Package Details: rstudio-desktop 2023.12.1.402-1

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Package Base: rstudio-desktop
Description: A powerful and productive integrated development environment (IDE) for R programming language
Upstream URL:
Licenses: AGPL3
Submitter: None
Maintainer: trap000d (xiota)
Last Packager: trap000d
Votes: 71
Popularity: 0.37
First Submitted: 2011-03-04 15:02 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2024-01-30 19:34 (UTC)

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trap000d commented on 2022-07-05 20:32 (UTC) (edited on 2022-10-03 06:28 (UTC) by trap000d)


When boost is updated to a new version and you see an error message about missing libboost*.so, you will need to rebuild and reinstall the rstudio-desktop package.

trap000d commented on 2022-02-19 06:20 (UTC) (edited on 2022-02-19 06:21 (UTC) by trap000d)

Build logic is slightly changed due to changes in upstream. As they've introduced new project format (quarto), it contradicted with standard Arch package base. In brief, quarto contains pandoc as part of itself, so it's pretty hard to keep together system pandoc and embedded quarto.

So I've "resolved" it such way: if there is "quarto*" package installed, then rstudio-desktop will pick it up and use. Otherwise (not installed), quarto support in rstudio will be disabled.

'quarto' is added as optional dependency.

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xiota commented on 2023-12-21 01:56 (UTC) (edited on 2023-12-21 02:18 (UTC) by xiota)

@leonardof Try building in clean chroot. Successfully built this a couple days ago.

leonardof commented on 2023-12-21 01:27 (UTC)

Looks like icu 74 is not compatible with building rstudio-desktop?

==> Iniciando package()...
make: Entrando no diretório '/home/leonardof/aur/rstudio-desktop/src/build'


[100%] Built target rsession
[100%] Building GWT sources
Buildfile: /home/leonardof/aur/rstudio-desktop/src/rstudio-2023.12.0-369/src/gwt/build.xml


     [echo] yarn location: yarn
     [echo] panmirror location: ./lib/quarto/apps/panmirror
     [echo] panmirror minify: true
     [exec] node: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

/home/leonardof/aur/rstudio-desktop/src/rstudio-2023.12.0-369/src/gwt/build.xml:189: The following error occurred while executing this line:
/home/leonardof/aur/rstudio-desktop/src/rstudio-2023.12.0-369/src/gwt/build.xml:142: exec returned: 127

Total time: 2 seconds
make[2]: *** [src/gwt/CMakeFiles/gwt_build.dir/build.make:2692: src/gwt/timestamp] Error 1
make[1]: *** [CMakeFiles/Makefile2:412: src/gwt/CMakeFiles/gwt_build.dir/all] Error 2
make: *** [Makefile:156: all] Error 2
make: Saindo do diretório '/home/leonardof/aur/rstudio-desktop/src/build'

==> ERRO: Uma falha ocorreu em package().

trap000d commented on 2023-11-14 20:52 (UTC)

Hi @BAlmeidaS,

Sorry, no idea. I don't use copilot and have no intention to. You might try to install rstudio-desktop-bin from AUR to check if this tool works there.

As they mention, currently it's a "public preview"

...and I guess is not ready to use yet - you might refer to issues here (I see several are very similar to what you have):

BAlmeidaS commented on 2023-11-14 20:27 (UTC)

For some reason, the copilot is not working in this version, maybe it is because of nodeJS on the build?

leonardof commented on 2023-10-20 14:29 (UTC)

Hello @trap000d, thanks for your help, sorry for not answering earlier.

seems like the problem was between the chair and the keyboard.

I still keep my Zotero library inside my Firefox profile, which apparently hinders RStudio fom finding it. I had to set the Zotero Data Directory, in:

Tools -> Global or Project Options -> R Markdown -> Citations -> Zotero lLibrary: Local -> Zotero Data Directory (-> Choose between Local library and a group one)

In case anyone else has this issue, they can find their Zotero Data Directory by opening Zotero and checking:

Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Files and Folders -> Data directory location -> see the directory under "Personalized", minus the "locate" part

Mine was ~/.mozilla/firefox/[8 alphanumeric code].default/zotero/

trap000d commented on 2023-10-08 20:17 (UTC) (edited on 2023-10-09 20:23 (UTC) by trap000d)


No idea. Probably I'll have some time to test this stuff tomorrow. Could you share some example of document which causes the problem?

