Package Details: telegram-purple-git 1.4.7.r2.g5a98a34-1

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Package Base: telegram-purple-git
Description: Adds support for Telegram to Pidgin, Adium, Finch and other Libpurple based messengers.
Upstream URL:
Keywords: finch pidgin protocol purple telegram
Licenses: GPL
Conflicts: telegram-purple
Provides: telegram-purple
Submitter: franciscod
Maintainer: Atomisirsi
Last Packager: Atomisirsi
Votes: 46
Popularity: 0.000000
First Submitted: 2014-10-27 18:59 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2022-03-31 07:38 (UTC)

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Atomisirsi commented on 2021-01-07 15:56 (UTC)

Development of this plugin is discontinued in favor of Telegram tdlib.

This PKGBUILD remains for usage of the master branch.

Latest Comments

Atomisirsi commented on 2021-01-07 15:56 (UTC)

Development of this plugin is discontinued in favor of Telegram tdlib.

This PKGBUILD remains for usage of the master branch.

Atomisirsi commented on 2019-12-21 23:10 (UTC)

The "update loop" problem can be solved by applying the "VCS package guidelines" to the PKGBUILD:

pkgver() { cd "${srcdir}/${_pkgname}" printf "${_ver}.r%s.%s" "$(git rev-list --count HEAD)" "$(git rev-parse --short HEAD)" }

This transforms version "1.4.3.a5d7e24-1" to "1.4.3.r1540.a5d7e24-1".

ztx commented on 2019-12-17 11:19 (UTC) (edited on 2019-12-17 11:21 (UTC) by ztx)

A year later we still have "update loop" problem. Instead of a103df3-1 it builds a5d7e24-1

ElNick commented on 2019-10-10 10:14 (UTC)

Git branch tag should be changed 1.4.3, because 1.4.2 does not exist any more

AG_Caesar commented on 2019-01-27 16:37 (UTC)

I have the same error as @guraltsev. Could you please fix the numbering?

guraltsev commented on 2018-12-03 00:42 (UTC)

There is something strange with the version number. The package declares a version of but it builds a package with version This causes any aur helper to continuously try to update it.

ChrisLane commented on 2018-06-29 13:02 (UTC)

Could you add 'aarch64' to the architectures or change to 'any', please?

farwayer commented on 2017-06-26 12:33 (UTC)

@vasya try fresh build from scratch

vasya commented on 2017-06-26 12:20 (UTC)

Doesn't build for me right now. It says: > fatal: 'origin/dev-1.4.0' is not a commit and a branch 'makepkg' cannot be created from it > ==> ERROR: Failure while creating working copy of telegram-purple git repo

farwayer commented on 2017-06-26 11:17 (UTC)

Updated to dev branch.

franciscod commented on 2017-05-02 15:43 (UTC)

Just disowned this pkg.

vasya commented on 2017-04-17 21:55 (UTC)

@rodneyrod I think it's called a development version here on AUR: AFAIK, it's also called that by telegram-purple developers themselves.

rodneyrod commented on 2017-04-17 21:52 (UTC)

Latest development is happening in the dev-1.4.0 branch, this pkgbuild should be pointing to that.

jsteel commented on 2016-05-10 07:37 (UTC)

You shouldn't put files in /usr/local/, try ./configure --prefix=/usr

franciscod commented on 2016-04-28 23:35 (UTC)

It shouldn't. Wow! The rationale behind this line of the PKGBUILD is os the package puts the icons in the right place even if you don't have pidgin installed (some user using finch commented on this and the fix used to work perfectly) I don't have much time to fix this right now and I'd appreciate a patch. What does telegram-purple do if you don't have pidgin installed?

Hexcles commented on 2016-04-28 21:34 (UTC)

Got the following error when building the package: /usr/share/pixmaps/pidgin: Permission denied. Why is it trying to touch my root fs during PKGBUILD? Is there any path mistakenly hard coded or configured wrong? The "telegram-purple" package, on the other hand, builds flawlessly.

franciscod commented on 2016-01-31 19:55 (UTC)

Thanks droserasprout! - Added non-git conflict - Now depend on core/libgcrypt instead of openssl - updated pkgver

droserasprout commented on 2016-01-31 14:26 (UTC)

Please add to PKBUILD conflict with non-git version of this package.

commented on 2015-08-14 08:11 (UTC)

