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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-09-17Update dependencies.Steven Malis
2020-12-14Update to version 1.16.0.Steven Malis
2020-12-03Force python 3.9 rebuild and add optional json dependencies.Steven Malis
2020-05-31Switch to new bitcoin-supporting fork.Steven Malis
2020-05-27Update to version 1.15.0.Steven Malis
2020-01-19Update to version 1.14.0.Steven Malis
2019-09-29Update to version 1.13.0.Steven Malis
2019-05-18Fix checksum and add websockets dependency.Steven Malis
2019-05-13Update to version 1.12.0.Steven Malis
2019-04-20Update to version 1.11.0.Steven Malis
2019-04-13Update template config file.Steven Malis
2019-04-13Update to version 1.10.1.Steven Malis
2019-04-07Ensure we don't update to an incompatible version of aiorpcx.Steven Malis
2019-03-14Update to version 1.10.0.Steven Malis
2019-02-07Update to version 1.9.5.Steven Malis
2019-02-03Update to version 1.9.2.Steven Malis
2019-01-11Update to version 1.9.1.Steven Malis
2019-01-10Update to version 1.9.0.Steven Malis
2018-11-12Update to version 1.8.12.Steven Malis
2018-09-13Forgot to update checksums.Steven Malis
2018-09-13Update service file.Steven Malis
2018-09-13Update to 1.8.7.Steven Malis
2018-09-12Update to 1.8.6.Steven Malis
2018-08-18Update to 1.8.5.Steven Malis
2018-08-14Update to 1.8.4.Steven Malis
2018-08-11Update to 1.8.3.Steven Malis
2018-08-09Update to 1.8.2.Steven Malis
2018-08-08Update to 1.8.1.Steven Malis
2018-08-06Update to 1.8.Steven Malis
2018-07-31Update to 1.7.3.Steven Malis
2018-07-28Update to 1.7.2.Steven Malis
2018-07-28Update to 1.7.1.Steven Malis
2018-07-26Update to 1.7.Steven Malis
2018-07-20Update to 1.6Steven Malis
2018-07-14Update to 1.5.2.Steven Malis
2018-07-13Update to 1.5.1.Steven Malis
2018-04-15Fix build (i'm an idiot).Steven Malis
2018-04-15Update to 1.4.3.Steven Malis
2018-03-09Dependency drop didn't make it in.Steven Malis
2018-03-09Update to 1.3, dropped irc requirementSteven Malis
2017-11-12Update to 1.2Steven Malis
2017-09-14Update to 1.1; update to new coin/net names in confSteven Malis
2017-09-08add gitignore for ease of maintainer; add skip-build option to install to onl...Steven Malis
2017-09-07Forgot about .srcinfoSteven Malis
2017-07-10increment pkgrel to 2; backup conf/serviceAndy Weidenbaum
2017-06-16update pkgver to 1.0.11Andy Weidenbaum
2017-05-04update pkgver to 1.0.10Andy Weidenbaum
2017-03-30update pkgver to 1.0.5Andy Weidenbaum
2017-03-13increment pkgrel to 2; fix electrumx.confAndy Weidenbaum
2017-03-12Initial importAndy Weidenbaum