[Just speculating] It might be somewhere either on Quarto, Rstudio or Zotero side. There were several Zotero related issues reported to RStudio upstream, e.g.:,

Generally, Quarto support in RStudio is still buggy, whereas Quarto itself is quite far from 'production ready'.

UPD: I've tested it on Arch machine. All works well

rstudio-desktop: 2023.09.0.463-2

quarto-cli-pre-release: 1.4.392-1

zotero: 6.0.27-1

I have created a new Quarto project in RStudio. When I press @ in visual editor, I can see cite hints, autocompletion works too

I recall, several months ago there was a bug in RStudio resulted to freezes and crashes when highlights appear. As override they suggested to disable them completely with configuration flag.

options( = FALSE)

I'm just wondering if you have it defined in your ~/.Rprofile ?

leonardof commented on 2023-10-08 19:27 (UTC)

When I'm adding a reference with the visual editor to a Quarto document, Zotero is lot listed as one of the available sources. Making sure the Zotero app is running doesn't make a difference. Any thoughts on why this might be happening?

I tried the rstudio-desktop-bin package and it has the same problem. Haven't tried on other Linux system, but it works on Windows (at work).

trap000d commented on 2023-10-06 02:40 (UTC)

Numero, soci is not included in official repo. You'll have to build it from AUR, then you can add the package to chroot as e.g:

export CHROOT=~/src/arch/chroot
makechrootpkg -c -r $CHROOT -I soci-4.0.3-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.zst

Numero commented on 2023-10-06 02:34 (UTC) (edited on 2023-10-06 02:35 (UTC) by Numero)

Alas re comment by xiota on 2023-09-30 14:30 (EDT), building from clean chroot cases this:

[jeff@scarlet rstudio-desktop]$ extra-x86_64-build [sudo] password for jeff: ==> Creating chroot for [extra] (x86_64)... ==> Creating install root at /var/lib/archbuild/extra-x86_64/root ==> Installing packages to /var/lib/archbuild/extra-x86_64/root :: Synchronizing package databases... core downloading... extra downloading... resolving dependencies... looking for conflicting packages...

