Package Details: activemq 5.17.0-1

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Package Base: activemq
Description: Popular and powerful open source messaging and Integration Patterns provider
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Licenses: Apache 2.0
Submitter: 4le34n
Maintainer: 4le34n
Last Packager: 4le34n
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First Submitted: 2017-07-17 03:13 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2022-04-05 03:30 (UTC)

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ajian commented on 2022-03-20 08:44 (UTC)

这个下载不下来,显示404 新版好像是

crispyrice commented on 2021-10-21 09:17 (UTC)

Package is out of date. This pkgbuild works:

pkgdesc="Popular and powerful open source messaging and Integration Patterns provider"
license=('Apache 2.0')
depends=('java-runtime' 'lsb-release')

package() {
    install -dm0755 "${pkgdir}/opt/${pkgname}"
    install -dm0755 "${pkgdir}/usr/lib/sysusers.d"
    install -D -m0644 sysusers "${pkgdir}/usr/lib/sysusers.d/activemq.conf"
    install -D -m0644 service "${pkgdir}/usr/lib/systemd/system/activemq.service"
    mv apache-${pkgname}-${pkgver} "${pkgdir}/opt/${pkgname}/"
    ln -s /opt/activemq/apache-${pkgname}-${pkgver} ${pkgdir}/opt/${pkgname}/current


Used sha512sums because the download server has them readily available

Luca91 commented on 2021-03-26 10:10 (UTC) (edited on 2021-03-26 10:19 (UTC) by Luca91)

Dear maintainer, the current download URL is incorrect (404) and I can't update my activemq installation. Please update the URL. I've written this patch for your, feel free to apply it, or to modify it as you wish.

diff --git a/activemq_orig b/activemq
index d776b3c..2004e53 100644
--- a/activemq_orig
+++ b/activemq
@@ -6,10 +6,10 @@ pkgver=5.16.1
 pkgdesc="Popular and powerful open source messaging and Integration Patterns provider"
 license=('Apache 2.0')
 depends=('java-runtime' 'lsb-release')

PS: this patch also use an HTTPS link.

Thank you very much, Luca

3ocene commented on 2019-10-31 18:01 (UTC)

The service file seems to be looking in the wrong place for the executable. I get the following error when starting the service:

activemq.service: Failed to execute command: No such file or directory
activemq.service: Failed at step EXEC spawning /opt/activemq/bin/activemq: No such file or directory

Digging in a little bit, I see an executable at the following paths


current is a symlink to apache-activemq-5.15.10 so this is the same executable

4le34n commented on 2019-10-21 04:18 (UTC)


dark_barker commented on 2019-10-15 12:18 (UTC) (edited on 2019-10-15 12:19 (UTC) by dark_barker)

The current service-file is broken(?). The command in ExecStart is blocking (/usr/bin/java -jar /opt/activemq/bin/activemq.jar start). As a result, the service does not start by timeout:

# systemctl start activemq
Job for activemq.service failed because a timeout was exceeded.

in status/journalctl:

activemq.service: start operation timed out. Terminating.
activemq.service: Control process exited, code=exited, status=143/n/a
activemq.service: Failed with result 'timeout'.

commented on 2019-02-28 16:03 (UTC)

Could you perhaps also add the files in /opt/activemq/conf to the backup field of the PKGBUILD, to avoid changes in activemq.xml being overwritten on update?

commented on 2019-02-28 09:05 (UTC)

Thanks for the update.

I think the current service file isn't right, tho: The type's still forking, but java -jar activemq.jar doesn't fork, nor does it write a PID file. As far as I understand both of these things come from the service wrapper used by the shell script (which exists to add all those service things like PID files and forking to Java apps). If you don't use this wrapper I think you have to use simple as type, and then systemd handles the forking and stuff itself. The PIDFile option isn't used in this case. The service file would look like this then:

Description=Messaging and Integration Patterns provider

ExecStart=/usr/bin/java -jar /opt/activemq/bin/activemq.jar start


To use the forking type you need to use the activemq shell script which forks; in this case PIDFile must point to the actual PID file written by activemq (somewhere under /opt/activemq…/data I think).

commented on 2019-02-27 13:04 (UTC)

Please remove >/dev/null 2>&1 from ExecStart in service. ExecStart is no shell command, so the redirection has no effect (check systemctl status); the service starts only by coincidence, because activemq seems to ignore excess arguments.

The systemd.service manpage also recommends to set PIDFile for forking daemons, but why not switch to simple and use console instead of start, and thus let systemd handle all the forking? You could then even use just java -jar /opt/activemq/bin/activemq.jar start as ExecStart, which would have the added benefit of making activemq's output appear in systemctl status activemq and journalctl.

4le34n commented on 2018-07-24 05:36 (UTC)

1. Ssruno wrote: "Doing a: ps aux | grep activemq ..."

   Can not reproduce:

sh-4.4# ps aux | grep activemq root 14362 0.0 0.0 18416 1832 ? Sl 16:12 0:00 /opt/activemq/bin/linux-x86-64/wrapper /opt/activemq/bin/linux-x86-64/wrapper.conf wrapper.syslog.ident=ActiveMQ wrapper.pidfile=/opt/activemq/bin/linux-x86-64/./ wrapper.daemonize=TRUE wrapper.lockfile=/var/lock/subsys/ActiveMQ root 14366 4.4 3.9 4584456 299460 ? Sl 16:12 0:16 java -Dactivemq.home=../.. -Dactivemq.base=../.. -Dorg.apache.activemq.UseDedicatedTaskRunner=true -Dactivemq.conf=../../conf -Xmx1024m -Djava.library.path=../../bin/linux-x86-64/ -classpath ../../bin/wrapper.jar:../../bin/activemq.jar -Dwrapper.key=lnFjVqvm1yxySrc_ -Dwrapper.port=32000 -Dwrapper.jvm.port.min=31000 -Dwrapper.jvm.port.max=31999 -Dwrapper.version=3.2.3 -Dwrapper.native_library=wrapper -Dwrapper.service=TRUE -Dwrapper.cpu.timeout=10 -Dwrapper.jvmid=1 org.tanukisoftware.wrapper.WrapperSimpleApp org.apache.activemq.console.Main start

Try running with the default settings. Must earn properly. Then make further adjustments. Perhaps you need to reboot after installation. Or run the command: source /etc/profile.d/ And then run the service activemq.

