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Description: A keyboard-oriented, highly-customizable, highly-extensible web browser based on Mozilla XULRunner.
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First Submitted: 2011-12-14 16:47 (UTC)
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haawda commented on 2017-11-17 01:30 (UTC)

pkgver function no longer works.

commented on 2017-08-15 17:58 (UTC)

I found I could use iceweasel instead of any of the firefox variants listed. I had to change the depends line and also add a symbolic link firefox->iceweasel in /usr/bin

NLisa commented on 2016-12-12 08:38 (UTC) (edited on 2016-12-12 09:03 (UTC) by NLisa)

haawda: Yes sorry I meant Mozilla has since ceased all development of Xulrunner, not Firefox. escondida: Thank you very much, after removing the download-status-widget, Conkeror's interface works with my rc again when running Conkeror via Firefox. Regards, NLisa

escondida commented on 2016-12-09 23:06 (UTC)

NLisa, does the UI work when you run conkeror without an rc (conkeror -q)? If so, make sure you don't have the download-status-widget enabled; some firefox change deprecated something it depended on. If that doesn't work, please post your configuration to a sane paste site, such as <> or <>. Sadly, xulrunner is dead for good, so Firefox is the only way forward.

haawda commented on 2016-12-09 09:42 (UTC)

You mean Mozilla ceased all development of xulrunner. Firefox is actively developed. What advice do you need? I also had problems with firefox and reverted back to xulrunner. Working much better.

NLisa commented on 2016-12-09 08:56 (UTC)

I believe conkeror has moved from Xulrunner to Firefox dependency. I believe this change is due to the fact that Mozilla has ceased all development of Firefox. Conkeror loads, but all controls are broken, when started using Firefox In the interim, I have reverted back to Xulrunner by replacing 'firefox' dependency with 'xulrunner' in the PKGBUILD file, and in /usr/bin/conkeror, I have made the following changes to revert back to using Xulrunner: exec xulrunner "/usr/share/conkeror/application.ini" "$@" Previously, with the new Firefox dependency: XUL_APP_FILE="/usr/share/conkeror/application.ini" exec firefox "$@" Please advise. Sincere regards, NLisa

escondida commented on 2016-04-14 02:05 (UTC)

Update to reflect new versioning. Now depends on firefox, because mozilla quit developing xulrunner.

escondida commented on 2015-04-05 23:08 (UTC)

Updated PKGBUILD for Makefile patch.

escondida commented on 2015-04-03 23:12 (UTC)

It's a moot point, because xul < 36 isn't available in Arch. Keep your system up-to-date (-:

jinnovation commented on 2015-04-03 22:59 (UTC)

It looks like the package actually requires xulrunner version >= 33.0-2. Can someone confirm this?

escondida commented on 2015-04-01 02:00 (UTC)

Updated for .desktop move. Was hoping to wait for Makefile patch, but it hasn't been accepted yet. balor: For future reference, pkgver() handles version updates--you don't need to update the version of version controlled packages, but thanks. (-:

bal0r commented on 2015-03-31 12:26 (UTC)

Please, use the following patch according to haawda below: --- PKGBUILD 2013-04-18 18:51:34.000000000 +0200 +++ PKGBUILD 2015-03-31 14:19:49.980562881 +0200 @@ -6 +6 @@ -pkgver=120527.1.88.ga737e50 +pkgver=120527.1.222.g0da723e @@ -40 +40 @@ - install -Dm644 "$srcdir"/${_gitname}/debian/conkeror.desktop \ + install -Dm644 "$srcdir"/${_gitname}/contrib/conkeror.desktop \

haawda commented on 2015-03-20 14:34 (UTC)

Upstream moves debian/conkeror.desktop to contrib/conkeror.desktop in git-master. The PKGBUILD should be changed accordingly.

haawda commented on 2015-03-02 21:20 (UTC)

The problem was on my side and was fixed by deleting my profile.

escondida commented on 2015-03-01 23:26 (UTC)

emacsomancer is correct; the most recent commit (6906955) fixes the problem.

emacsomancer commented on 2015-03-01 20:36 (UTC)

@haawda: Hmmm. I had problems with FF36, and then forcing the package to update as I described worked for me. Xulrunner 36 must indeed be different.

haawda commented on 2015-03-01 18:29 (UTC)

I do not use a package manager, and I know the commit, but it did not fix it for me.

emacsomancer commented on 2015-03-01 18:13 (UTC)

@haawda: you need to force the conkeror-git package to update, e.g. add "--devel" to your AUR manager command. See conkeror commit of 2 days ago, which fixes it to work with FF36:

haawda commented on 2015-03-01 13:00 (UTC)

recent xulrunner seems to be broken, I had to downgrade from 36 to 35.