Package (116) New Version Net Change Download Size

core/acl 2.3.1-3 0.31 MiB
core/archlinux-keyring 20230918-1 1.62 MiB
core/attr 2.5.1-3 0.20 MiB
core/audit 3.1.2-1 1.01 MiB
core/autoconf 2.71-4 2.20 MiB
core/automake 1.16.5-2 1.57 MiB
core/bash 5.1.016-4 8.32 MiB
core/binutils 2.41-3 40.87 MiB
core/bison 3.8.2-6 2.54 MiB
core/brotli 1.1.0-1 0.97 MiB
core/bzip2 1.0.8-5 0.14 MiB
core/ca-certificates 20220905-1 0.00 MiB
core/ca-certificates-mozilla 3.94-1 1.02 MiB
core/ca-certificates-utils 20220905-1 0.01 MiB
core/coreutils 9.4-1 16.01 MiB
core/curl 8.3.0-1 1.94 MiB
core/db 6.2.32-1 7.16 MiB
core/db5.3 5.3.28-4 6.52 MiB
core/debugedit 5.0-5 0.10 MiB 0.04 MiB core/diffutils 3.10-1 1.48 MiB
core/e2fsprogs 1.47.0-1 4.99 MiB
core/expat 2.5.0-1 0.39 MiB
core/fakeroot 1.32.1-1 0.13 MiB
core/file 5.45-1 8.33 MiB
core/filesystem 2023.09.18-1 0.02 MiB
core/findutils 4.9.0-3 1.32 MiB
core/flex 2.6.4-5 0.93 MiB
core/gawk 5.2.2-1 3.19 MiB
core/gc 8.2.4-1 0.75 MiB
core/gcc 13.2.1-3 184.16 MiB
core/gcc-libs 13.2.1-3 143.93 MiB
core/gdbm 1.23-2 0.76 MiB
core/gettext 0.22.2-1 7.26 MiB
core/glib2 2.78.0-2 24.19 MiB
core/glibc 2.38-7 47.33 MiB
core/gmp 6.3.0-1 1.01 MiB
core/gnupg 2.2.41-2 8.59 MiB
core/gnutls 3.8.1-2 5.56 MiB
core/gpgme 1.22.0-1 1.47 MiB
core/grep 3.11-1 0.87 MiB
core/groff 1.23.0-5 9.69 MiB
core/guile 3.0.9-1 52.98 MiB
core/gzip 1.13-2 0.15 MiB
core/iana-etc 20230907-1 3.97 MiB
core/icu 73.2-2 41.48 MiB
core/jansson 2.14-2 0.18 MiB
core/json-c 0.17-1 0.18 MiB
core/keyutils 1.6.3-2 0.19 MiB
core/krb5 1.20.1-1 4.31 MiB
core/libarchive 3.7.2-1 1.16 MiB
core/libassuan 2.5.6-1 0.22 MiB
core/libcap 2.69-1 1.84 MiB
core/libcap-ng 0.8.3-2 0.12 MiB
core/libelf 0.189-3 2.90 MiB
core/libevent 2.1.12-4 1.12 MiB
core/libffi 3.4.4-1 0.09 MiB
core/libgcrypt 1.10.2-1 1.49 MiB
core/libgpg-error 1.47-1 1.01 MiB
core/libidn2 2.3.4-3 0.45 MiB
core/libisl 0.26-1 5.71 MiB
core/libksba 1.6.4-1 0.31 MiB
core/libldap 2.6.6-1 0.66 MiB
core/libmpc 1.3.1-1 0.17 MiB
core/libnghttp2 1.56.0-1 0.36 MiB
core/libp11-kit 0.25.0-2 3.17 MiB
core/libpsl 0.21.2-1 0.19 MiB
core/libsasl 2.1.28-4 0.50 MiB
core/libseccomp 2.5.4-2 0.24 MiB
core/libsecret 0.21.1-1 1.15 MiB
core/libssh2 1.11.0-1 0.45 MiB
extra/libsysprof-capture 3.48.0-4 0.23 MiB
core/libtasn1 4.19.0-1 0.46 MiB
core/libtirpc 1.3.3-2 0.42 MiB
core/libtool 2.4.7+4+g1ec8fa28-6 2.22 MiB
core/libunistring 1.1-2 2.50 MiB
core/libusb 1.0.26-2 0.21 MiB
extra/libutempter 1.2.1-3 0.03 MiB
core/libverto 0.3.2-4 0.07 MiB
core/libxcrypt 4.4.36-1 0.18 MiB
core/libxml2 2.11.5-1 3.56 MiB
core/linux-api-headers 6.4-1 5.34 MiB
core/lz4 1:1.9.4-1 0.39 MiB
core/m4 1.4.19-3 0.47 MiB
core/make 4.4.1-2 1.67 MiB
core/mpfr 4.2.1-1 0.99 MiB
core/ncurses 6.4_20230520-1 3.97 MiB
core/nettle 3.9.1-1 1.04 MiB
core/npth 1.6-4 0.07 MiB
core/openssl 3.1.3-1 10.70 MiB
core/p11-kit 0.25.0-2 0.91 MiB
core/pacman 6.0.2-8 4.72 MiB
core/pacman-mirrorlist 20231001-1 0.05 MiB
core/pam 1.5.3-3 3.23 MiB
core/pambase 20230918-1 0.00 MiB
core/patch 2.7.6-10 0.18 MiB
core/pcre2 10.42-2 6.18 MiB
core/perl 5.38.0-1 75.91 MiB
core/pinentry 1.2.1-3 0.51 MiB
core/pkgconf 1.8.1-1 0.16 MiB
core/readline 8.2.001-2 0.74 MiB
core/sed 4.9-3 0.70 MiB
core/shadow 4.14.0-4 3.82 MiB
core/sqlite 3.43.1-1 7.86 MiB
core/sudo 1.9.14.p3-1 7.41 MiB
core/systemd-libs 254.5-1 2.69 MiB
core/tar 1.35-1 2.78 MiB
core/texinfo 7.0.3-1 9.43 MiB
core/tpm2-tss 4.0.1-1 3.61 MiB
core/tzdata 2023c-2 2.06 MiB
core/util-linux 2.39.2-1 13.57 MiB
core/util-linux-libs 2.39.2-1 1.22 MiB
core/which 2.21-6 0.03 MiB
core/xz 5.4.4-1 2.34 MiB
core/zlib 1:1.3-1 0.33 MiB
core/zstd 1.5.5-1 1.43 MiB
core/base-devel 1-1 0.00 MiB 0.00 MiB

