Package Details: filebot 4.7.7-4

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Package Base: filebot
Description: The ultimate tool to rename TV/anime shows, download subtitles, and validate checksums.
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Keywords: mass rename subtitle
Licenses: GPL
Submitter: ndowens
Maintainer: max.bra
Last Packager: max.bra
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First Submitted: 2009-06-21 07:41
Last Updated: 2017-01-13 15:23

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apodim commented on 2016-12-24 19:42

Just a note to those that don't want to use java-p7zip-binding, or can't because their platform is not supported (arm).

You can also use "Apache Common VFS", which is actually the default extractor of filebot portable, or "p7zip".

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apodim commented on 2017-01-13 23:33


Just tested latest build.

Sysinfo appears fine:
FileBot 4.7.7 (r4678)
JNA Native: 4.0.1

A run also completes successfully, same as with earlier versions.

Again thanks for your efforts!

max.bra commented on 2017-01-13 15:23

taken your word for it. included more arm archs with from last filebot official package that include them (4.7.5).

JNA restored, episode 2
yes, this is a bit hacky but this is the only way i have seen for include all archs other than x86 and x86_64 since 4.7.7 code does not work with latest jna release.

filebot JNA state:
jna 4.2.2 (latest) : filebot does not work
jna 4.0.1 (4.7.5) : filebot works (of course), arm* archs included. i'm not able to find linkable release on jna git repo
jna 4.0.0 (jna git): the only 4.0.x rel. on github, not working (apodim report)

this package, right now, restore native libs from phisical 4.7.5 filebot official package

edit: typo

apodim commented on 2017-01-12 20:59


Regarding dropping other architectures. I can attest that filebot works perfectly, albeit changing environment values for java to use more memory might be needed, with armv6.

Now about the default excractor, initially I used the one provided by "Apache Common VFS", just enabled rar and zip support from php.ini, but at some point I switched to p7zip because I had trouble with ISO files. So far works absolutely fine.

EDIT: Perhaps I got a little ahead of myself, just saw the changes in the build file relating to extractor and assumed it was something related to that, and the actual problem has something to do with this
"JNA Native: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Native library (com/sun/jna/linux-arm/ not found in resource path ([file:/usr/share/java/filebot/filebot.jar])
MediaInfo: net.filebot.mediainfo.MediaInfoException: Unable to load arm (32-bit) native library Could not initialize class com.sun.jna.Native "

Again let me know if I can help.

max.bra commented on 2017-01-12 13:09

restored jna access retrieving an old jna version from official git
arch is now limited to i686, x86_64 and armv7h.

armv7h package is to be entirely tested. feedbacks appreciated.

your code does not work with latest jna version 4.2.2

rednoah commented on 2017-01-10 15:53

I dislike the idea of shipping native code for 10+ architectures hidden in a jar. It also lead to FileBot kinda/partially/mostly (but not fully) working by accident when FileBot and Java was installed for the wrong architecture.

All FileBot packages should include the required native libraries, and this change makes sure that they are included and loaded from the proper location (and not some random temporary folder).

Also, on some systems, the OS might block libraries loaded from non-secure locations. Due to JNA only including one "arm" binary, it may or may not work (and crash the process) on incompatible arm platforms.

max.bra commented on 2017-01-10 07:46

is there a compelling reason to have eliminated all native libs from 4.7.7 jar tree?

rednoah commented on 2017-01-09 19:57

FileBot extract module can be set without modifying the via the ENV:

export JAVA_OPTS="-Dnet.filebot.Archive.extractor=ApacheVFS"

rednoah commented on 2017-01-09 19:53

Newer versions of filebot portable expect all native libraries (including in the system library path.

Portable has been updated with the following options:

-Djna.nosys=false -Djna.nounpack=true

frriarch commented on 2017-01-09 19:18

I am getting following error with 4.7.7-1 and 4.7.7-2
"{duration} => Expression yields empty value: Binding "duration": Native library (com/sun/jna/linux-arm/ not found in resource path ([file:/usr/share/java/filebot/filebot.jar])"
If I replace filebot.jar file with 4.7.5 version than there is no error.

Edit- I have armv7h device.

max.bra commented on 2017-01-06 11:36

> Setlocale can't change the locale to en_US.UTF-8 but it seems to be a minor issue.
in /etc/locale.gen you need to generate en_US.UTF-8 too

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