@franciscod I've opened an issue related to pidgin. As for now you can provide your own fix here or make an upsteam pull request. It will be great if upstream provides a fix thus making it possible for other users to smoothly install the package.

franciscod commented on 2015-08-13 19:44 (UTC)

Hmm.. the upstream makefile assumes that pidgin directory exists: Should I (1) patch that Makefile so it doesn't install the icons on pidgin and (2) then, on post_install, if the pidgin package is installed copy the icons, else show a warning of they not being available on pidgin unless you reinstall? I wouldn't like to put pidgin as a dependency since it's perfectly usable without it.

commented on 2015-08-13 19:26 (UTC)

@franciscod I'm new to Linux and programming at all, so it's not a question I could answer. But that's what I think: as this is just an add-on, it should be handled by libpurple through generic API, which is protocol developers' responsibility. I also think that all most popular messengers based on libpurple should be mentioned as optional dependencies. Look at related wiki page and watch through another PKGBUILDs to figure out how to do this. Personally I use Telepathy.

franciscod commented on 2015-08-13 18:42 (UTC)

Nice find! What client do you use (if not pidgin)? Pidgin should somehow be an optional dependency and the protocol icons should only be added if pidgin exists? How is stuff like this commonly handled?

commented on 2015-08-12 14:59 (UTC)

Solution: I've installed pidgin and ran this once more - everything builds. But KDE user would want gtk-free system, thus you'd better provide a sudo prompt (?) or push pidgin as dependency.

commented on 2015-08-12 14:50 (UTC)

Failed to create directory /usr/share/pixmaps/pidgin: Permission denied. I think sudo password should be asked for?

franciscod commented on 2015-06-29 22:04 (UTC)

AUR4 import complete, with libwebp as dependency. Thanks The_Loko!

franciscod commented on 2015-06-16 15:14 (UTC)

Thanks The_Loko! I've yet to migrate to aur4 but I'll look at the libwebp dep as soon as I can.

The_Loko commented on 2015-06-16 15:11 (UTC)

I think this need libwebp as dependency now.

franciscod commented on 2015-04-20 16:14 (UTC)

@flu lol! thanks for the hint, check it out now :)

flu commented on 2015-04-15 11:12 (UTC)

Oh my.. Yes "package", exactly.

franciscod commented on 2015-04-15 03:50 (UTC)

Hi flu! Did you mean s/prepare/package/ ? I'll look at it. Thanks!

flu commented on 2015-04-14 21:30 (UTC)

The "prepare" function should be called "build" and a separate "prepare" should include only the proper cd and the make install. Best regards.

franciscod commented on 2015-02-08 21:35 (UTC)

@vinipsmaker: Okay! I'll file a merge request. Thanks for your help!

vinipsmaker commented on 2015-02-08 21:33 (UTC)

@franciscod: Okay, I disowned the package. Feel free to do whatever you want. I think I'll myself use the -git package, now that I understand the master branch policy from telegram-purple repo.

franciscod commented on 2015-02-08 21:28 (UTC)

I think a merge is appropiate. It seems the correct naming is -git, so we should merge telegram-purple into telegram-purple-git, right? Obrigado :)

vinipsmaker commented on 2015-02-08 21:12 (UTC)

@franciscod: What I found of relevant: "Package versions should be the same as the version released by the author. Versions can include letters if need be (eg, nmap's version is 2.54BETA32). Version tags may not include hyphens! Letters, numbers, and periods only." -- "Suffix pkgname with -cvs, -svn, -hg, -darcs, -bzr, -git etc. unless the package fetches a specific release." -- Reading a little more on the page <>, I think I should drop this package and your package should be the only one maintained. What do you think?

vinipsmaker commented on 2015-02-04 04:34 (UTC)

@franciscod: I wasn't aware about the telegram-purple development process. It's a clever trick to use this information to ease the PKGBUILD maintaince. I'll read about ArchLinux packaging practices again. Maybe I'll find something useful.

franciscod commented on 2015-02-04 03:40 (UTC)

Thanks for your explanation! I'm ashamed of my initial hostile reaction, I felt like my work being copied and didn't like it (dammit, ego!). Sorry! At upstream, the development happens on feature branches. The master branch points to the latest stable tagged version (also, your package points to v0.6, and the latest one is v0.6.1) so we'd supporting the exact same version! Maybe the best way of joining forces is merging both packages and sharing the maintain process on github. What do you think?

