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First Submitted: 2010-08-09 04:27
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ponsfoot commented on 2013-05-28 07:43

(repository moved)
Unofficial user repository of Mozc is ready.
If you want to use the repo, add the following into your /etc/pacman.conf


SigLevel = Optional TrustAll

Server =

You can specify `pacman -S mozc-im' to choose all of Mozc packages.

See for more detail.

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nash commented on 2016-10-28 22:54


Is there any reason to use QT4 still? The upstream default is QT5 now and it works well on Arch.

--- PKGBUILD.orig 2016-10-28 18:17:19.068887450 +0900
+++ PKGBUILD 2016-10-28 18:19:58.193104521 +0900
@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@
arch=('i686' 'x86_64')
license=('BSD' 'custom')
-makedepends=('python2' 'git' 'ninja' 'clang' 'qt4')
+makedepends=('python2' 'git' 'ninja' 'clang' 'qt5-base')
@@ -105,13 +105,6 @@
msg2 '====================================================='

- # Use Qt4
- _rcc_loc=`pkg-config QtCore --variable=rcc_location`
- _qt4dir=${_rcc_loc%%/bin/rcc}
- _qt4i=`pkg-config --cflags-only-I QtGui`
- CFLAGS+=" $_qt4i"
- CXXFLAGS+=" $_qt4i"
cd "${srcdir}/${pkgbase}/src"

msg "Starting make..."
@@ -122,8 +115,8 @@

unset CC CC_host CC_target CXX CXX_host CXX_target LINK AR AR_host AR_target \
NM NM_host NM_target READELF READELF_host READELF_target
- QTDIR=$_qt4dir GYP_DEFINES="document_dir=/usr/share/licenses/${pkgbase}" \
- python2 gyp --target_platform=Linux
+ GYP_DEFINES="document_dir=/usr/share/licenses/${pkgbase}" \
+ python2 gyp --target_platform=Linux --qtver=5
python2 build -c $_bldtype $_targets

if [[ "$_ibus_mozc" == "yes" ]]; then
@@ -137,7 +130,7 @@
pkgdesc="A Japanese Input Method for Chromium OS, Windows, Mac and Linux (the Open Source Edition of Google Japanese Input)"
arch=('i686' 'x86_64')
- depends=('qt4' 'zinnia')
+ depends=('qt5-base' 'zinnia')
replaces=('mozc-server' 'mozc-utils-gui')
conflicts=('mozc-server' 'mozc-utils-gui')
optdepends=('tegaki-models-zinnia-japanese: hand-writing recognition support')
@@ -190,4 +183,4 @@

# Global pkgdesc and depends are here so that they will be picked up by AUR
pkgdesc="A Japanese Input Method for Chromium OS, Windows, Mac and Linux (the Open Source Edition of Google Japanese Input)"
-depends=('qt4' 'ibus>=1.4.1' 'zinnia')
+depends=('qt5-base' 'ibus>=1.4.1' 'zinnia')

ponsfoot commented on 2016-10-27 12:24

It should be fixed now. Thank you for the feedback.
FYI, unofficial user repository is available, please see pinned comment (I pinned just now).

ploop commented on 2016-10-26 22:12

When attempting to build mozc, I get this:

