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Description: Visual Studio Code (vscode): Editor for building and debugging modern web and cloud applications (official binary version)
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Submitter: dcelasun
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First Submitted: 2017-12-18 19:14
Last Updated: 2019-10-16 06:35

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dcelasun commented on 2017-11-15 06:20

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (read before flagging or commenting!)

  • What is the difference between this package and the one in the community repo?

This is the official binary distribution from Microsoft. The one in the community repo is an unofficial build made from source. Beyond the license difference and branding, there are some proprietary features not available in the open source version.

  • There is a new version out, why is the package not updated?

Please check this page before flagging as out-of-date. If there is no new version on that page, it's not yet released. A tag on Github is NOT a release! If you can see the new version on the updates page but the AUR package is still not updated, flag it and give it time. It's usually done within a day or two.

  • I'm using an AUR helper (yay, yaourt etc.) and I can't install it. Why?

Sometimes AUR helpers do weird things. Download the tarball and install it manually with makepkg -si. If that works, report the problem to your AUR helper's upstream, not here.

  • When I install this package xdg-open uses vscode, not my file manager! How do I fix this?

Install shared-mime-info-gnome. Also see this reddit thread.

  • Why is $X a dependency? I don't like it.

Just because $X is not required to open the app, doesn't mean there is nothing that depends on it. Always search the comment history on AUR to see if that dependency has been previously discussed before writing your own comment. Still nothing? Then use namcap to make sure it's really not needed. If namcap doesn't complain, please leave a comment here and I'll investigate.

  • Something is broken with the app, where do I report it?

The problem might be a packaging issue (wrong paths, dependencies, icons etc), so please write a comment here first. If you don't get a reply, or if someone says it's an upstream issue, you can report it on Github.

  • I have a problem with this package, can I email you?

No, you won't get a reply. Please stop doing this. Leave a comment here instead and be patient.

  • What happened to visual-studio-code?

It got renamed with a -bin suffix. If you have the original package installed, you will be prompted to delete it when you install this package for the first time.

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brainplot commented on 2019-08-29 12:20

The gvfs optional dependency should be removed. As per the wiki (, Electron doesn't necessarily need gvfs to move files to the Trash. An environment variable needs to be set to tell Electron which program to use.

dcelasun commented on 2019-08-03 20:11

@dehein binutils is in the base-devel group which is mandatory for installing AUR packages. Quoting from the wiki:

Packages in the AUR assume that the base-devel group is installed, i.e. they do not list the group's members as dependencies explicitly.

dehein commented on 2019-08-03 20:03

Please add binutils as dependency

atoms commented on 2019-07-04 13:28

if you want to use docker plugin on kde you need to install gnome-keyring, i suppose it should be also added to dependencies. as it cannot save secrets without it.

dcelasun commented on 2019-07-03 19:28

I've just pushed 1.36.0 with Electron 4, which doesn't support 32 bit Linux so I've removed it from this package as well. Users on 32 bit systems should stay on the previous version.

dcelasun commented on 2019-06-19 20:59

I'm on Gnome as well and I don't have this behaviour you are describing. Still, see this reddit thread for a solution.

By the way, this is upstream behaviour, not something specific to the Arch package.

EDIT: I've updated the stickied FAQ with this information.

asermax commented on 2019-06-19 20:54

It doesn't purposefuly try to hijack it, but it does as a side effect of setting it's support for inode/directory. Most editors do support opening folders as well but don't declare it on their .desktop files; so far this has been the only case I have had this happen with an editor (I did have a similar issue when installing multiple file managers though). Also, I did try to use xdg-open (which is DE independent afaik) to make sure it wasn't a gnome specific issue or had something to do with my own configuration before checking the .desktop file and coming here to check if it was a known issue. You own the package so feel free to keep it as it is, just be aware this same issue could happen to more people.

dcelasun commented on 2019-06-19 20:36

This package doesn't hijack anything. Visual Studio Code can open directories, so the desktop file declares support for it. If your desktop environment makes that the default, there should be a way to change it. If there isn't, that's a problem with that DE, not this package.

asermax commented on 2019-06-19 20:34

Like @noirscape mentioned, this package is hijacking the inode/directory mimetype; the .desktop file provided with the package explicitly sets itself as the application to open folders, which I assume is something most users don't want.

noirscape commented on 2019-06-17 20:28

Not entirely sure why this is happening, but for some reason the package ends up prioritizing itself for inode/directory for me, which causes things related to xdg-open to use VS Code.

While I can change it manually back each time by editing the relevant line in /usr/share/applications/mimeinfo.cache, it would be handy if there's some sort of way to repair it without having to do that on each update.