Total Download Size: 0.04 MiB Total Installed Size: 862.04 MiB

:: Proceed with installation? [Y/n] :: Retrieving packages... debugedit-5.0-5-x86_64 downloading... base-devel-1-1-any downloading... checking keyring... checking package integrity... loading package files... checking for file conflicts... :: Processing package changes... installing linux-api-headers... installing tzdata... Optional dependencies for tzdata bash: for tzselect [pending] glibc: for zdump, zic [pending] installing iana-etc... installing filesystem... installing glibc... Optional dependencies for glibc gd: for memusagestat perl: for mtrace [pending] installing gcc-libs... installing ncurses... Optional dependencies for ncurses bash: for ncursesw6-config [pending] installing readline... installing bash... Optional dependencies for bash bash-completion: for tab completion installing acl... installing bzip2... installing expat... installing lz4... installing openssl... Optional dependencies for openssl ca-certificates [pending] perl [pending] installing xz... installing zlib... installing zstd... installing libarchive... installing attr... installing gmp... installing util-linux-libs... Optional dependencies for util-linux-libs python: python bindings to libmount installing e2fsprogs... Optional dependencies for e2fsprogs lvm2: for e2scrub util-linux: for e2scrub [pending] smtp-forwarder: for e2scrub_fail script installing gdbm... installing libsasl... installing libldap... installing keyutils... installing libevent... Optional dependencies for libevent python: installing libverto... installing krb5... installing libtirpc... installing pambase... installing libcap-ng... installing audit... Optional dependencies for audit libldap: for audispd-zos-remote [installed] sh: for augenrules [installed] installing libxcrypt... installing pam... installing libcap... installing coreutils... installing findutils... installing libffi... installing libtasn1... installing libp11-kit... installing libgpg-error... installing libgcrypt... installing systemd-libs... installing p11-kit... installing ca-certificates-utils... installing ca-certificates-mozilla... installing ca-certificates... installing brotli... installing libunistring... installing libidn2... installing libnghttp2... installing libpsl... installing libssh2... installing curl... installing nettle... installing gnutls... Optional dependencies for gnutls tpm2-tss: support for TPM2 wrapped keys [pending] installing libksba... installing libassuan... installing libusb... installing npth... installing libsysprof-capture... installing pcre2... installing glib2... Optional dependencies for glib2 gvfs: most gio functionality libelf: gresource inspection tool [pending] python: gdbus-codegen, glib-genmarshal, glib-mkenums, gtester-report installing json-c... installing tpm2-tss... installing libsecret... Optional dependencies for libsecret org.freedesktop.secrets: secret storage backend installing pinentry... Optional dependencies for pinentry gtk2: gtk2 backend qt5-x11extras: qt backend kwayland5: qt backend gcr: gnome3 backend installing sqlite... installing gnupg... Optional dependencies for gnupg pcsclite: for using scdaemon not with the gnupg internal card driver installing gpgme... installing pacman-mirrorlist... installing icu... installing libxml2... Optional dependencies for libxml2 python: Python bindings installing gettext... Optional dependencies for gettext git: for autopoint infrastructure updates installing mpfr... installing gawk... installing grep... installing pacman... Optional dependencies for pacman perl-locale-gettext: translation support in makepkg-template installing archlinux-keyring... ==> Appending keys from archlinux.gpg... ==> Updating trust database... gpg: next trustdb check due at 2023-10-27 installing m4... installing diffutils... installing db5.3... installing db... installing perl... installing autoconf... installing automake... installing jansson... installing libelf... installing binutils... Optional dependencies for binutils debuginfod: for debuginfod server/client functionality installing bison... installing debugedit... installing sed... installing shadow... installing libutempter... installing libseccomp... installing file... installing util-linux... Optional dependencies for util-linux words: default dictionary for look installing fakeroot... installing flex... installing libmpc... installing libisl... installing gcc... Optional dependencies for gcc lib32-gcc-libs: for generating code for 32-bit ABI installing groff... Optional dependencies for groff netpbm: for use together with man -H command interaction in browsers psutils: for use together with man -H command interaction in browsers libxaw: for gxditview perl-file-homedir: for use with glilypond installing gzip... Optional dependencies for gzip less: zless support util-linux: zmore support [installed] diffutils: zdiff/zcmp support [installed] installing tar... installing libtool... installing gc... installing guile... installing make... installing patch... Optional dependencies for patch ed: for patch -e functionality installing pkgconf... installing sudo... installing texinfo... Optional dependencies for texinfo perl-archive-zip: EPUB file output via texi2any installing which... installing base-devel... :: Running post-transaction hooks... (1/3) Rebuilding certificate stores... (2/3) Warn about old perl modules (3/3) Updating the info directory file... Initializing machine ID from random generator. Generating locales... en_US.UTF-8... done de_DE.UTF-8... done Generation complete. ==> Building in chroot for [extra] (x86_64)... ==> Synchronizing chroot copy [/var/lib/archbuild/extra-x86_64/root] -> [jeff]...done ==> Making package: rstudio-desktop 2023.09.0.463-2 (Thu Oct 5 22:27:42 2023) ==> Retrieving sources... -> Found rstudio-2023.09.0.463.tar.gz -> Found -> Found node-v16.14.0-linux-x64.tar.gz -> Found qt.conf -> Found pandoc_version.patch ==> Validating source files with sha256sums... rstudio-2023.09.0.463.tar.gz ... Passed ... Passed node-v16.14.0-linux-x64.tar.gz ... Passed qt.conf ... Passed pandoc_version.patch ... Passed ==> Making package: rstudio-desktop 2023.09.0.463-2 (Thu Oct 5 22:27:49 2023) ==> Checking runtime dependencies... ==> Installing missing dependencies... error: target not found: soci ==> ERROR: 'pacman' failed to install missing dependencies. ==> Missing dependencies: -> r>=3.3.0 -> boost-libs -> qt5-sensors -> qt5-svg -> qt5-webengine -> qt5-xmlpatterns -> postgresql-libs -> soci -> clang -> hunspell-en_US -> mathjax2 -> pandoc -> yaml-cpp ==> Checking buildtime dependencies... ==> Installing missing dependencies... resolving dependencies... looking for conflicting packages...

