Package Details: qtwebkit 2.3.4-9

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Package Base: qtwebkit
Description: An open source web browser engine (Qt port)
Upstream URL:
Licenses: GPL3, LGPL2.1
Conflicts: qt
Submitter: arojas
Maintainer: Omar007
Last Packager: Omar007
Votes: 53
Popularity: 0.000006
First Submitted: 2017-02-09 07:52 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2023-04-30 16:17 (UTC)

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Davius commented on 2022-10-31 15:24 (UTC) (edited on 2022-10-31 15:33 (UTC) by Davius)

Here a modified pkgbuild. The maintener maybe can update. Need to be built using:

$ makepkg -si --nochecksums

If someone can achieve my work...

Compile success with archlinux32 too in VM (using makepkg -siA --no-checksums)

I've added in build --no-video parm... I think a dep from gstreamer is missing but, again, I'm not a professional ! I have also activated ccache in makepkg.conf. You need to try with or without.

petronny commented on 2022-07-21 09:46 (UTC)

Hi, could you help fix the build?

Currently this package can't be built in a clean chroot. Full build log can be found in 2703643651.log.

Some changes suggested by @Omar007 might need to be applied.

And you can always find the new build log from if you update this package.

Omar007 commented on 2022-07-07 11:31 (UTC)

PKGBUILD update (diff) for anyone interested in building this currently. Making use of a few Fedora patches.

@@ -14,13 +14,17 @@ conflicts=('qt<4.8')
-        'use-python2.patch'
-        'qwebview.patch' 'gcc-5.patch' 'fix-build-in-usr.patch')
+        ""
+        ""
+        ""
+        'use-python2.patch' 'qwebview.patch' 'fix-build-in-usr.patch')
+          '4b3f92a914674ef311b2a7c0ca329d01e1af76cf'
+          '67a3f86a7981be01baa507bbd091be048cdf18af'
+          '77b258bd267b070f21f4b7d5b480238c300020fb'
-          '5d506578ea30daeeeb1e91ab83876fe6d5669715'

 prepare() {
@@ -28,8 +32,10 @@ prepare() {
   patch -p1 -i "${srcdir}"/use-python2.patch
   patch -p1 -i "${srcdir}"/fix-build-in-usr.patch

-# Fix build with GCC 5 (Fedora)
-  patch -p1 -i "$srcdir"/gcc-5.patch
+  # Fix build (Fedora patches)
+  patch -p1 -i "$srcdir"/webkit-qtwebkit-23-gcc5.patch
+  patch -p1 -i "$srcdir"/webkit-qtwebkit-23-glib2.patch
+  patch -p1 -i "$srcdir"/qtwebkit-bison-3.7.patch

   cd ../qt-everywhere-opensource-src-${_qtver}
   patch -p1 -i "${srcdir}"/qwebview.patch

saber716rus commented on 2021-07-04 12:19 (UTC)

make[3]: выход из каталога «/var/tmp/pamac-build-nikolanp/qtwebkit/src/qtwebkit-2.3.4/WebKitBuild/Release/Source/WebCore» make[2]: [Makefile.WebCore:72: sub-Target-pri-make_default-ordered] Ошибка 2 make[2]: выход из каталога «/var/tmp/pamac-build-nikolanp/qtwebkit/src/qtwebkit-2.3.4/WebKitBuild/Release/Source/WebCore» make[1]: [Makefile:153: sub-Source-WebCore-WebCore-pro-make_default-ordered] Ошибка 2 make[1]: выход из каталога «/var/tmp/pamac-build-nikolanp/qtwebkit/src/qtwebkit-2.3.4/WebKitBuild/Release» make: *** [Makefile:406: incremental] Ошибка 2 ==> ОШИБКА: Произошел сбой в build(). Прерывание...

tioguda commented on 2021-06-27 08:17 (UTC)

I managed to compile in a clean environment in Manjaro using the patches below.

Patch for glib2 needs tweaking, change glib to gobject.

quequotion commented on 2019-10-08 05:10 (UTC) (edited on 2019-10-08 14:25 (UTC) by quequotion)

clean chroot build fails:

==> Starting build()...
QMAKESPEC has not been set, so configuration cannot be deduced.
Error processing project file: /build/qtwebkit/src/qtwebkit-2.3.4/Tools/qmake/
Unable to determine current SVN revision in /build/qtwebkit/src/qtwebkit-2.3.4 at /build/qtwebkit/src/qtwebkit-2.3.4/Tools/Scripts/ line 396.
Calling 'QMAKEPATH=/build/qtwebkit/src/qtwebkit-2.3.4/Tools/qmake qmake CONFIG+=no_webkit2 DEFINES+=ENABLE_XSLT=0 CONFIG+=release CONFIG-=debug CONFIG+=production_build /build/qtwebkit/src/qtwebkit-2.3.4/' in /build/qtwebkit/src/qtwebkit-2.3.4/WebKitBuild/Release

QMAKESPEC has not been set, so configuration cannot be deduced.
Error processing project file: /build/qtwebkit/src/qtwebkit-2.3.4/
Failed to setup build environment using qmake!
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().
==> ERROR: Build failed, check $CHROOT/$USER/build

By the way, in order to clean chroot build, build the qt4 (AUR) dependency first, then preinstall it:

makechrootpkg -c -r $CHROOT -I ../qt4/qt4-4.8.7-31-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz

dakataca commented on 2019-06-02 00:21 (UTC)

qt4 ya no esta en los paquetes oficiales, solo esta en AUR y ninguno funciona, ni qt4 ni qt4-revert80e3108, ambos presentan error en el build().

FredBezies commented on 2018-08-14 11:43 (UTC)

@polly: just do a little sudo pacman -S base-devel...

Polly commented on 2018-08-14 11:33 (UTC)

There seems to be a missing build dependency: bison