path: root/PKGBUILD
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-10-29Bump pkgver.Chris Fordham
2018-10-11Remove apparmor-libapparmor makedep; remove binary-commit usage.Chris Fordham
2017-12-02device-mapper should be a makedepend and optdependChris Fordham
2017-11-14Fix use of version for the package as moby/VERSION no longer used upstream.Chris Fordham
2017-10-15vndr as optdependChris Fordham
2017-10-15Include packaging tini.Chris Fordham
2017-10-14Bump srcinfo and remove useless comment.Chris Fordham
2017-10-14Major re-factor to be more like current hack build upstream:Chris Fordham
2017-10-12Minor msg statements and spacing changes.Chris Fordham
2017-10-12Source _dockerver from the srcdir.Chris Fordham
2017-10-12Re-factor the dockerd pkg install to be relative from the src build dir bundle.Chris Fordham
2017-10-12no such thing as msg3.Chris Fordham
2017-10-12Upstream repo for runc, use msg3 in some places.Chris Fordham
2017-10-12Extra messages for prepare phase.Chris Fordham
2017-07-03- install completion from cli masterChris Fordham
2017-06-06Use opencontainers for runc; silence push/pop usage; fix make command for cli.Chris Fordham
2017-05-10Docker CLI is now in its own repository; adding.Chris Fordham
2017-05-03Update maintainers header comments.Chris Fordham
2017-05-02Add in docker-proxy from libnetwork.Chris Fordham
2017-05-02Bump version via mksrcinfo.Chris Fordham
2017-02-18Build and include runc and containerd using specific commits sourced from the...Chris Fordham
2017-02-09Bump version to current.Chris Fordham
2016-12-30Bump version.Chris Fordham
2016-11-04Do not package docker-proxy anymore ( Fordham
2016-07-20Add install command for docker-proxy binary.Chris Fordham
2016-06-10- remove extra line return in .gitignoreChris Fordham
2016-01-31Remove dockerinit, bump ver.Chris Fordham
2015-11-09Add co-maintainer comment, link to packagers doc, license type, pkg_ver to 1....Chris Fordham
2015-10-23Fix checksum.Chris Fordham
2015-10-06Updates from PRs.Ido Rosen
2015-04-18docker: add man pagesJörg Thalheim
2015-02-14Uploaded new docker-git source pkg.Ido Rosen
2015-02-01remove no architecture check patchinph
2014-08-01update of architecture patchSilvio Fricke
2014-06-29Support i686 unofficially. Added sample sysctl.confDaniel YC Lin
2014-03-13Removed commaPholey
2014-03-13Added btrfs-progs to depsPholey
2014-01-13Removed 32 bitIdo Rosen
2013-12-05Added docker-git, which replaces lxc-docker-git now that docker is in [commun...Ido Rosen