Package (47) New Version Net Change

extra/avahi 1:0.8+r127+g55d783d-1 1.89 MiB extra/boost-libs 1.83.0-2 8.25 MiB extra/c-ares 1.19.1-1 0.48 MiB extra/cppdap 1.58.0-1 1.62 MiB core/dbus 1.14.10-1 0.89 MiB extra/giflib 5.2.1-2 0.30 MiB extra/hicolor-icon-theme 0.17-3 0.05 MiB extra/java-environment-common 3-5 0.00 MiB extra/java-runtime-common 3-5 0.01 MiB extra/jre8-openjdk 8.382.u05-1 0.40 MiB extra/jre8-openjdk-headless 8.382.u05-1 99.37 MiB extra/jsoncpp 1.9.5-2 0.73 MiB extra/libdaemon 0.14-5 0.06 MiB extra/libice 1.1.1-2 0.36 MiB core/libnsl 2.0.0-3 0.07 MiB extra/libsm 1.2.4-1 0.26 MiB extra/libuv 1.46.0-1 0.58 MiB extra/libx11 1.8.7-1 9.79 MiB extra/libxau 1.0.11-2 0.02 MiB extra/libxcb 1.16-1 3.86 MiB extra/libxdmcp 1.1.4-2 0.13 MiB extra/libxext 1.3.5-1 0.30 MiB extra/libxmu 1.1.4-1 0.33 MiB extra/libxt 1.3.0-1 2.04 MiB extra/nodejs 20.8.0-1 58.79 MiB core/nspr 4.35-1 0.71 MiB core/nss 3.94-1 4.98 MiB extra/perl-error 0.17029-5 0.04 MiB extra/perl-mailtools 2.21-7 0.10 MiB extra/perl-timedate 2.33-5 0.08 MiB extra/rhash 1.4.3-1 0.32 MiB extra/xcb-proto 1.16.0-1 1.04 MiB extra/xdg-utils 1.1.3+45+g301a1a4-1 0.28 MiB extra/xorg-xprop 1.2.6-1 0.05 MiB extra/xorg-xset 1.2.5-1 0.04 MiB extra/xorgproto 2023.2-1 1.43 MiB extra/ant 1.10.14-1 3.16 MiB extra/boost 1.83.0-2 178.93 MiB extra/cmake 3.27.6-1 71.14 MiB extra/desktop-file-utils 0.26-2 0.20 MiB extra/git 2.42.0-1 26.31 MiB extra/jdk8-openjdk 8.382.u05-1 38.58 MiB extra/libcups 1:2.4.7-2 0.82 MiB extra/patchelf 0.18.0-1 0.24 MiB extra/unzip 6.0-19 0.30 MiB extra/wget 1.21.4-1 3.18 MiB extra/yarn 1.22.19-1 5.08 MiB

