Package Details: jitsi-meet-desktop-bin 2022.4.1-1

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Package Base: jitsi-meet-desktop-bin
Description: Jitsi Meet desktop application powered by Electron
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Licenses: Apache
Conflicts: jitsi-meet-desktop, jitsi-meet-electron
Provides: jitsi-meet-desktop
Replaces: jitsi-meet-electron
Submitter: mr.eshua
Maintainer: mr.eshua (C0rn3j)
Last Packager: C0rn3j
Votes: 37
Popularity: 1.33
First Submitted: 2020-04-07 19:59 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2022-05-17 10:22 (UTC)

Latest Comments

RalphCorderoy commented on 2022-02-26 15:12 (UTC)

This package conflicts with jitsi-meet-electron. I think it's only /usr/share/icons/hicolor/512x512/apps/jitsi-meet.png which is in both. I don't know if that file should have a -desktop suffix in this package. jitsi-meet-desktop.desktop is what makes me think that.

C0rn3j commented on 2021-11-13 18:54 (UTC)

Thanks @jg42003948, I've fixed the swiftshader perms with this update.

jg42003948 commented on 2021-11-03 23:48 (UTC)

Hello all. Im newbie.

I tried running this AUR package but nothing happens. Only this appears but GUI is not appearing.

(jitsi-meet.bin:4793): Gtk-WARNING **: 17:45:23.561: Theme parsing error: gtk-contained-dark.css:2871:228: Missing closing bracket for :not() 17:45:23.814 › APPIMAGE env is not defined, current application is not an AppImage libva error: vaGetDriverNameByIndex() failed with unknown libva error, driver_name = (null)

I think it's because of permissions of swiftshader directory files. Only root user can read it but normal user can't. Doing chmod 755 fixes it

Maybe add this to package build.

find ${srcdir}/squashfs-root/swiftshader -type d -exec chmod 755 {} +

Thank you to the maintainers and the other staff here for all your contributions!

C0rn3j commented on 2021-09-22 07:08 (UTC)

@zeroconf You can 'Flag a package out-of-date' instead of posting a comment, though I already get notified through RSS anyway.

zeroconf commented on 2021-09-21 23:03 (UTC)

v2.9.0 is out -

kamazeuci commented on 2021-05-25 21:27 (UTC) (edited on 2021-06-06 17:04 (UTC) by kamazeuci)

For me it doesn't work on Endeavour OS. running it in command line gives no info whatsoever. Just a new commandline prompt. If I run with sudo it opens, and gives this messages: APPIMAGE env is not defined, current application is not an AppImage GPU at BusId 0x8 doesn't have a supported video decoder And I get no option for output audio device. Just "default" but that won't work.

daenney commented on 2021-04-12 11:10 (UTC)

If you add MimeType=x-scheme-handler/jitsi-meet to the desktop entry and then issue xdg-mime default jitsi-meet-desktop.desktop x-scheme-handler/jitsi-meet you can now xdg-open jitsi-meet://<domain.tld>/<Conference> URLs directly.

cedricroijakkers commented on 2021-04-01 18:31 (UTC)

Thanks for fixing, I can confirm all works well now!

C0rn3j commented on 2021-04-01 17:40 (UTC)

Looks like Jitsi was needlessly shipping two identical 130MB binaries, and one of them was now changed to be a script, but the script didn't work with our packaging.

-2 fixes this and Jitsi now takes 130MB less storage.

C0rn3j commented on 2021-04-01 17:26 (UTC)

The one time I don't launch the app before pushing the commit... will check what's wrong

cedricroijakkers commented on 2021-04-01 16:59 (UTC)

Seems like something has gone wrong in the last build:

[cedric@PF17W7YM ~]$ jitsi-meet-desktop /usr/bin/jitsi-meet-desktop: line 2: /usr/bin/jitsi-meet.bin: No such file or directory

daenney commented on 2021-03-29 10:16 (UTC)

The icon's been fixed now: Should be back with the next release.

williamloures commented on 2021-03-06 04:02 (UTC)

@sparklyballs Yes, same problem here. Also on GNOME 3.38.4 (Wayland).

ubmarco commented on 2021-03-04 11:52 (UTC)

@sparklyballs: I also get a generic question mark icon on Manjaro Xfce with the latest version.

C0rn3j commented on 2021-03-03 11:23 (UTC)

Works fine on KDE for me.

sparklyballs commented on 2021-03-03 11:21 (UTC)

Is there an issue with the icon for the latest version ?

jitsi-meet-desktop-bin 2.5.1-1 dated 2021-02-23 14:43

The icon for the application in menus etc, is defaulting to a generic one.

Using gnome DE 3.38.4 on arch install, for reference.

C0rn3j commented on 2021-01-21 08:02 (UTC)

@ubmarco this is probably better suited for the issue tracker

ubmarco commented on 2021-01-21 06:53 (UTC)

I have an issue with 2.4.2-1. The screen share preview does not work, neither for application windows nor for the whole screen. It just shows a broken image. When I enter the same session on Chromium it works. Any clues?

TheFrenchGhosty commented on 2020-11-13 16:27 (UTC)

@SamWhited This package download an AppImage, it doesn't depend on anything other than fuse (that every AppImage uses)

SamWhited commented on 2020-04-10 13:12 (UTC) (edited on 2020-04-10 13:13 (UTC) by SamWhited)

This package should likely have a depends line that includes at least gtk3, libxss, nss, and opera-ffmpeg-codecs (the last one seems to have, but maybe there's somewhere better to get that which I couldn't find?)

aurtux commented on 2020-04-08 18:14 (UTC)

We could use version 2.0.0 as pkgver now, cause it is released officially. see

C0rn3j commented on 2020-04-07 22:46 (UTC)

You don't need to provide a LICENSE file as Apache is already provided by the licenses package - See

As a note, current version is 2.0.0-beta3, which despite being marked beta is being pushed automatically to everyone who is using the original AppImage file.

It might be a good idea to switch to bump the PKGBUILD up to that since it seems to carry security fixes -