Package Details: python2 2.7.18-8

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Package Base: python2
Description: A high-level scripting language
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Licenses: PSF
Conflicts: python
Submitter: jelly
Maintainer: micwoj92
Last Packager: micwoj92
Votes: 36
Popularity: 16.42
First Submitted: 2022-09-23 10:01 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2022-11-07 04:05 (UTC)

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micwoj92 commented on 2022-11-17 22:18 (UTC)

First, it is not ignoring your !check, because this is not being run in check(). Whether you use !check in makepkg.conf or --nocheck it only skips things ran in check() nothing more and nothing less.

Second, I don't know this build system and what it exactly does. If you want to know more you can start by reading readme section about PGO.

Rulatir commented on 2022-11-17 21:58 (UTC) (edited on 2022-11-17 21:59 (UTC) by Rulatir)

@micwoj92 you mean these?

0:01:42 load avg: 1.14 [177/400] test_imghdr -- test_imgfile skipped
0:01:42 load avg: 1.14 [178/400] test_imp
0:01:42 load avg: 1.14 [179/400] test_import
0:01:42 load avg: 1.14 [180/400] test_import_magic
0:01:43 load avg: 1.14 [181/400] test_importhooks
0:01:43 load avg: 1.14 [182/400] test_importlib
0:01:43 load avg: 1.14 [183/400] test_index
0:01:43 load avg: 1.14 [184/400] test_inspect
0:01:44 load avg: 1.14 [185/400] test_int
0:01:45 load avg: 1.14 [186/400] test_int_literal
0:01:45 load avg: 1.14 [187/400] test_io

Whathever these are, every last one of them has a name that starts with "test_", so forgive me for believing that these are tests. By "these are for PGO", do you mean that this lengthy build stage is actual profile collection for PGO, or is it in fact testing something related to PGO? If the former, then I guess I'll have to wait. But if the latter, then my original assessment stands: something is ignoring my directive not to run tests.

micwoj92 commented on 2022-11-15 18:36 (UTC)

No, these are for PGO, if you want to disable that then don't run pgo. And it does not take forever.

Rulatir commented on 2022-11-15 09:08 (UTC)

This PKGBUILD doesn't honor !check in makepkg.conf's BUILDENV variable and runs tests anyway, which take forever.

micwoj92 commented on 2022-11-13 21:01 (UTC) (edited on 2022-11-13 21:10 (UTC) by micwoj92)

Maybe your mirror is out of date, website says it is available

Edit: i just checked and couldn't find it on any mirror and they seemed a bit out of date, I don't know why is that, I don't have any arm devices aside from couple old android phones.

Grindle commented on 2022-11-13 20:47 (UTC)

I'm on Arch Linux ARM. For some reason openssl-1.1 wasn't available from my package database. I tried to download it from the Arch Linux ARM official packages list online, but the download was 404. I just changed it to 1.0 because it's close to 1.1 and it seemed to work fine.

Armag67 commented on 2022-11-11 18:29 (UTC)

Replacing openssl-1.1 by openssl in PKGBUILD seems enough in Manjaro. Only two errors messages during build tests:

0:11:34 load avg: 1.34 [371/400] test_urllibnet -- test_urllib2net skipped (resource denied)
0:11:35 load avg: 1.34 [372/400] test_urlparse -- test_urllibnet skipped (resource denied)

steadfasterX commented on 2022-11-11 12:06 (UTC)

supplementary to what @eduardolucioac wrote here a tiny 1-liner to "fix" that issue for those weird ;) Manjaro users:

sed -i "s/openssl-1.1/openssl/g;s/test_urllibnet//g" PKGBUILD

mosgerila commented on 2022-11-09 09:17 (UTC)

@eduardolucioac Thank you very much!

micwoj92 commented on 2022-11-08 18:27 (UTC) (edited on 2022-11-08 18:29 (UTC) by micwoj92)

Manjaro users can also use pacman :)

It is true that many people don't need this and just blindly update, but unfortunately some still do (for more or less valid reason).

Also this package is not faulty, it works as intended.

Not prickly, just advice for people that are willing to read.