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Description: TUI-based Invidious client
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lmartinez-mirror commented on 2022-04-09 04:22 (UTC)

Let me clarify.

What you want is for yt-dlp to provide youtube-dl in the PKGBUILD. This fulfills option 3. Assuming yt-dlp does this, the following occurs:

Case 1: User has youtube-dl or yt-dlp installed -- no prompt.

Case 2: User has neither installed. pacman will prompt you to install one or the other, since this package depends on youtube-dl the downloader, not the youtube-dl package itself.

If yt-dlp package maintainers refuse to implement this for whatever reason, only then will I switch both to optdepends. But yt-dlp providing the youtube-dl dependency is your best bet for a "just works" solution.

m040601 commented on 2022-04-08 22:42 (UTC) (edited on 2022-04-08 23:07 (UTC) by m040601)


Thanks for you answer. Fair enought. Since you're the owner of this PKGBUILD I must accept your choices. But allow me to insist, it is a choice, not a necessity.

... because a youtube-dl is required...
... but it needs to provide youtube-dl first....

This is not true. It does not need "to provide youtube-dl first". What is required is a "downloader. Either "youtube-dl" or "yt-dlp". Period. Both should be not mandatory. Period

Did you actually read the developer answer, ?

....I will add yt-dlp as a switchback in the upcoming release so that the command-line option or the config file entry will not be necessary.

Neither, flag, neither config file, neither "extra" yt-dl-drop-in thingy. Nothing. If you have yt-dlp already installed on your system, invidtui, just, simply works. Period.

Here is a summary of all the options, as I see it:

1. Option (the one you choose)

You choose to have this PKGBUILD with "youtube-dl" as a mandatory dependency then :

  • users with youtube-dl already installed dont need anything more
  • users with yt-dlp already installed, will be surprised with the prompt to install youtube-dl. If all of them know about yt-dlp-drop-in (which I doubt) they will stop the invidtui installation. They will then first install that crap piece of bloat (yt-dlp-drop-in) just to fake "youtube-dl". They will then continue to finaly install invidtui. Who will be cheated with the "fake youtube-dl".
2. Option. You choose to have neither youtube-dl nor yt-dlp as a mandatory dependency

The problem is solved for everyone. Nobody is forced to install nothing he doesnt want. Users should be aware that they, aftwewards, need to manually install either youtube-dl or yt-dlp.

3. Option. This is the one I would like to see but I lack the necessary PKGBUILD skills.

The PKGBUILD probes if you have either youtube-dl or yt-dlp already installed.

Case 1: You have youtube-dl already on the system. Done. Case 2: You have yt-dlp already on the system. Done. It doesnt force you to install nothing additionally. Case 3: You have neither youtube-dl or yt-dlp. The PKGBUILD prompts to choose one, and only one of those two.

Sorry if this comment sounds to picky. It's not my intention. It's just that I abhorr having to install extra stuff that I dont need on my system (yt-dl-drop-in). Especially if it's from the AUR and not an Arch official extra package.

lmartinez-mirror commented on 2022-04-08 13:47 (UTC) (edited on 2022-04-08 13:49 (UTC) by lmartinez-mirror)

Correct, because a youtube-dl is required, just not the youtube-dl package itself. yt-dlp would fit the bill too, but it needs to provide youtube-dl first.

I will not mark it optional because one or the other are required runtime dependencies. I chose to require youtube-dl because of yt-dlp-drop-in covering for yt-dlp in the meantime.

Again, as I posted here, I would suggest filing a feature request to the yt-dlp package maintainers to provide youtube-dl, since yt-dlp can substitute youtube-dl.

m040601 commented on 2022-04-07 01:48 (UTC) (edited on 2022-04-07 01:58 (UTC) by m040601)

This PKGBUILD has a mandatory dependency on "youtube-dl".

With this, you are forcing Arch users to install "youtube-dl" This is not necessary. And I do not want "youtube-dl" nor "yt-dlp-drop-xxx" on my system, as "yt-dlp" is the current well maintained fork and official well maintained arch official package.

The developer has explained that this is not mandatory. Invidtui works perfectly with yt-dlp only.

So this should be optionall not mandatory.

It is there on the README,

    mpv-mpris (optional, for MPRIS support)

And clarified here,

Hard coded dependency on "youtube-dl" and the alternative "yt-dlp" · Issue #4 · darkhz/invidtui