Package Details: plover-git 4.0.0.dev12-1

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Package Base: plover-git
Description: Free and open source real-time stenography engine.
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Licenses: GPL2
Conflicts: plover
Provides: plover
Submitter: bpierre
Maintainer: SammyPoot
Last Packager: bpierre
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First Submitted: 2016-05-01 21:41 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2022-08-16 16:18 (UTC)

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bpierre commented on 2021-04-16 23:05 (UTC) (edited on 2021-04-16 23:51 (UTC) by bpierre)

Starting with 4.0.0.dev8+434.g60779ea-1, the main entry point has been changed to isolate plugins install, similarly to how they are handled when using the official AppImage.

The plugins manager is available as a separate package:

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aglaser commented on 2023-09-24 21:03 (UTC) (edited on 2023-09-24 21:04 (UTC) by aglaser)

I'm running into an issue installing this package during check():

This resolved itself after I removed cached build files (yay -Sc) and reinstalled

aglaser commented on 2023-09-24 20:58 (UTC)

I'm running into an issue installing this package during check():

Successfully built plover-4.0.0.dev12+18.ge6516275-py3-none-any.whl
==> Starting check()...
ImportError while loading conftest '/home/austin/.cache/yay/plover-git/src/plover-git/test/'.
test/ in <module>
    from plover import system
plover/system/ in <module>
    from plover.steno import Stroke
plover/ in <module>
    from plover_stroke import BaseStroke
E   ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'plover_stroke'
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in check().
 -> error making: plover-git-exit status 4
 -> Failed to install the following packages. Manual intervention is required:
plover-git - exit status 4

python-plover_stroke does seem to be getting installed; however, I can reproduce the failure in a python repl:

Python 3.11.5 (main, Sep  2 2023, 14:16:33) [GCC 13.2.1 20230801] on linux
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
>>> import plover_stroke
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'plover_stroke'

Has anyone else encountered this error?

eclairevoyant commented on 2023-02-06 06:19 (UTC)

This is not how you write a pkgver() function for a VCS package, it needs to uniquely refer to the latest commit on the main branch (not just a general version). I suggest checking the wiki page on this topic.

Also renaming the source from plover to plover-git seems unnecessary here.

gustaphe commented on 2022-06-15 12:28 (UTC) (edited on 2022-06-15 12:34 (UTC) by gustaphe)

Trying to upgrade fromplover-4.0.0.dev11+21.g486a032f-1 to *.g486a032-1, it errors during the check() phase,

>       assert config_file.read_text(encoding='utf-8').strip() == dedent_strip(resulting_contents)
E       assert '[System: Eng..."main.json"}]' == '[System: Eng..."main.json"}]'
E         Skipping 61 identical leading characters in diff, use -v to show
E         -  "path": "user.json"}, {"enabled": true, "path": "commands.json"}, {"enabled": true, "path": "main.json"}]
E         +  "path": "~/.dotfiles/plover_user_dict.json"}, {"enabled": true, "path": "commands.json"}, {"enabled": true, "path": "main.json"}]
E         ?           +++++++++++++++++++    +++++

test/ AssertionError
============================== warnings summary ===============================
  /usr/lib/python3.10/site-packages/packaging/ DeprecationWarning: Creating a LegacyVersion has been deprecated and will be removed in the next major release

-- Docs:
=========================== short test summary info ===========================
FAILED test/[legacy_dictionaries_1] - assert '[Sy...
FAILED test/[legacy_dictionaries_2] - assert '[Sy...
================== 2 failed, 1165 passed, 1 warning in 3.58s ==================
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in check().

(I just copied the part that was highlighted red +1 line before, there seems to be a bunch of things which work normally before this)

Edit: I changed from a softlink to naming the full path of my user dictionary in the config file, and the error disappeared. My bad.

biscuits commented on 2022-02-08 01:44 (UTC)

@bpierre I think this now depends on python-mock

bpierre commented on 2021-10-29 13:15 (UTC)

@liljaylj: thanks, done.

liljaylj commented on 2021-10-29 13:10 (UTC)

@bpierre please add python-wheel to make dependencies

bpierre commented on 2021-10-27 10:13 (UTC)

@biscuits: yep, I know, will make an update right away.

biscuits commented on 2021-10-27 10:12 (UTC)

during check: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'rtf_tokenize'

Fixed with pip install rtf-tokenize (it's not on the AUR currently)

Tinker_bear commented on 2021-10-22 15:52 (UTC)

It required installing python-plover_stroke from AUR, but other than that it worked, thanks!