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Description: Visual Studio Code (vscode): Editor for building and debugging modern web and cloud applications (official binary version)
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Licenses: custom: commercial
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Provides: code, vscode
Submitter: dcelasun
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First Submitted: 2017-12-18 19:14 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2023-12-07 19:40 (UTC)

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dcelasun commented on 2017-11-15 06:20 (UTC) (edited on 2020-02-06 21:33 (UTC) by dcelasun)

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (read before flagging or commenting!)

  • What is the difference between this package and the one in the community repo?

This is the official binary distribution from Microsoft. The one in the community repo is an unofficial build made from source. Beyond the license difference and branding, there are some proprietary features not available in the open source version.

  • There is a new version out, why is the package not updated?

Please check this page before flagging as out-of-date. If there is no new version on that page, it's not yet released. A tag on Github is NOT a release! If you can see the new version on the updates page but the AUR package is still not updated, flag it and give it time. It's usually done within a day or two.

  • I'm using an AUR helper (yay, yaourt etc.) and I can't install it. Why?

Sometimes AUR helpers do weird things. Download the tarball and install it manually with makepkg -si. If that works, report the problem to your AUR helper's upstream, not here.

  • When I install this package xdg-open uses vscode, not my file manager! How do I fix this?

Install shared-mime-info-gnome. Also see this reddit thread.

  • Why is $X a dependency? I don't like it.

Just because $X is not required to open the app, doesn't mean there is nothing that depends on it. Always search the comment history on AUR to see if that dependency has been previously discussed before writing your own comment. Still nothing? Then use namcap to make sure it's really not needed. If namcap doesn't complain, please leave a comment here and I'll investigate.

  • Something is broken with the app, where do I report it?

The problem might be a packaging issue (wrong paths, dependencies, icons), so please write a comment here first. If you don't get a reply, or if someone says it's an upstream issue, you can report it on Github.

  • I have a problem with this package, can I email you?

No, you won't get a reply. Please stop doing this. Leave a comment here instead and be patient.

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Antonio_8A commented on 2023-11-27 15:00 (UTC)

Visual Studio Code está consumiendo muchos recursos alguien sabe qué puedo hacer para solucionar, está actualizado a la última versión de todo. tanto Kernel como paquetes

Krator commented on 2023-11-07 19:15 (UTC)

logxx this doesn't help

logxx это не помогает

99linesofcode commented on 2023-11-07 09:45 (UTC) (edited on 2023-11-07 09:47 (UTC) by 99linesofcode)

Not entirely sure whether this is an issue with the PKGBUILD or vscode itself but the /opt/visual-studio-code/chrome-sandbox is not created using the correct permissions. It should set the setuid bit so that it can be run by root using the sandbox helper as per the output below:

code --verbose

[] The SUID sandbox helper binary was found, but is not configured correctly. Rather than run without sandboxing I'm aborting now. You need to make sure that /opt/visual-studio-code/chrome-sandbox is owned by root and has mode 4755.

As of now, I need to update these permissions with every update.

logxx commented on 2023-11-06 19:02 (UTC)

Krator, you could try to run xdg-mime default org.kde.dolphin.desktop inode/directory as stated in

Krator commented on 2023-11-02 17:55 (UTC) (edited on 2023-11-02 17:55 (UTC) by Krator)

Hello! Unfortunately, there was a problem with VSCode on archlinux again. The essence of the problem: VSCode takes over the opening of directories instead of a file manager. This manifests itself at least in the inactivity of the "browse" button in timeshift (you can make sure that the problem is due to VSCode by running it from the terminal with the timeshift-launcher command) I have already written about this here before and even gave a solution, but after updating the application it stopped working. What used to interfere with the work seems to have been fixed, but the problem has only worsened, since it has not been solved and the repair method does not work. A temporary solution is to change the order of applications in mimeinfo.cache, that is, put the file manager first. Please tell me how to solve this!

Здравствуйте! К сожалению опять появилась проблема с VSCode на archlinux. Суть проблемы: VSCode берет на себя открытие директорий вместо файлового менеджера. Это проявляется как минимум в неработоспособности кнопки "обзор" в timeshift (можно убедиться, что проблема из-за VSCode запустив его из терминала командой timeshift-launcher) Раньше я уже писал об этом здесь и даже давал решение, но после обновления приложения оно перестало работать. То, что раньше мешало работе вроде как исправлено, но проблема только усугубилась, так как не решена и способ починки не работает. Временное решение заключается в изменении порядка приложений в mimeinfo.cache, то есть поставить первым файловый менеджер. Подскажите пожалуйста как это решить!

werz0 commented on 2023-10-30 19:28 (UTC)

This package is regularly crashing on v1.83.1-1 I have tried running by disabling extensions, disabling gpu and few other fixes. But none have helped so far.

kidonng commented on 2023-10-30 06:32 (UTC) (edited on 2023-10-30 17:36 (UTC) by kidonng)

Would the icon (visual-studio-code.png) better be put under /usr/share/icons/hicolor/somewhere instead of just /usr/share/icons? Since everything else there are folders/icon packs.

laurence6 commented on 2023-10-14 21:43 (UTC)

I built this package manually with a non-root user:

$ makepkg -s

But VS code failed to start with the following error message:

You need to make sure that /opt/visual-studio-code/chrome-sandbox is owned by root and has mode 4755

So I tried adding a line to the PKGBUILD file to set the suid correctly, and it now starts fine after installation.

   cp -r "${srcdir}/${_pkg}/"* "${pkgdir}/opt/${_pkgname}"

+  # suid sandbox
+  chmod 4755 "${pkgdir}/opt/${_pkgname}/chrome-sandbox"
   # Launcher
   install -m755 "${srcdir}/${_pkgname}" "${pkgdir}/usr/bin/code"

Krator commented on 2023-10-11 17:40 (UTC) (edited on 2023-10-14 12:00 (UTC) by Krator)

I found an error in this package! The error interferes with the work of some third-party programs. Error description using the example of the timeshift program:

If you run this program from the console using the timeshift-launcher command, then we will be able to observe errors. Clicking on the "browse" button, we will see an error in the console that he is trying to use Visual Studio Code instead of the file manager (dolphin). This error is not in the package from the official repository.

How to fix it:

1) Open the terminal

2) Open the file "mimeapps.list":

nano ~/.config/mimeapps.list

3) Add the following parameter:


It should be in the [Default Applications] section

You also need to remove it from the [Remove Applications] section if it is in it

Нашёл ошибку в данном пакете! Ошибка мешает работе некоторым сторонним программам. Описание ошибки на примере программы timeshift:

Если запустить эту программу из консоли при помощи команды timeshift-launcher, то мы сможем наблюдать ошибки. Нажимая на кнопку "обзор" мы увидим ошибку в консоли о том, что он пытается использовать Visual Studio Code вместо файлового менеджера (dolphin). Этой ошибки нет в пакете из официального репозитория.

Как это исправить:

1) Открываем терминал

2) Открываем файл "mimeapps.list":

nano ~/.config/mimeapps.list

3) Добавляем следующий параметр:


Он должен находиться в разделе [Default Applications]

Также нужно удалить его из раздела [Remove Applications] если он есть в нём

Sherlock-Holo commented on 2023-09-11 03:15 (UTC)

the top menu color has problem in 1.82.0-1 version, I am using the solarized dark theme, at the previous version the top menu color is correct, but at this version the top menu color is white, it is not correct

<img alt="" src="" />