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Package Base: audiveris
Description: Music score OMR engine
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Licenses: AGPL3
Submitter: raember
Maintainer: raember
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First Submitted: 2018-08-02 07:38 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2023-11-05 18:29 (UTC)

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cmsigler commented on 2023-07-03 17:25 (UTC)

Hi, all,

I was having trouble building/installing audiveris 5.3.0-1, with complaints about not having the right java version installed; min required version 17, max required version 18.

After installing jdk17-openjdk, all is well :) HTH


molove commented on 2023-01-12 14:04 (UTC)

@notdexterslab worked here too, thanks

bx376 commented on 2022-12-15 11:33 (UTC)

@notdexterslab, Confirmed to work! Thanks!

notdexterslab commented on 2022-12-14 01:56 (UTC)

I was initially having an issue building but—in addition to the jdk packages installed—I installed jdk17-openjdk and that seemed to solve any problems I had.

yay -Q | grep jdk
jdk-openjdk 19.0.1.u10-3
jdk17-openjdk 17.0.5.u1-1
jdk8-openjdk 8.352.u08-2
jre-openjdk 19.0.1.u10-3
jre-openjdk-headless 19.0.1.u10-3
jre17-openjdk 17.0.5.u1-1
jre17-openjdk-headless 17.0.5.u1-1
jre8-openjdk 8.352.u08-2
jre8-openjdk-headless 8.352.u08-2

raember commented on 2022-11-22 12:59 (UTC)

Hi @caj2aur,

Sorry for only responding so late. Unfortunately I cannot replicate your error. I can successfully build the package with java-17-openjdk and even java-19-openjdk (after changing PKGBUILD). I'm not sure what rua does differently (I use yay), but it also seems odd that that could influence the building of the package. Have you tried installing the package manually from the PKGBUILD with makepkg -fsri?

Best regards

caj2aur commented on 2022-10-27 14:04 (UTC) (edited on 2022-10-30 14:18 (UTC) by caj2aur)

I tried installing audiveris with rua on my archlinux 6.0.2-arch1-1 system without success. The process ran as far as 194 tests, but 4 of them failed. Here are selected pieces of the output, though it appears that the first error scrolled off the top of my terminal session:

org.audiveris.omr.moment.ARTExtractorTest > testAllShapes FAILED
    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError at
 . . . 
org.audiveris.omr.moment.LegendreMomentsTest > testAllShapes FAILED
    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError at
 . . . 
org.audiveris.omr.ui.symbol.MusicFontTest > textPrintout FAILED
    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError at
 . . . 
194 tests completed, 4 failed

> Task :test FAILED

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

* What went wrong:
Execution failed for task ':test'.
> There were failing tests. See the report at: file:///home/caj/.cache/rua/build/audiveris/src/audiveris-5.2.5/build/reports/tests/test/index.html

* Try:
> Run with --stacktrace option to get the stack trace.
> Run with --info or --debug option to get more log output.
> Run with --scan to get full insights.

* Get more help at

10 actionable tasks: 10 executed
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build()
Build failed with exit code 4 in /home/caj/.cache/rua/build/audiveris

The .html report page identified the failed tests as:

ChamferMatchingTest. testMatch
    java.awt.AWTError: Can't connect to X11 window server using ':0.0' as the value of the DISPLAY variable.
ARTExtractorTest. testAllShapes
    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class org.audiveris.omr.ui.symbol.MusicFont
LegendreMomentsTest. testAllShapes
    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class org.audiveris.omr.ui.symbol.MusicFont
MusicFontTest. textPrintout
    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class java.awt.GraphicsEnvironment$LocalGE

I inserted the first line of textPrintout for each of the four errors. Those lines were all followed by several dozen lines identifying locations in various java modules.

I have the following jdk packages installed, of which 17 is recent:

$ pacman -Q | grep jdk
jdk-openjdk 19.0.1.u10-2
jdk17-openjdk 17.0.5.u1-1
jre-openjdk 19.0.1.u10-2
jre-openjdk-headless 19.0.1.u10-2
jre11-openjdk 11.0.17.u1-1
jre11-openjdk-headless 11.0.17.u1-1
jre17-openjdk 17.0.5.u1-1
jre17-openjdk-headless 17.0.5.u1-1
jre8-openjdk 8.352.u08-1
jre8-openjdk-headless 8.352.u08-1
I'm posting this query here because there doesn't seem to be any audiveris activity on archlinux Forums and hope you can give me some guidance on resolving the problem. Thanks.

raember commented on 2021-11-03 12:45 (UTC)

Just as a heads up: I updated the PKGBUILD to automatically use Java 11 when building Audiveris, so no more such problems can arise (hopefully).

cmsigler commented on 2021-11-02 20:22 (UTC)


Thank you! :) From archlinux-java I had:

java-11-openjdk java-17-openjdk (default) java-8-openjdk

I set java-11-openjdk as default and the build succeeded.


Munto commented on 2021-10-31 02:41 (UTC) (edited on 2021-10-31 02:43 (UTC) by Munto)

@cmsigler: I had the same failure.
Set your java version to 11 (does greater work too?) with archlinux-java and your build should go fine