escondida commented on 2014-05-24 22:29 (UTC)

That's a good thought, but I figure that, if anywhere, those should go in the xulrunner package instead, since that's not a conkeror-specific thing but a xulrunner/firefox thing.

jvo commented on 2014-05-23 18:35 (UTC)

I think it might be a good idea to include the gstreamer packages that firefox optionally depends on as optional dependencies for Conkeror too. When installed, they allow Conkeror to handle more html5 video/audio encoding formats (eg. >360p YouTube).

escondida commented on 2013-09-29 15:18 (UTC)

nss is a requirement of xulrunner, which is required by conkeror. It's also a requirement of firefox, so even if you're using firefox rather than xulrunner, nss should be pulled in.

mikesimons commented on 2013-09-26 08:30 (UTC)

Missing dep on extra/nss providing Exact error from conkeror: $ conkeror XPCOMGlueLoad error for file /usr/lib/xulrunner-23.0.1/ /usr/lib/ version `NSS_3.15' not found (required by /usr/lib/xulrunner-23.0.1/ Couldn't load XPCOM.

ConnorBehan commented on 2013-09-25 01:10 (UTC)

More like trades it for the bloat of firefox.

madalu commented on 2013-05-09 16:58 (UTC)

FWIW, I have found xulrunner to be very buggy recently. I've found that conkeror works fine on top of firefox: e.g., exec firefox --app /usr/share/conkeror/application.ini "$@" This saves the bloat of xulrunner as well.

escondida commented on 2013-04-18 16:54 (UTC)

Sincerest apologies for not catching this the first time around. I actually did the sensible thing and checked the contents of the tarball this time; all should be in order.

haawda commented on 2013-04-12 11:01 (UTC)

Seems having two source lines does not work. source=('git://' conkeror_gimpfile.xpm _gitname="conkeror" md5sums=('SKIP' 'SKIP' 'SKIP')

drot commented on 2013-04-12 10:01 (UTC)

Still fails:

escondida commented on 2013-04-11 21:56 (UTC)

Fixed; it seems that the order of the source arrays is significant.

drot commented on 2013-04-11 17:54 (UTC)

conkeror_gimpfile.xpm and seem to be missing:

escondida commented on 2013-04-07 15:55 (UTC)

Thanks, StefanHusmann! Updated. I left out the debian portion of the versioning, due to AUR's version length limits.

haawda commented on 2013-04-06 14:50 (UTC)

see for a pacman4.1-compliant PKGBUILD.

commented on 2013-02-13 16:44 (UTC)

If someone else has problems with installing xulrunner (a dependency of conkeror) because they have eclipse installed, download the PKGBUILD for xulrunner using abs and rename the package to something else. Then install xulrunner after creating a package. I have no problem when both xulrunner and eclpise have been installed.

Apsu commented on 2012-12-16 23:09 (UTC)

Had trouble updating this off the git:// URI; I was able to do so successfully, however, using the URI. Just a heads up.

escondida commented on 2012-12-13 07:16 (UTC)

Quite right, StefanHusmann. Fixed.

haawda commented on 2012-12-12 19:07 (UTC)

This is not an arch=('any')-package anymaore. conkeror-spawn-helper is a binary.

escondida commented on 2012-09-13 21:14 (UTC)

xulrunner 15 is fixed, so conkeror-git depends upon it once more.

haawda commented on 2012-09-08 19:37 (UTC)

Fall back to the default.

ivo commented on 2012-09-08 14:55 (UTC)

@eqyiel I solved the problem, but since xulrunner 15, the @rom748 method does not work for me. Any Idea?

commented on 2012-08-18 03:42 (UTC)

@ivo I had the same problem using eworm's method. Modify like rom748 suggested instead. Everything works as expected.

ivo commented on 2012-08-05 08:11 (UTC)

I have a problem with the method of @ eworm, when I try to save images, I get javascript errors. Do You Have Any Idea?

eworm commented on 2012-08-03 12:38 (UTC)

You can use this script:

Pank commented on 2012-08-03 12:00 (UTC)

eworm, your link,, seem to be down. Could you re-upload? I'd like to see it. Thanks, Rasmus

commented on 2012-07-20 15:20 (UTC)

elaborating on the solution by rom748, the following works as a replacement for for me: exec $(ls /usr/lib/xulrunner-*/xulrunner-bin | head -n1) -app /usr/share/conkeror/application.ini "$@"

eworm commented on 2012-07-19 16:46 (UTC)

