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Package Base: proton
Description: Compatibility tool for Steam Play based on Wine and additional components
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Keywords: dxvk proton steam valve vkd3d wine
Licenses: custom
Submitter: Forty-Bot
Maintainer: loathingkernel
Last Packager: loathingkernel
Votes: 102
Popularity: 2.30
First Submitted: 2018-08-22 01:23 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2023-08-30 20:08 (UTC)

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loathingkernel commented on 2020-10-22 08:43 (UTC) (edited on 2022-06-15 14:11 (UTC) by loathingkernel)

Notes about this package

  • If you encounter issues while using this package, please contact me here first before reporting an issue to the upstream repository. Don't post logs, link to them. If you are using Manjaro, another derivative or an AUR helper, please mention it, I DO NOT TEST AGAINST THEM AND I CANNOT KNOW WHAT MIGHT BE WRONG WITH THE DISTRO/HELPER OF YOUR CHOICE.

  • It takes a LOT of time and space to build. Building with multiple jobs helps but might cause builds to fail in rare cases. Be sure to have at least 16GB of RAM if you are building on tmpfs

  • It is NOT built against Steam Linux Runtime (Sniper, Soldier, etc) and as such it doesn't require it. Still, is detected by Steam and works properly (preferable through steam-native).

  • This PKGBUILD uses CFLAGS, CXXFLAGS and LDFLAGS hardcoded in the PKGBUILD itself. By default it uses the same C[XX]FLAGS as upstream, namely -march=nocona and -mtune=core-avx2. To change them you will have to edit the PKGBUILD itself. Due to the nature of this package some flags can cause it to fail to build or not function properly. I try to filter them out but it is based on testing. If you have a feeling that compile-time options are involved in the issues you are having please include them in your comment. Currently the filtered options are -fstack-protector-{,-strong,-all}(dxvk and vkd3d only), -fno-plt, -z,relro, -z,now. Also the use of AVX instructions is disabled through -mno-avx.

  • There have been reports with afdko failing to find its dependencies during building. I can't do anything about that as I don't maintain that package. It is NOT an issue with this package and I haven't found a way to not depend on it. Please don't report fails due to afdko (or any of its python- dependencies, they are pulled in due to afdko and only used by that), it has been discussed enough. There are possible workarounds in the comments.

  • It contains a patch to store game prefixes in the main Steam Library under $HOME/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/compatdata. It helps with isolation of game prefixes between users and works around issues with shared libraries on NTFS partitions due to drive symlinks. To enable it, set the PROTON_USER_COMPAT_DATA env variable to 1.

  • This package requires a Rust 32 bit target, please run rustup target install i686-unknown-linux-gnu BEFORE posting any issues if you're using rustup.

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loathingkernel commented on 2023-08-25 08:19 (UTC) (edited on 2023-08-25 08:20 (UTC) by loathingkernel)

It's your internet provider and/or github. The error is irrelevant to the package itself and I can't do anything in the PKGBUILD to fix it.

ramyar.rmn commented on 2023-08-25 08:09 (UTC) (edited on 2023-08-25 08:10 (UTC) by ramyar.rmn)

@ParadoxPod @loathingkernel I had the same problem with submodule path 'glslang' and the solution to use HTTP/1.1 worked.

ParadoxPod commented on 2023-08-23 19:35 (UTC)

After some searching, I managed to fix the issue by forcing git to use HTTP/1.1 (git config --global http.version HTTP/1.1). Not exactly sure why this works, but it does.

loathingkernel commented on 2023-08-23 19:08 (UTC)

@ParadoxPod I have no idea what is happening exactly but this looks like a network error to me. On reason is that it happens during submodule downloading and the other is this part error: RPC failed; curl 16 HTTP/2 send again with decreased length

ParadoxPod commented on 2023-08-23 18:58 (UTC)

My build is failing with this error:

Cloning into '/home/aur/proton/src/proton/dxvk-nvapi/external/Vulkan-Headers'...
Submodule path 'dxvk-nvapi/external/Vulkan-Headers': checked out '37164a5726f7e6113810f9557903a117498421cf'
Submodule path 'ffmpeg': checked out 'a77521cd5d27e955b16e8097eecefc779ffdcb6d'
Submodule path 'fonts/liberation-fonts': checked out '4b0192046158094654e865245832c66d2104219e'
error: RPC failed; curl 16 HTTP/2 send again with decreased length
fatal: expected 'packfile'
fatal: could not fetch b08c47b9d3fa3caf6ebdc3181d7ea9f259e5d6c6 from promisor remote
fatal: Unable to checkout 'df7fec2cfa966919172ee83bfcae6c9c9b3f91b8' in submodule path 'glslang'
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in prepare().

loathingkernel commented on 2023-07-28 16:03 (UTC)

@rado84 There are a few repos that host binary packages, such as chaotic-aur IIRC but I also provide binaries here:

rado84 commented on 2023-07-27 19:40 (UTC)

Is there a pre-built binary package of that somewhere? Despite that makepkg is set to harness all the available threads, I feel like I'm gonna need 10 quantum computers in order build that proton TODAY.

loathingkernel commented on 2023-07-20 11:33 (UTC) (edited on 2023-07-20 11:38 (UTC) by loathingkernel)


why the fuck is rust needed as dependency?

please remove this useless dependency

I am going to reply in the same manner as your comment. It's only a makedepend, it is required for building mediaconv and gst-rs, please fuck off with your useless and pointless request if you don't know what you are talking about.

ryuukk commented on 2023-07-20 04:18 (UTC)

why the fuck is rust needed as dependency?

please remove this useless dependency

loathingkernel commented on 2023-07-07 23:36 (UTC)

@GTP there shouldn't be a proton binary in your path. The executable, along with the rest of the package should be under /usr/share/steam/compatibilitytools.d where it will be found by Steam. You can also find this out for yourself with a very simple pacman -Ql proton