recent pacman update. A quick poke around with GDB showed this.

#0  0x00007ffff7df67fd in ?? () from /usr/lib/
#1  0x00007ffff7658f8c in ?? () from /home/me/.parsec/
#2  0x00007ffff7639a14 in ?? () from /home/me/.parsec/
#3  0x00007ffff7650bd0 in wx_main () from /home/me/.parsec/
#4  0x00000000004010fc in main ()

I deleted my /home/me/.parsec directory and parsec now works correctly.

bryiewes commented on 2022-06-08 17:51 (UTC)

Can the maintainer please update the upstream URL to ""? That is the current URL for this software.

rad4day commented on 2021-11-29 18:43 (UTC)

Sometimes parsecd remains running after closing parsec, and hijacks my clipboard. This leads to long paste times (seconds) and not being able to paste images, as parsec will immediately reassume control of the CLIPBOARD selection.

This only happens sometimes and can be "fixed" by pkill -9 parsecd, but if anyone knows why this happens and how to stop it I would be grateful to be told.

Erin-Allison commented on 2021-11-24 19:36 (UTC)

It may also be worth noting here that for hardware accelerated decode on Nvidia, you appear to need libva-vdpau-driver installed in addition to libva.

OpalJesterOutpst commented on 2021-10-15 17:20 (UTC) (edited on 2021-10-15 17:21 (UTC) by OpalJesterOutpst)

Hey, as @wibru said back in 2018, if you're having issues running Hardware (Hw) decoding on an Intel Processor with integrated graphics make sure you install your distro's libva-intel-driver package. I was running on Manjaro and would get a black screen and immediate crash without it when trying to stream using hardware. commented on 2021-10-11 12:31 (UTC)

I was having the same problem as adam900710, today I finally used strace to have a look at what was going on, the last syscall failure before the program terminating itself was

access("/usr/share/X11/locale/iso8859-1/Compose", R_OK) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)

I don't have that locale enabled on my system, only C and en_US.UTF-8. I tried a (probably really bad and NOT RECOMMENDED) "fix" by doing

sudo ln -s /usr/share/X11/locale/en_US.UTF-8 /usr/share/X11/locale/iso8859-1

And sure enough parsecd will now start on my machine.

Note that this could very well be happening because my pacman.conf has NoExtract lines to block unused languages, though I didn't see an iso8859-1 locale directory in parsec-bin's pkg. Hopefully this helps someone.