@rom748 Yes, I would prefer that too. Does anybody know why the devs changed that?

commented on 2012-07-19 16:36 (UTC)

@eworm I personally prefer to have firefox depend on xulrunner and not just duplicate its functionality. It was the case before firefox 4.

commented on 2012-07-19 16:29 (UTC)

@joyfulgirl Or you can just modify like this: xulver=14.0.1 exec /usr/lib/xulrunner-${xulver}/xulrunner-bin -app /usr/share/conkeror/application.ini "$@" So conkeror still depend on xulrunner. Yet needs a way to determine xulrunner version. Or better, if /usr/bin/xulrunner would just be symlink to xulrunner-bin, not to xulrunner shell script.

eworm commented on 2012-07-19 10:00 (UTC)

$ pacman -Si firefox | grep Size Download Size : 15047,46 KiB Installed Size : 38676,00 KiB $ pacman -Si xulrunner | grep Size Download Size : 22291,54 KiB Installed Size : 98012,00 KiB I would prefer to have it depend on firefox. For whatever reason xulrunner is a REALLY huge package. Additionally I have installed firefox nevertheless.

escondida commented on 2012-07-18 15:39 (UTC)

Due to an [upstream bug][1] afflicting xulrunner 14 & 15, conkeror will temporarily depend on Firefox instead, until such time as xulrunner 16 makes it to Arch. This isn't a permanent change, since given the choice between depending on a library and depending on a whole separate program, the library is generally simpler. [1]:

ivo commented on 2012-07-18 12:29 (UTC)

@eworm Thanks for this HACK!!

eworm commented on 2012-07-18 08:13 (UTC)

Ok, I have a version that works with firefox-14: This has a dependency to firefox, xulrunner is no longer required. Please update! Thanks!

eworm commented on 2012-07-18 07:16 (UTC)

conkeror does no longer work with xulrunner-14 due to a shell script no longer shipped with xulrunner...

eworm commented on 2012-07-11 13:11 (UTC)

conkeror-spawn-helper is an elf binary file, so I think it is a bad idea to make this package arch 'any'. Please change to arch=('i686' 'x86_64'). Thanks!

escondida commented on 2012-02-10 23:20 (UTC)

Hey, no problem! It took me a while to do a very simple check, but it turns out that conkeror can find conkeror-spawn-helper as long as it's in $PATH somewhere; so I ended up dropping it in /usr/bin for the sake of simplicity. And it doesn't even violate the FHS or packaging standards! The only downside I can see is that now nobody will tell me "you're a good packager, but you have to learn to play by the rules!"; oh, well.

haawda commented on 2012-01-10 21:37 (UTC)

Thank you for adopting this, Ivy. There are good reasons to remove conkeror-spawn-helper, since a binary staying under /usr/share is a violation of FHS rules and arch Packaging Guidelines. But I got a bug report when I did so ( Feel free to decide as you like. As said, there are pros and cons.

haawda commented on 2012-01-10 20:45 (UTC)

Thank you for adopting this, Ivy. There are good reasons to remove conkeror-spawn-helper, since a binary staying under /usr/share is a violation of FHS rules and arch Packaging Guidelines. But I got a bug report when I did so ( Feel free to decide as you like. As said, there are pros and cons.

escondida commented on 2012-01-10 19:20 (UTC)

Stefan: I've adopted conkeror-git and adapted the PKGBUILD to use makepkg's regular git method. I'd been tracking the package that way for a while, anyway. Thanks for your maintenance of the package in [community], though! guille: firefox -app is only necessary if you're stuck without xulrunner for some reason; I understand some distributions no longer make it available. If you'd prefer to use firefox -app, though, it should be a trivial fix to the PKGBUILD and to

haawda commented on 2012-01-02 02:36 (UTC)

I do not think that changing that dependency makes much sense to the most users. If you already have firefox, that may be advisable. But why having firefox, if there is a much better (conkeror) browser installed? :) Another point: I formerly maintained this package in [community] and still use it. The PKGBUILD was designed to download a specific, well defined commit. This was a requirement in an oficial repo, but in AUR we could be more lazy and have a "real" git package. That would make maintenance easier.

commented on 2012-01-01 22:47 (UTC)

The dependence to xulrunner can be changed since newer versions to firefox: Simply change /usr/bin/conkeror the line xulrunner for firefox --app or add to the PKGBUILD "sed 's/xulrunner/firefox -app/' $srcdir/" before the install

xyproto commented on 2011-12-14 16:47 (UTC)

Moved from [community] in connection with the Christmas Cleanup