2. Ssruno wrote: "PS: The <http://localhost:8161/demo/> doesn't work either"

Replace symbol link /usr/share/webapps/activemq with /usr/share/webapps/activemq-demo. And then the demo will work.

Ssruno commented on 2018-07-23 19:12 (UTC)

Doing a: ps aux | grep activemq

We can see that those paths are being formed with a double slash.

root 22069 2.9 1.9 4588012 306416 pts/1 Sl+ 14:54 0:14 /usr/bin/java -Xms64M -Xmx1G -Djava.awt.headless=true -Dactivemq.classpath=/opt/activemq//conf:/opt/activemq//../lib/: -Dactivemq.home=/opt/activemq/ -Dactivemq.base=/opt/activemq/ -Dactivemq.conf=/opt/activemq//conf -jar /opt/activemq//bin/activemq.jar start

Ssruno commented on 2018-07-23 18:59 (UTC)

Hi 4le34n, thanks for maintaining this package.

Just after finishing the installation I try to get the service up:

/opt/activemq/bin/activemq console

Accessing http://localhost:8161/admin/ doesn't work, in order to navigate it, I have to:

sudo ln -s /usr/share/webapps/activemq /opt/activemq/webapps

Maybe this tweak can be added for the next release.

PS: The http://localhost:8161/demo/ doesn't work either

sprooose commented on 2017-12-12 15:16 (UTC)

Is the web management console included in this package? I can't see that it has started in the startup trace.

4le34n commented on 2017-10-09 03:23 (UTC)

Everything works. Or I do not understand your question. sh-4.4$ systemctl status activemq ● activemq.service - Messaging and Integration Patterns provider Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/activemq.service; disabled; vendor preset: disabled) Active: active (running) since Mon 2017-10-09 14:18:32 +11; 2min 12s ago Process: 18857 ExecStart=/opt/activemq/bin/linux-x86-64/activemq start >/dev/null 2>&1 (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS) Main PID: 18891 Tasks: 52 (limit: 4915) CGroup: /system.slice/activemq.service ├─18891 /opt/activemq/bin/linux-x86-64/wrapper /opt/activemq/bin/linux-x86-64/wrapper.conf wrapper.syslog.ident=ActiveMQ wrapper.pidfile=/opt/activemq/bin/linux-x86-64/./ wrapper.daemonize=TRUE wrapper.lockfile=/var/lock/subsys/ActiveMQ └─18893 java -Dactivemq.home=../.. -Dactivemq.base=../.. -Dorg.apache.activemq.UseDedicatedTaskRunner=true -Dactivemq.conf=../../conf -Xmx1024m -Djava.library.path=../../bin/linux-x86-64/ -classpath ../../bin/wrapper.jar:../../bin/activemq.jar -Dwrapper.key=kyeeHw0sE8GsFIgG -Dwrapper.port=32000 -Dwrapper.jvm.port.min=31000 -Dwrapper.jvm.port.max=31999 -Dwrapper.version=3.2.3 -Dwrapper.native_library=wrapper -Dwrapper.service=TRUE -Dwrapper.cpu.timeout=10 -Dwrapper.jvmid=1 org.tanukisoftware.wrapper.WrapperSimpleApp org.apache.activemq.console.Main start окт 09 14:18:31 LocalHost systemd[1]: Starting Messaging and Integration Patterns provider... окт 09 14:18:31 LocalHost activemq[18857]: Starting ActiveMQ Broker... окт 09 14:18:32 LocalHost systemd[1]: Started Messaging and Integration Patterns provider. sh-4.4$ sudo ps aux | grep activemq root 18891 0.0 0.0 18100 1952 ? Sl 14:18 0:00 /opt/activemq/bin/linux-x86-64/wrapper /opt/activemq/bin/linux-x86-64/wrapper.conf wrapper.syslog.ident=ActiveMQ wrapper.pidfile=/opt/activemq/bin/linux-x86-64/./ wrapper.daemonize=TRUE wrapper.lockfile=/var/lock/subsys/ActiveMQ root 18893 11.4 2.6 4584064 201704 ? Sl 14:18 0:16 java -Dactivemq.home=../.. -Dactivemq.base=../.. -Dorg.apache.activemq.UseDedicatedTaskRunner=true -Dactivemq.conf=../../conf -Xmx1024m -Djava.library.path=../../bin/linux-x86-64/ -classpath ../../bin/wrapper.jar:../../bin/activemq.jar -Dwrapper.key=kyeeHw0sE8GsFIgG -Dwrapper.port=32000 -Dwrapper.jvm.port.min=31000 -Dwrapper.jvm.port.max=31999 -Dwrapper.version=3.2.3 -Dwrapper.native_library=wrapper -Dwrapper.service=TRUE -Dwrapper.cpu.timeout=10 -Dwrapper.jvmid=1 org.tanukisoftware.wrapper.WrapperSimpleApp org.apache.activemq.console.Main start

killermoehre commented on 2017-10-06 08:11 (UTC)

Your service is bogus. The redirect can't work, because ExecStart= is no shell. Just drop everything after the »start«