==> Starting make...
INFO: Generating version definition file...
INFO: Version string is 2.18.2612.102
INFO: Running: /usr/bin/python2 /tmp/packerbuild-1000/mozc/mozc/src/mozc/src/build_tools/ --expected=/tmp/packerbuild-1000/mozc/mozc/src/mozc/src/third_party/gyp/pylib/gyp
INFO: Running: pkg-config --exists ibus-1.0 >= 1.4.1
INFO: Building GYP command line...
INFO: Running: pkg-config --exists QtCore >= 4.0 QtCore < 5.0 QtGui >= 4.0 QtGui < 5.0
INFO: Running GYP...
INFO: Running: /usr/bin/python2 /tmp/packerbuild-1000/mozc/mozc/src/mozc/src/third_party/gyp/ --depth=. --include=./gyp/common.gypi -D abs_depth=/tmp/packerbuild-1000/mozc/mozc/src/mozc/src -D ext_third_party_dir=/tmp/packerbuild-1000/mozc/mozc/src/mozc/src/third_party -D python_executable=/usr/bin/python2 ./base/base.gyp ./base/base_test.gyp ./client/client.gyp ./client/client_test.gyp ./composer/composer.gyp ./composer/composer_test.gyp ./config/config.gyp ./config/config_test.gyp ./converter/converter.gyp ./converter/converter_base.gyp ./converter/converter_main.gyp ./converter/converter_test.gyp ./data/test/session/scenario/scenario.gyp ./data/test/session/scenario/usage_stats/usage_stats.gyp ./data_manager/chromeos/chromeos_data_manager.gyp ./data_manager/chromeos/chromeos_data_manager_base.gyp ./data_manager/chromeos/chromeos_data_manager_test.gyp ./data_manager/data_manager.gyp ./data_manager/data_manager_base.gyp ./data_manager/data_manager_test.gyp ./data_manager/oss/oss_data_manager.gyp ./data_manager/oss/oss_data_manager_base.gyp ./data_manager/oss/oss_data_manager_test.gyp ./data_manager/testing/mock_data_manager.gyp ./data_manager/testing/mock_data_manager_base.gyp ./data_manager/testing/mock_data_manager_test.gyp ./dictionary/dictionary.gyp ./dictionary/dictionary_base.gyp ./dictionary/dictionary_test.gyp ./dictionary/file/dictionary_file.gyp ./dictionary/file/dictionary_file_test.gyp ./dictionary/system/system_dictionary.gyp ./dictionary/system/system_dictionary_test.gyp ./engine/engine.gyp ./engine/engine_test.gyp ./gui/gui.gyp ./gyp/tests.gyp ./handwriting/handwriting.gyp ./handwriting/handwriting_test.gyp ./handwriting/zinnia.gyp ./ipc/ipc.gyp ./mac/mac.gyp ./net/jsoncpp.gyp ./net/net.gyp ./net/net_test.gyp ./prediction/prediction.gyp ./prediction/prediction_base.gyp ./prediction/prediction_test.gyp ./protobuf/protobuf.gyp ./protocol/protocol.gyp ./renderer/renderer.gyp ./request/request.gyp ./rewriter/calculator/calculator.gyp ./rewriter/rewriter.gyp ./rewriter/rewriter_base.gyp ./rewriter/rewriter_test.gyp ./server/server.gyp ./session/session.gyp ./session/session_base.gyp ./session/session_test.gyp ./storage/storage.gyp ./storage/storage_test.gyp ./testing/testing.gyp ./transliteration/transliteration.gyp ./transliteration/transliteration_test.gyp ./unix/emacs/emacs.gyp ./unix/ibus/ibus.gyp ./usage_stats/usage_stats.gyp ./usage_stats/usage_stats_base.gyp ./usage_stats/usage_stats_test.gyp -D branding=Mozc -D use_qt=YES -D qt_dir= -D qt_ver=4 -D use_wix=NO -D enable_gtk_renderer=1 -D build_base=/tmp/packerbuild-1000/mozc/mozc/src/mozc/src/out_linux -D build_short_base=out_linux -D warn_as_error=0 -D channel_dev=1 -D enable_cloud_handwriting=0 -D target_platform=Linux -D use_libibus=1 --generator-output=. -G output_dir=out_linux
INFO: Done
INFO: Running: ninja -C out_linux/Release mozc_server mozc_tool ibus_mozc mozc_renderer
ninja: Entering directory `out_linux/Release'
[70/801] ACTION Generating Resource file from word_register_dialog.qrc
FAILED: gen/gui/word_register_dialog/
cd ../../gui; /usr/bin/rcc -o ../out_linux/Release/gen/gui/word_register_dialog/ -name qrc_word_register_dialog word_register_dialog/word_register_dialog.qrc
/bin/sh: /usr/bin/rcc: No such file or directory
[72/801] CXX
ninja: build stopped: subcommand failed.
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 1235, in <module>
File "", line 1222, in main
BuildMain(cmd_opts, cmd_args)
File "", line 852, in BuildMain
BuildWithNinja(options, targets)
File "", line 826, in BuildWithNinja
RunOrDie([ninja, '-C', build_arg] + ninja_targets)
File "/tmp/packerbuild-1000/mozc/mozc/src/mozc/src/build_tools/", line 99, in RunOrDie
ERROR: ninja -C out_linux/Release mozc_server mozc_tool ibus_mozc mozc_renderer
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().
The build failed.

ponsfoot commented on 2015-07-18 03:39

It's not reproduced on my system.
Recently, was under maintenance mode for some hours.
Please try again.

k2_8191 commented on 2015-07-17 22:56

During makepkg I got these sha1 errors for now:

==> Validating source files with sha1sums...
mozc ... Skipped
jsoncpp ... Skipped
gyp ... Skipped
protobuf ... Skipped
japanese_usage_dictionary ... Skipped ... FAILED ... FAILED

I'm not sure if it is safely bypassed.

ponsfoot commented on 2015-05-18 15:05

Remove $SRCDEST/mozc if it existent (again). The upstream force-updated existing commit hashes.

NOTE: pkgrel is not changed because this change doesn't affect the existing 2.17.2095.102 users.

Thank you for the info.

ishitatsuyuki commented on 2015-05-18 09:01

==> Extracting sources...
-> Creating working copy of mozc git repo...
fatal: reference is not a tree: 40f67e035d32365dab823d292c173a0d67ad23c7

nash commented on 2015-05-18 02:07

We need to revise the commit id (_mozcrev) in PKGBUILD.

ponsfoot commented on 2015-05-16 08:25

If you use mozc 2.16.2072.102-1 or earlier and build mozc yourself, remove $SRCDEST/{mozc,gyp} before building 2.17.2095.102-1.

ponsfoot commented on 2015-02-09 10:51

Build preparation (ln -sf `which python2` $srcdir/python in PKGBUILD) seems to failed.
Try again. It's not reproduced on my system.

If you don't have a strong insistence, try to use unofficial user repository:

Note: Please show me full build log using from the next time.