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Description: Open source re-implementation of Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 (requires full copy of the game)
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janisozaur commented on 2017-06-26 09:17

We have finished splitting up the logic from the UI and now offer libopenrct2 that doesn't require SDL2. The UI layer on top of it is still tied into the library very much, but it is a step forward.

Also, we have openrct2-cli target, disabled by default, that can only launch in headless mode, but shouldn't require SDL2 either. It can be used for hosting multiplayer games on truly headless servers without having to install SDL2, which pulls in Mesa, which pulls in…

For a while now we've had few tests in our codebase, I've seen other packages enable and run tests when building. I'll leave enabling them for your consideration. Just pass `-DWITH_TESTS=on` to cmake, then after you're done with `make all`, do `make test`. Do note it will download gtest.

grahamedgecombe commented on 2016-12-20 21:14

@janisozaur thanks, I've added libzip as a dependency.

There's a bug in the title sequence installation code, btw (it doesn't obey DESTDIR). I've submitted a PR:

janisozaur commented on 2016-12-18 23:35 depends on libzip and there are upcoming change to how we install title sequences: and

janisozaur commented on 2016-10-28 10:35 makes cmake install .desktop and icons

grahamedgecombe commented on 2016-10-16 08:19

Nice :)

Updated the package

janisozaur commented on 2016-10-15 21:16

As of 8f8677a we have reached full implementation, all of the drawing code is there and 64 bit builds are good to go for a daily driver. drops forced `-m32` and makes use of default, I have also updated our docker images accordingly.

Upcoming release is shaping up nicely.

EDIT: PR in question is now merged.

grahamedgecombe commented on 2016-10-02 11:57

thanks, added it to makedepends

janisozaur commented on 2016-10-02 09:38

lib32-sdl2_ttf was promoted from AUR to multilib repo and lost `SDL2_ttf.h` header, which is only available through `sdl2_ttf` now (x86-64 one), effectively making the latter a hard dependency.

janisozaur commented on 2016-09-23 07:18

Ever since we merged it is possible to build a properly native version of OpenRCT2, that is one which does not load segments from vanilla. It will only work on little-endian hardware, though, and will be missing any code not yet implemented, which is only rendering at this point, check for status.

To build a standalone version, just enable "DISABLE_RCT2" CMake option, there is also "FORCE64" which will add "-m64" to the compiler, instead of currently-default "-m32".

I don't recommend enabling it by default just yet, only pointing out our progress.

typh00nz commented on 2016-08-20 06:34

fresh problem: [breaks pc upgrade]
:: openrct2-git: installation lib32-libcurl-compat (7.50.1-1) depends on 'lib32-curl'

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