Total Installed Size: 527.56 MiB

:: Proceed with installation? [Y/n] checking keyring... checking package integrity... loading package files... checking for file conflicts... :: Processing package changes... installing perl-error... installing perl-timedate... installing perl-mailtools... installing git... Optional dependencies for git tk: gitk and git gui openssh: ssh transport and crypto perl-libwww: git svn perl-term-readkey: git svn and interactive.singlekey setting perl-io-socket-ssl: git send-email TLS support perl-authen-sasl: git send-email TLS support perl-mediawiki-api: git mediawiki support perl-datetime-format-iso8601: git mediawiki support perl-lwp-protocol-https: git mediawiki https support perl-cgi: gitweb (web interface) support python: git svn & git p4 subversion: git svn org.freedesktop.secrets: keyring credential helper libsecret: libsecret credential helper [installed] installing hicolor-icon-theme... installing jsoncpp... Optional dependencies for jsoncpp jsoncpp-doc: documentation installing libnsl... installing libuv... installing rhash... installing cppdap... installing cmake... Optional dependencies for cmake make: for unix Makefile generator [installed] ninja: for ninja generator qt6-base: cmake-gui installing boost-libs... Optional dependencies for boost-libs openmpi: for mpi support installing boost... Optional dependencies for boost python: for python bindings installing desktop-file-utils... installing java-environment-common... installing java-runtime-common... For the complete set of Java binaries to be available in your PATH, you need to re-login or source /etc/profile.d/ Please note that this package does not support forcing JAVA_HOME as former package java-common did installing nspr... installing nss... installing jre8-openjdk-headless... Optional dependencies for jre8-openjdk-headless java-rhino: for some JavaScript support installing xcb-proto... installing xorgproto... installing libxdmcp... installing libxau... installing libxcb... installing libx11... installing libxext... installing libice... installing libsm... installing libxt... installing libxmu... installing xorg-xset... installing xorg-xprop... installing xdg-utils... Optional dependencies for xdg-utils kde-cli-tools: for KDE Plasma5 support in xdg-open exo: for Xfce support in xdg-open pcmanfm: for LXDE support in xdg-open perl-file-mimeinfo: for generic support in xdg-open perl-net-dbus: Perl extension to dbus used in xdg-screensaver perl-x11-protocol: Perl X11 protocol used in xdg-screensaver installing giflib... installing jre8-openjdk... when you use a non-reparenting window manager, set _JAVA_AWT_WM_NONREPARENTING=1 in /etc/profile.d/ Optional dependencies for jre8-openjdk icedtea-web: web browser plugin + Java Web Start alsa-lib: for basic sound support gtk2: for the Gtk+ look and feel - desktop usage java8-openjfx: for JavaFX GUI components support installing jdk8-openjdk... installing ant... Optional dependencies for ant junit: junit tasks java-hamcrest: junit tasks installing unzip... installing dbus... installing libdaemon... installing avahi... Optional dependencies for avahi gtk3: avahi-discover, avahi-discover-standalone, bshell, bssh, bvnc libevent: libevent bindings [installed] nss-mdns: NSS support for mDNS python-dbus: avahi-bookmarks, avahi-discover python-gobject: avahi-bookmarks, avahi-discover python-twisted: avahi-bookmarks qt5-base: qt5 bindings installing libcups... installing patchelf... installing wget... Optional dependencies for wget ca-certificates: HTTPS downloads [installed] installing c-ares... installing nodejs... Optional dependencies for nodejs npm: nodejs package manager installing yarn... :: Running post-transaction hooks... (1/4) Reloading system bus configuration... call to execv failed (No such file or directory) error: command failed to execute correctly (2/4) Warn about old perl modules (3/4) Updating the info directory file... (4/4) Updating the desktop file MIME type cache... ==> ERROR: Could not resolve all dependencies. ==> ERROR: Build failed, check /var/lib/archbuild/extra-x86_64/jeff/build

Despite what it says at the end, /var/lib/archbuild/extra-x86_64/jeff/build/ is emtpy.

Numero commented on 2023-10-06 01:54 (UTC)

Am having the same problem as jeyes from 2023-09-30 12:05 (EDT).