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Description: SteamOS session compositing window manager (NVIDIA patch)
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Licenses: BSD-2-Clause
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First Submitted: 2023-12-12 07:30 (UTC)
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kingartur110 commented on 2024-02-15 01:01 (UTC)

Updating openvr to Extra-Testing repository fixed install errors. Gamescope works with my GPU now.

grahfmusic commented on 2024-02-12 12:38 (UTC)

cheers i'll try again and will report it upstream

detian commented on 2024-02-12 12:36 (UTC)

@grahfmusic PKGBUILD updated. After use the older version of vkroots specified upstream, gamescope built. thanks for digging, but I'm just packager, you may want post it in upstream repo Xd

grahfmusic commented on 2024-02-12 12:05 (UTC)

A bit of digging - hope this helps. The build failure you're encountering with gamescope-nvidia is due to compilation errors in the C++ code, specifically related to template argument deduction in calls to FindInChainMutable and FindInChain. These errors are happening because the template parameters provided do not match the expected types by the template functions. Let's break down the main issues:

Error Analysis
  1. FindInChainMutable Error:
  2. Error Message: The compiler error message indicates that there is no matching function call to FindInChainMutable with the given template arguments. The issue is that the first template argument is expected to be a type, but VK_STRUCTURE_TYPE_PHYSICAL_DEVICE_SWAPCHAIN_MAINTENANCE_1_FEATURES_EXT is provided, which is likely an enum value, not a type.
  3. Potential Solution: The correct usage probably requires passing the type you want to work with directly as the template argument, not the enum that describes the type of the Vulkan structure.

  4. FindInChain Error:

  5. Error Message: Similar to the first error, this one indicates a mismatch in template argument expectation for the FindInChain function. The function expects a type as its template argument, but again, an enum value is provided.
  6. Potential Solution: Ensure that the template argument is a type that represents the Vulkan structure you're interested in, not an enum value describing it.
General Solutions
  • Correct Template Arguments: Review the documentation or source code of the vkroots library (or related Vulkan utility libraries) to understand the expected types for these template functions. You likely need to pass the actual structure type (e.g., VkPhysicalDeviceSwapchainMaintenance1FeaturesEXT) as the template argument instead of the structure type enum (VK_STRUCTURE_TYPE_PHYSICAL_DEVICE_SWAPCHAIN_MAINTENANCE_1_FEATURES_EXT).

  • Update Code or Libraries: If this code was working previously, consider whether any recent updates to the Vulkan SDK, the compiler, or related libraries could have introduced incompatibilities. Reverting to a known good state or updating to match new API expectations might resolve the issue.

  • Consult Documentation: Check the Vulkan SDK and any utility libraries you're using for updates or changes in how these functions are supposed to be used. There might have been API changes that necessitate updates in your code.

  • Seek Support: If you're unable to resolve the issue through documentation, consider seeking support from the relevant project repositories, forums, or community channels. Others may have encountered and solved similar issues.

In summary, the issue is with incorrect template arguments for the FindInChainMutable and FindInChain functions. Adjusting these to match the expected types should help resolve the compilation errors.

grahfmusic commented on 2024-02-12 11:51 (UTC)

Didn't work unfortunately, same error output.

detian commented on 2024-02-12 01:22 (UTC)

@grahfmusic try update and rebuild vkroots-git?

grahfmusic commented on 2024-02-12 00:29 (UTC)

Unable to build.


detian commented on 2024-01-28 10:35 (UTC)

@w568w uninstall system openvr, gamescope v3.14.0 adopt to openvr 2.0 but arch repo hasn't update yet.

w568w commented on 2024-01-28 02:01 (UTC)

Unable to compile src/vr_session.cpp in 3.14.0-1.

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