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Package Base: plex-media-server
Description: The back-end media server component of Plex.
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Keywords: DLNA
Licenses: custom
Conflicts: plex-media-server-plexpass
Submitter: alucryd
Maintainer: fryfrog (tixetsal)
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First Submitted: 2014-10-14 22:11 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2023-03-14 18:15 (UTC)

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ectospasm commented on 2023-02-02 03:02 (UTC)

@ETJAKEOC It sounds like you have a configuration problem. This is not the forum for this. If you have an older version in /var/cache/pacman/pkg, you can downgrade with:

pacman -U /var/cache/pacman/pkg/plex-media-server<version>.zstd

Otherwise you'll need to find an archive repository that has it. But really you should engage with the Plex forums, as they will have a better idea of what caused the problem.

I remember setting a configuration that doesn't let Plex touch the libraries on disk, and I haven't noticed my libraries on disk being rearranged that way. But I use plex-media-server-plexpass, which is on a slightly newer version than what's on the AUR.

ETJAKEOC commented on 2023-02-01 17:17 (UTC)

I'm not sure what's been going on upstream at Plex, but the last handful of updates to this application have entirely destroyed my libraries. I had every show organized nicely in their respective folders, now, every single show exists in one show, "Angry Birds", which isn't even a part of my collection. Can't fix metadata at all, the application looses shows that you repair metadata on, they'll be on the disk, but Plex can't ever see them again once you modify metadata. If anyone can point me to an older version of plex-media-server, one that actually works, like version 4.50-something, I'd greatly appreciate it :)

duffydack commented on 2022-12-13 17:48 (UTC)

I've never had issue building tbh, but then I build in clean chroots.

blackhole commented on 2022-12-03 16:58 (UTC)

I have the same error about

After rebuilding it still does not start with error:

Floating point exception

FabioLolix commented on 2022-11-19 22:47 (UTC)

regardless of the package involved, no longer exist because the mpv package have been updated and there is now, programs build from source need to be rebuiled to link against the new version

fryfrog commented on 2022-11-16 21:00 (UTC) (edited on 2022-11-16 21:02 (UTC) by fryfrog)

@ipaqmaster, can you see what package owns your /usr/lib/ Maybe mpv? I don't have that library or that issue. The package also uses !strip so if is in the Plex package, it should retain it. Something a little weird in your setup.

Edit: There's no libmpv on my system at all, neither in /usr/lib or even in Plex's own folder.

Editest: Silly goose, this is the aur package for plex media server. You're having issues w/ plex media player. :)

ipaqmaster commented on 2022-11-16 20:16 (UTC)

plexmediaplayer wouldn't start for me today as it couldn't find

ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/ was enough to get it running again. Not sure if such an ln hack should be added to this aur package?

killertofus commented on 2022-05-25 20:05 (UTC)

should be auto updating with the other linux packages

fryfrog commented on 2022-03-25 17:50 (UTC)

@nai7ah: It sounds like you need regular old Plex support, I'd hunt down a forum or Disord as appropriate. If you figure out that it is somehow related to the package, feel free to bring that up here and we can get it sorted.

What you showed looks like the crash uploader not working to upload the crash, so probably totally unrelated to what ever issue you're having.

nai7ah commented on 2022-03-25 17:41 (UTC) (edited on 2022-03-25 17:42 (UTC) by nai7ah)

After using the wizard from http://localhost:32400/web , Plex hangs. I checked journalctl and see this error message.

systemd[1]: Started Plex Media Server.
plexmediaserver[8392]: Error in command line:the argument for option '--serverUuid' should follow immediately after the equal sign
plexmediaserver[8392]: Crash Uploader options (all are required):
plexmediaserver[8392]:   --directory arg       Directory to scan for crash reports
plexmediaserver[8392]:   --serverUuid arg      UUID of the server that crashed
plexmediaserver[8392]:   --userId arg          User that owns this product
plexmediaserver[8392]:   --platform arg        Platform string
plexmediaserver[8392]:   --platformVersion arg Platform version string
plexmediaserver[8392]:   --vendor arg          Vendor string
plexmediaserver[8392]:   --device arg          Device string
plexmediaserver[8392]:   --model arg           Device model string
plexmediaserver[8392]:   --sentryUrl arg       Sentry URL to upload to
plexmediaserver[8392]:   --sentryKey arg       Sentry Key for the project
plexmediaserver[8392]:   --version arg         Version of the product
plexmediaserver[8392]:   --allowRetries arg    Whether we will allow retries

Commit: ef9fdba0107b