Package Details: blender-2.7 2.79b.r71421.e045fe53f1b-3

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Package Base: blender-2.7
Description: Maintnance version of Blenders blender2.7 branch
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Licenses: GPL
Provides: blender-2.7
Submitter: bartus
Maintainer: bartus (CYBERDEViL)
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First Submitted: 2019-07-14 14:44 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2022-11-03 12:06 (UTC)

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bartus commented on 2022-03-14 10:30 (UTC)

Sorry lads, I'm at the Polish Ukraine border helping allocate refugees. Expect no update until this hell is over, wish us luck. Have no time nor access to my rig and AUR keys to test/post updates. If you have a patch, ping me on email - I'll add you as co-maintainer. Posted with my old script -

bartus commented on 2019-07-17 07:07 (UTC) (edited on 2019-08-25 12:20 (UTC) by bartus)

Please report issues and patches to blender-2.7/

<img alt="Build Status" src="" />

Use env vars to control build process:

  • DISABLE_CUDA=1 to skip cuda kernel build (cycles+compositor)
  • DISABLE_NINJA=1 to switch build system to make (default:ninja)

Usage cases:

  • export DISABLE_CUDA=1 before build
  • DISABLE_CUDA=1 ~your-aur-helper~
  • makepkg DISABLE_CUDA=1
  • yay -S blender-2.7 --mflags "DISABLE_CUDA=1"
Note for yay users:

Since yay relies solely on aur-rpc to solve dependencies instead of calling makepkg --sync it can't follow dependencies logic defined in PKGBUILD. That's why it's up to the user to provide dependencies to enable features.

tl;dr; If you want to prebuild cycles kernels, you have to install CUDA beforehand. If you don't have CUDA installed, PKGBUILD will silently skip cycles kernel build.

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Dendrocalamus64 commented on 2022-09-13 20:46 (UTC) (edited on 2022-09-18 20:10 (UTC) by Dendrocalamus64)

I got it to build. Now I have to dig through my notes and find all the changes I made.

Briefly, there are three packages that have moved on through rolling releases and broken compatibility: FFMpeg (4.4 -> 5.0), Python (3.9 -> 3.10) and OpenImageIO (still works but needs a couple of tweaks.)

FFmpeg has deprecated a number of functions for a long time, and in release 5.0 finally removed them, which caused projects to break all across the web. ffmpeg4.4 is in the repos (at least in Manjaro, which is what I'm on) and until there's a compatibility patch we need to get blender2.7 to use ffmpeg4.4 instead. For now, I used,
-DCMAKE_CXX_FLAGS="-I /usr/include/ffmpeg4.4/ -L /usr/lib/ffmpeg4.4/" \
in the cmake command line in the PKGBUILD, and
set(FFMPEG_INCLUDE_DIRS ${FFMPEG}/include/ffmpeg4.4)
in src/blender/build_files/cmake/platform/platform_unix.cmake (search for "# lame" to find where to put it.)

Simply patching all the #include lines in the blender source isn't good enough because the ffmpeg header files also include each other. We need to get /usr/include/ffmpeg4.4 ahead of the default search directories so we don't get a mishmash of 4.4 and 5.0 headers which causes compilation to fail. These don't really need to be applied to the whole project, they can just be patched into the CMakeLists.txt files for the source files that actually need them, and I'll do that later.

Python 3.10: Only two changes needed.
From PKGBUILD directory, cd to src and run,
$ grep -rIlZ _PyUnicode_AsStringAndSize . | xargs -0 sed -i 's/_PyUnicode_AsStringAndSize/PyUnicode_AsUTF8AndSize/g'
$ sed -i '/s/_Py_HashDouble((double)/_Py_HashDouble(NULL, (double)/' ./blender/source/blender/python/mathutils/mathutils.c

OpenImageIO: Now needs minimum C++ version 14, and needs to link against OpenImageIO_Util in addition to OpenImageIO. In src/blender/intern/cycles/CMakeLists.txt and src/blender/source/blender/imbuf/intern/oiio/CMakeLists.txt we need to add set(CMAKE_CXX_STANDARD 14). I added it at the start of the # Build Flags section and in if(WITH_OPENIMAGEIO), respectively. In src/blender/build_files/cmake/Modules/FindOpenImageIO.cmake, we need to add a second FIND_LIBRARY block right below the first one.


