Package Details: firefox-nightly 129.0a1+20240611.1+h9e49a1b86e40-1

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Package Base: firefox-nightly
Description: Fast, Private & Safe Web Browser (Nightly version)
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Keywords: browser gecko web
Licenses: MPL-2.0
Submitter: None
Maintainer: heftig
Last Packager: heftig
Votes: 609
Popularity: 0.40
First Submitted: 2008-09-10 14:23 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2024-06-11 20:39 (UTC)

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heftig commented on 2022-07-27 22:26 (UTC)

Instead of building this yourself, please use the repository from

Not only do you skip the very time-consuming builds, but the published package also has debug symbols at Mozilla's crash reports service, which helps tremendously with finding or filing bugs for any crashes you get.

I consider this the canonical firefox-nightly package for Arch Linux.

SigLevel = Optional
Server =$arch

Alternatively, download Firefox Nightly straight from Mozilla, extract it to a writable place (e.g. ~/.local/firefox-nightly) and let it update itself using the integrated updater.

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DuKol commented on 2024-06-04 09:13 (UTC)

Trying to build nightly, but I receive on many places error: "STL code can only be used with -fno-exceptions". Is there any way out? Or should I just wait :-)

Moreover, how can I limit number of cores used for build? makepkg does not provide any option by itself. Should export MAKEFLAGS="-j 4" work? nice -19 makepkg works fine, but anyway... Just asking.

heftig commented on 2024-05-01 04:26 (UTC)

@maltejur Should be fixed; see the latest commit.

maltejur commented on 2024-04-29 16:29 (UTC)

The window icon is missing for me on KDE Wayland (only noticeable when "Customize Toolbar > Titlebar" is enabled). From quick research this seems to be because of a mismatch between the window class (firefoxnightly) and the name of the desktop file (firefox-nightly.desktop). Setting MOZ_APP_REMOTINGNAME, and thus the name of the window class, to firefox-nightly in the mozconfig fixes the issue for me. Is there any reason MOZ_APP_REMOTINGNAME is currently set to firefoxnightly?

DuKol commented on 2024-01-31 14:06 (UTC)

@xiota Thanks, it worked!

xiota commented on 2024-01-30 12:01 (UTC)

@DuKol Try setting LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE=true.

DuKol commented on 2024-01-29 12:27 (UTC) (edited on 2024-01-31 14:10 (UTC) by DuKol)

Hello, I've tried to build today the image, but it ended with errors I cannot resolve:

started SP3 server on port 8000
DRI3 not available
failed to load driver: zink
console.error: (new Error("Unexpected content-type \"text/plain;charset=US-ASCII\"", "resource://services-settings/Utils.sys.mjs", 406))
ATTENTION: default value of option mesa_glthread overridden by environment.
console.error: (new Error("Unexpected content-type \"text/plain;charset=US-ASCII\"", "resource://services-settings/Utils.sys.mjs", 406))
console.error: (new Error("Unexpected content-type \"text/plain;charset=US-ASCII\"", "resource://services-settings/Utils.sys.mjs", 406))
console.error: (new Error("Unexpected content-type \"text/plain;charset=US-ASCII\"", "resource://services-settings/Utils.sys.mjs", 406))
console.error: (new Error("Unexpected content-type \"text/plain;charset=US-ASCII\"", "resource://services-settings/Utils.sys.mjs", 406))
console.error: (new Error("Unexpected content-type \"text/plain;charset=US-ASCII\"", "resource://services-settings/Utils.sys.mjs", 406))
MESA: error: CreateSwapchainKHR failed with VK_ERROR_OUT_OF_DEVICE_MEMORY
MESA: error: zink: could not create swapchain
Exiting due to channel error.
Exiting due to channel error.
Firefox exited with code 1 during profile initialization
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().

Built via:
LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE=true ; nice makepkg

just1602 commented on 2023-08-08 03:24 (UTC)

Every time I try to install this package, with paru or by running makepkg I always get this error :

AssertionError: (b'data/config/external/icu/data', {b'-s/icudt70l.dat': None, b'-s/icudt64l.dat': None, b'-s/icudt69l.dat': None, b'-s/icudt66l.dat': None, b'-s/icudt60l.dat': None, b'-s/icudt63l.dat': None, b'-s/icudt59l.dat': None, b'-s/icudt72l.dat': None, b'-s/icudt56l.dat': None, b'-s/icudt71l.dat': None, b'-s/icudt65l.dat': None, b'-s/icudt67l.dat': None, b'-s/icudt58l.dat': None, b'-s/icudt73l.dat': None, b'-s/icudt62l.dat': None, b'-s/icudt68l.dat': None, b'-s/icudt61l.dat': None})
==> ERROR: Failure while downloading mozilla-central hg repo

I've also try to simply clone the repo manually, and I got the same error.

I was wondering if other people have enconter the same error and if not, I may have to oen an issue with mercurial, I guess.

heftig commented on 2023-08-07 09:24 (UTC)

Yes, it's built for Arch and now needs glibc 2.38.

hablouh commented on 2023-08-07 09:06 (UTC) (edited on 2023-08-07 09:10 (UTC) by hablouh)

Hey hello! And thanks for your great work so far!

Today I'm getting this error on Manjaro, is this something on my side ?

/usr/lib/firefox-nightly/firefox: /usr/lib/ version `GLIBC_2.38' not found (required by /usr/lib/firefox-nightly/firefox)

(glibc is 2.37 on my Manjaro system)