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Description: Plex Media Server (PlexPass version)
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Keywords: DLNA
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Conflicts: plex-media-server, plex-media-server-plexpass-dvr, plex-media-server-plexpass-hwenc
Provides: plex-media-server
Submitter: miffe
Maintainer: fryfrog (TingPing, fryfrog)
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First Submitted: 2014-10-16 20:13
Last Updated: 2017-12-13 22:57

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fryfrog commented on 2017-11-27 23:45

@serialoverflow: I just picked a random video and played it on my Android phone w/ the Plex app and a movie via the browser, both were fine and the movie at least should have been transcoding due to bitrate settings.

serialoverflow commented on 2017-11-27 23:28

updating from 4579b0f (v1.9.7.4460) to HEAD ( breaks plex for me. unable to play any videos because the transcoding fails.

cowmix commented on 2017-11-26 22:25

I'm getting an illegal instruction error when trying to transcode m3u8 streams in channels (this one is from comedy central)

Nov 26, 2017 12:19:38.801 [0x7f0062bff700] DEBUG - Job running: EAE_ROOT='/tmp/pms-d84e14d8-68d7-45dc-8c1d-297b997cdd8a/EasyAudioEncoder' FFMPEG_EXTERNAL_LIBS='/var/lib/plex/Plex\ Media\ Server/Codecs/a10855e-1258-linux-ubuntu-x86_64/' XDG_CACHE_HOME='/var/lib/plex/Plex Media Server/Cache/' XDG_DATA_HOME='/opt/plexmediaserver/Resources/' X_PLEX_TOKEN='xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' '/opt/plexmediaserver/Plex Transcoder' '-codec:V:0' 'h264' '-ss' '0' '-noaccurate_seek' '-i' ',384x216_278,512x288_498,640x360_1028,768x432_1528,960x540_2128,1280x720_3128,1920x1080_5128,.mp4.csmil/master.m3u8?hdnea=st%3D1511725175%7Eexp%3D1511739575%7Eacl%3D%2Fi%2Fmtvnorigin%2Fgsp.comedystor%2Fcom%2Fdailyshow%2FTDS%2Fseason_23%2F024%2Fds_23_024_act1_d1qomx5lwl_%2C384x216_278%2C512x288_498%2C640x360_1028%2C768x432_1528%2C960x540_2128%2C1280x720_3128%2C1920x1080_5128%2C.mp4.csmil%2F*%7Ehmac%3D43e1ca1f2eefeae7c65e4cd6f89baae82ab9954150a7a5634014dcf1518c1523&__a__=off&__b__=5000&__viacc__=NONE' '-map' '0:V:0' '-codec:0' 'copy' '-map' '0:a:0' '-codec:1' 'copy' '-copypriorss:1' '0' '-f' 'dash' '-min_seg_duration' '3000000' '-skip_to_segment' '1' '-time_delta' '0.0625' '-manifest_name' '' '-avoid_negative_ts' 'disabled' '-map_metadata' '-1' '-map_chapters' '-1' '-movflags' '+faststart' 'dash' '-start_at_zero' '-copyts' '-vsync' 'cfr' '-y' '-nostats' '-loglevel' 'quiet' '-loglevel_plex' 'error' '-progressurl' ''
Nov 26, 2017 12:19:39.508 [0x7f006e7ff700] DEBUG - JobManager: child process killed by signal: 4 (Illegal instruction)
Nov 26, 2017 12:19:39.508 [0x7f006e7ff700] DEBUG - Jobs: '/opt/plexmediaserver/Plex Transcoder' exit code for process 12877 is -4
Nov 26, 2017 12:19:54.335 [0x7f00783ff700] DEBUG - handleStreamRead code 335544539: short read

Is anyone else having this issue? Plex support forums told me they would provide any support because Arch is not supported.

carbncl commented on 2017-10-11 04:48

Good point, 1.9.3 was failing as well... ;p Pure environmental issue, locale wasn't set properly at server install.
Starting the server manually gave me the relevant error (vs cryptic core-dump): "locale::facet::_S_create_c_locale name not valid"... fixed the server settings, rebooted and it works, sorry for the noise >.<

fryfrog commented on 2017-10-10 21:28

What happens if you use an older version instead?

carbncl commented on 2017-10-10 20:58

1.9.4 crash on boot on a fresh install of arch, problem also reported on `plex-media-server` package:
Oct 10 22:45:38 xxx systemd-coredump[11159]: Process 11157 (Plex Media Serv) of user 995 dumped core.
Stack trace of thread 11157:
#0 0x00007f745305f8a0 raise (
#1 0x00007f7453060f09 abort (
#2 0x00007f745c6bc605
#3 0x00007f745c6bbd46 _ZN10__cxxabiv111__terminateEPFvvE
#4 0x00007f745c6bbd73 _ZSt9terminatev
#5 0x00007f745c6bc23e __cxa_throw (
#6 0x00007f745c6bb0c7 _ZSt21__throw_runtime_errorPKc
#7 0x00007f745c444994 le_structPKcS2_ (
#8 0x00007f745bc148a9 _ZNSt6locale5_ImplC2EPKcm
#9 0x00007f745bc15a52 _ZNSt6localeC1EPKc
#10 0x00007f745b6ad823
#11 0x0000000000d31229 n/a (Plex Media Server)
#12 0x00000000004842fc n/a (Plex Media Server)
#13 0x0000000000dc2cbd n/a (Plex Media Server)
#14 0x00007f745304befb __libc_start_main (
#15 0x0000000000486da6 n/a (Plex Media Server)

fryfrog commented on 2017-09-29 16:07

Anyone happen to have the 4th digit in version and the hash for 1.9.3? isn't working for me and their site is under maintenance. :/

fryfrog commented on 2017-09-28 16:15

Nice, I'll punt/merge this aur package as soon as it happens.

IdleGandalf commented on 2017-09-28 02:30

fryfrog commented on 2017-09-07 15:34

No worries, they've changed threads a few times and I keep losing notification about updates. Plus, I don't actually run this so I'm even less likely to notice. :)

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