EDIT 09.17: Updated to apply a python 3.9 -> 3.10 patch instead which removes about 2/3 of the hassle of my first approach, which was patching it to use python39. Improved OIIO patch.

dudu-martins commented on 2022-04-08 20:54 (UTC) (edited on 2022-04-08 22:18 (UTC) by dudu-martins)

Try to install and got the following error:

/home/dudu/.cache/yay/blender-2.7/src/blender/intern/audaspace/intern/AUD_C-API.cpp: In function ‘void AUD_initOnce()’: /home/dudu/.cache/yay/blender-2.7/src/blender/intern/audaspace/intern/AUD_C-API.cpp:113:9: error: ‘av_register_all’ was not declared in this scope 113 | av_register_all(); | ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ make[2]: *** [intern/audaspace/CMakeFiles/bf_intern_audaspace.dir/build.make:650: intern/audaspace/CMakeFiles/bf_intern_audaspace.dir/intern/AUD_C-API.cpp.o] Erro 1 make[2]: Saindo do diretório '/home/dudu/.cache/yay/blender-2.7/src/build'

make[1]: *** [CMakeFiles/Makefile2:3179: intern/audaspace/CMakeFiles/bf_intern_audaspace.dir/all] Erro 2 make[1]: Saindo do diretório '/home/dudu/.cache/yay/blender-2.7/src/build'

make: *** [Makefile:166: all] Erro 2 make: Saindo do diretório '/home/dudu/.cache/yay/blender-2.7/src/build'

==> ERRO: Uma falha ocorreu em build(). Abortando... -> erro ao construir: blender-2.7

I try to install using yay -S blender-2.7 --mflags "DISABLE_CUDA=1 DISABLE_NINJA=1"

MY sugestion for those who want install this especific version (because couldn't run newer versions) is install Works really good for me

bartus commented on 2022-03-14 10:30 (UTC)

Sorry lads, I'm at the Polish Ukraine border helping allocate refugees. Expect no update until this hell is over, wish us luck. Have no time nor access to my rig and AUR keys to test/post updates. If you have a patch, ping me on email - I'll add you as co-maintainer. Posted with my old script -

Flicker_i386 commented on 2022-01-27 08:46 (UTC)

Hello , Is It Still Actively Maintained ? , Because I Got Some Compile Error With Python 3.10 .

CYBERDEViL commented on 2021-01-06 14:31 (UTC)

@bartus: Cool thank you!

bartus commented on 2021-01-05 23:58 (UTC) (edited on 2021-01-06 00:38 (UTC) by bartus)

@CYBERDEViL: thanks for the patch, if you don't mind I've added you as co-maintainer. I rarely use blender-2.7 those days, and tend to forgot to update the PKGBUILD when Travis-CI build starts failing.

CYBERDEViL commented on 2021-01-03 18:28 (UTC)

@bartus: Ah yes I see, must have applied it manually here with the --ignore-whitespace flag.

There is a new patch to fix compiling with openvdb 8, I did cherry pick it from

The patch:

Yeah I'm sorry but I try to stay away from GitHub.

bartus commented on 2020-12-20 15:55 (UTC)

@cyberdevil: python3.9_2.patch doesn't apply because code style changes (double space in place of tab)

btw. Thanks for the patch, you can always post one as github-pr.

CYBERDEViL commented on 2020-12-19 18:18 (UTC)

It failed compiling here due to newer versions of the dependencies.

Here are the changes I've applied to make it compile again:

It's great to have Blender 2.79b again, it runs much smoother then 2.8. Plus I'm not a fan of the new interface and don't need the new features 2.8 has.

bartus commented on 2020-01-30 08:12 (UTC) (edited on 2020-01-30 08:16 (UTC) by bartus)

@Potomac: -c,--clena cleans the build tree after the build finish, use -C,--cleanbuild to clean build tree before build starts, this way no manula tinkering will be required ( or just double tap it with -cC to be safe ;)

I'd rather won't commit whole blender tree to server just to apply two line patch.