path: root/evelauncher.shlib
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-07-25Many changes under the hood to make the installation more flexible.Jernuh Zakalwe
2019-07-23Remaining shared functions from launchscripts moved to evelauncher.shlib.Jernuh Zakalwe
2019-07-21In function check_wine search for wine.inf removed, should be located at $pre...Jernuh Zakalwe
2019-07-21In function check_wine disable winemenbuilder service on a more confident way,Jernuh Zakalwe
2019-07-18In function check_wine logic added for disable winemenubuilder service, becauseJernuh Zakalwe
2019-07-13Check for readable EVE.conf added to avoid misleading error messages.Jernuh Zakalwe
2019-07-11Changed string handling in function check_wineJernuh Zakalwe
2019-07-08Suppress winemenubuilder call by setting file associations.Jernuh Zakalwe
2019-06-23Function check_wine moved to evelauncher.shlib and merged with check_custom_w...Jernuh Zakalwe
2019-05-18Remove internal wine after switching to custom wine to avoid internal registr...Jernuh Zakalwe
2019-05-18Support for older wine versions less than 4.0 removed.Jernuh Zakalwe
2019-05-05Restriction of used wine version removed for tests with new CCP wine versions.Jernuh Zakalwe
2019-03-0332bit restriction removed from used wine environment for coming 64bit client.Jernuh Zakalwe