Package Details: linux-libre 5.18.14-1

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Package Base: linux-libre
Description: The Linux-libre kernel and modules
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Licenses: GPL2
Submitter: onny
Maintainer: dbermond
Last Packager: dbermond
Votes: 30
Popularity: 1.40
First Submitted: 2017-09-30 13:13 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2022-07-28 20:13 (UTC)

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dbermond commented on 2022-04-24 14:23 (UTC)

@Lutrim It's not the case that I "do not want to distribute the binary version". It's simply because this package is not for using pre-compiled binaries, but for building from source. It's the package objective, simple like that. A package with pre-compiled binaries would need to be a separated one, with a different name, a different PKGBUILD, and so on. Regarding to the semantic terms that you used, please remember that the AUR do not distribute pre-compiled binaries (even on '-bin' packages), but it only provides build scripts (recipe files) for the user to create an Arch Linux package by his own for using with pacman, so the term "distribute the binary" does not apply to the AUR as a whole.

Lutrim commented on 2022-04-24 13:13 (UTC)

@dbermond, I heard you, however it is a pity that you do not want to distribute the binary version.

dbermond commented on 2022-04-24 12:58 (UTC)

@Lutrim This package is for building from source. If you want pre-compiled binaries you need to look for another package. As the kernel is a critical and configure-specific software, it would be better to use a build specific for Arch Linux, which upstream does not provide.

Lutrim commented on 2022-04-24 05:47 (UTC)

@dbermond, These are packages that do not require assembly, as they are already completely ready for installation. For example, the librewolf packages and its binary version librewolf-bin.

dbermond commented on 2022-04-24 04:57 (UTC)

@Lutrim what do you mean by "binary version"?

Lutrim commented on 2022-04-24 02:31 (UTC)

How about the binary version?

mulin commented on 2021-09-27 20:10 (UTC)

Package is broken.

This AUR Package want to download

But linux-libre-5.13.8-gnu.tar.xz didnt exist:

dbermond commented on 2021-09-05 12:57 (UTC)

@lunainvictum Indeed. The 5.13 sources disappeared from upstream. Fixed by using 5.13.8 sources.

lunainvictum commented on 2021-09-05 05:31 (UTC)

Package is broken.

This AUR Package want to download

But linux-libre-5.13-gnu.tar.xz didnt exist:

dbermond commented on 2021-05-30 01:36 (UTC)

@ron2138 This PKGBUILD is in sync with Parabola GNU/Linux, except for a few changes. Applying your suggested changes would increase maintenance burden/complexity for me, so let's keep it like in Parabola for the time being.

ron2138 commented on 2021-05-29 20:52 (UTC)

PKGBUILD has arrays for source_i686, source_armv7h, sha512sums_i686 and sha512sums_armv7h. Wouldn't it be better organized to move config.i686, config.armv7h, and their checksums, out of the source, and sha512sums, arrays?

dbermond commented on 2021-02-18 21:03 (UTC)

@mjachkie You need to manage the needed pgp keys[1][2][3][4][5].






mjachkie commented on 2021-02-18 07:32 (UTC)

==> Making package: linux-libre 5.9.12-1 (Thu Feb 18 16:26:14 2021)
==> Checking runtime dependencies...
==> Checking buildtime dependencies...
==> Retrieving sources...
==> Validating source files with sha512sums...
    linux-libre-5.9-gnu.tar.xz ... Passed
    linux-libre-5.9-gnu.tar.xz.sign ... Skipped
    patch-5.9-gnu-5.9.12-gnu.xz ... Passed
    patch-5.9-gnu-5.9.12-gnu.xz.sign ... Skipped
    logo_linux_clut224.ppm ... Passed
    logo_linux_clut224.ppm.sig ... Skipped
    logo_linux_vga16.ppm ... Passed
    logo_linux_vga16.ppm.sig ... Skipped
    logo_linux_mono.pbm ... Passed
    logo_linux_mono.pbm.sig ... Skipped
    config.i686 ... Passed
    config.x86_64 ... Passed
    config.armv7h ... Passed
    linux-armv7h.preset ... Passed
    kernel.its ... Passed
    kernel.keyblock ... Passed
    kernel_data_key.vbprivk ... Passed
    0001-usb-serial-gadget-no-TTY-hangup-on-USB-disconnect-WI.patch ... Passed
    0002-fix-Atmel-maXTouch-touchscreen-support.patch ... Passed
    0001-ZEN-Add-sysctl-and-CONFIG-to-disallow-unprivileged-C.patch ... Passed
    0002-Bluetooth-Fix-LL-PRivacy-BLE-device-fails-to-connect.patch ... Passed
    0003-Bluetooth-Fix-attempting-to-set-RPA-timeout-when-uns.patch ... Passed
    0004-HID-quirks-Add-Apple-Magic-Trackpad-2-to-hid_have_sp.patch ... Passed
    sphinx-workaround.patch ... Passed
==> Verifying source file signatures with gpg...
    linux-libre-5.9-gnu.tar.xz ... FAILED (unknown public key BCB7CF877E7D47A7)
    patch-5.9-gnu-5.9.12-gnu.xz ... FAILED (unknown public key BCB7CF877E7D47A7)
    logo_linux_clut224.ppm ... FAILED (unknown public key 227CA7C556B2BA78)
    logo_linux_vga16.ppm ... FAILED (unknown public key 227CA7C556B2BA78)
    logo_linux_mono.pbm ... FAILED (unknown public key 227CA7C556B2BA78)
==> ERROR: One or more PGP signatures could not be verified!

dbermond commented on 2018-09-29 01:15 (UTC)

@swiftgeek This config option is disabled in Parabola. But I'll be adding this here since it is enabled in the linux-libre suggested config and also in freed-ora.

swiftgeek commented on 2018-09-24 00:21 (UTC) (edited on 2018-09-24 00:25 (UTC) by swiftgeek)

Missing CONFIG_MICROCODE_INTEL removes ability to easily tell version of microcode one is running eg. in dmesg:

[ 0.371549] microcode: sig=0x10676, pf=0x80, revision=0x60f

Relevant line in collect_cpu_info() from /arch/x86/kernel/cpu/microcode/intel.c

lesto commented on 2018-07-05 18:09 (UTC)

@all submit request to request to make this package orphan. @Megver83, you still want to adopt it?

abouvier commented on 2018-05-02 04:45 (UTC)

Yes please! :p

Megver83 commented on 2018-05-01 21:14 (UTC)

Could I adopt it? I maintain the kernels at Parabola, so I'd like to maintain this one as well.

xanc commented on 2017-10-23 09:13 (UTC)

I get an error: ==> Creant el paquet "linux-libre"... -> Generant el fitxer .PKGINFO... -> Generant el fitxer .BUILDINFO... -> Afegint el fitxer install... -> Generant el fitxer .MTREE... -> Comprimint el paquet... ==> Iniciant package_linux-libre-headers()... install: ha fallat stat() sobre 'Documentation/DocBook/Makefile': El fitxer o directori no existeix ==> ERROR: S'ha produït un error a package_linux-libre-headers(). Cancel·lant...

onny commented on 2017-10-10 15:02 (UTC)

Don't know, the original maintainer (emulatorman) tried to move the packages into community but he wasn't granted :(

ninov commented on 2017-10-05 22:02 (UTC)

Ah, finally linux-libre is back to the AUR. Why was it removed?