vinipsmaker commented on 2015-02-04 03:32 (UTC)

@franciscod: I can disown this package if you want to maintain it. Some users want the git/development version of some package (I use inkscape-bzr, for instance), but others want the latest stable released version (normal packages). I didn't find the telegram-purple package, then I "forked" the git package. Simple as that.

franciscod commented on 2015-02-04 03:30 (UTC)

I'd like to understand why did you clone it, care to explain? Thanks!

franciscod commented on 2015-02-04 03:29 (UTC)

Phew, dude... I was being ironical. I've filed a merge request, I don't think the user fragmentation between the two packages (even if this one wasn't a clone of mine) is useful at all.

vinipsmaker commented on 2015-02-04 03:22 (UTC)

@franciscod: Done

franciscod commented on 2015-02-04 03:19 (UTC)

man, at least update the PKGBUILD so it doesn't show my name... # Maintainer: Francisco Demartino <> pkgname=telegram-purple pkgver=0.6 pkgrel=2 pkgdesc="Adds support for Telegram to Pidgin, Adium, Finch and other Libpurple based messengers." arch=('i686' 'x86_64') url="" license=("GPL") makedepends=("git") depends=('glib2' 'openssl' 'libpurple' 'zlib') source=("git+${pkgver}" "0001-Bugfix-always-respect-DESTDIR-in-Makefile.patch") sha512sums=('SKIP' '82c137913b121c615e172d105df1ca76dcbc3834f07cad7337e08fb2b73e164baa565c6e91ab603769aed87efec01c4901c2f1b8a534a19f2f72cd3487cff269') prepare() { cd "${srcdir}/${pkgname}" git submodule update --init --recursive patch -p1 < "${srcdir}/0001-Bugfix-always-respect-DESTDIR-in-Makefile.patch" } package() { cd "${srcdir}/${pkgname}" ./configure make DESTDIR="$pkgdir/" make DESTDIR="$pkgdir/" install }

franciscod commented on 2015-02-04 03:18 (UTC)

dupe of this one?

franciscod commented on 2015-02-04 02:07 (UTC)

Fixed! Thanks The_Loko :D

franciscod commented on 2015-02-04 01:53 (UTC)

Can reproduce. It's due to this change: Fixing!

The_Loko commented on 2015-02-03 13:11 (UTC)

I'm getting this: ... mkdir -p /home/julio/telegram-purple-git/pkg/telegram-purple-git//etc/telegram-purple install bin/ /home/julio/telegram-purple-git/pkg/telegram-purple-git//usr/lib/purple-2/ install: cannot create regular file «/home/julio/telegram-purple-git/pkg/telegram-purple-git//usr/lib/purple-2/»: File or directory not found It seems that it doesn't create the /usr/lib/purple-2/ folder.

vinipsmaker commented on 2015-01-24 04:17 (UTC)

@BluePeril: Thanks for noticing it. I got the base PKGBUILD template from the git version:

BluePeril commented on 2015-01-23 19:09 (UTC)

Could you please change arch=("any") to arch=('i686' 'x86_64'). 'any' should only be used for platform independent packages

franciscod commented on 2015-01-16 17:46 (UTC)

Somebody pointed out that there's a 0.6 release, however this package kept saying it was v0.5. Fixed here:

franciscod commented on 2015-01-15 19:26 (UTC)

It is building and working fine for me... also, it isn't out of date. Maybe we have a missing dep? I'm unflagging in the meantime, feel free to flag again.

franciscod commented on 2015-01-15 19:15 (UTC)

@scan: could you give a little more context, please?

commented on 2015-01-15 19:09 (UTC)

prpl-telegram: Server error -404

commented on 2015-01-15 19:09 (UTC)

prpl-telegram: Server error -404

franciscod commented on 2014-11-25 18:16 (UTC)

whoops, fixed! thanks m0ikz!

m0ikz commented on 2014-11-25 13:19 (UTC)

Please change glib dependency to glib2.

franciscod commented on 2014-11-25 02:37 (UTC)

it should be fine now :)

franciscod commented on 2014-11-25 02:15 (UTC)

thanks onse, i'm checking it out!

onse commented on 2014-11-24 08:54 (UTC)

0.5 has been released. To build it, you will have to build vysheng/tl-parser [1] and then vysheng/tgl [2] first. [1]= [2]=