Package Details: rstudio-server-git v1.2.5033.r3971.g73fb0f3884-1

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Package Base: rstudio-server-git
Description: A new integrated development environment (IDE) for R programming language
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Licenses: AGPL3
Conflicts: rstudio-server
Submitter: None
Maintainer: hwkiller
Last Packager: hwkiller
Votes: 9
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First Submitted: 2012-08-02 13:07
Last Updated: 2020-04-02 16:53

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mjandrews commented on 2020-07-14 09:34

The issue has been resolved.

The makepkg build and then pacman -U install of this package is working again (as of commit 3fc00223 on, Mon Jul 13 18:12:14 2020 -0700).

mjandrews commented on 2020-07-13 10:15

With respect to the problem I outlined below, I submitted a bug issue to

A Git bisect shows that the problem arose on Friday, July 10, 2020:

c864a1871dc7746c1383c2a8dfbeb670ee4b643f is the first bad commit
commit c864a1871dc7746c1383c2a8dfbeb670ee4b643f
Author: <>
Date:   Fri Jul 10 10:02:01 2020 -0500

    Open source companion commit for

 src/cpp/server/auth/ServerAuthHandler.cpp          | 24 ++++++++++++++++++++++
 .../include/server/auth/ServerAuthHandler.hpp      |  4 ++++
 2 files changed, 28 insertions(+)

As we can see that commit affected ServerAuthHandler.cpp, which is the file listed in the error message.

hwkiller commented on 2020-07-11 22:28

Sounds like a recent change broke their namespaces?

I'm unsure. But you should file a bug report with them; it's possible that I can patch it myself, but it's very time consuming and benefits only us.

In the mean time, I recommend tweaking the PKGBUILD to pull from a specific commit, perhaps from 1-2 weeks ago.

mjandrews commented on 2020-07-11 21:59

Although I have been able to compile this successfully in the past, including earlier this year, I have been unable to compile it now.

It fails at

[ 98%] Building CXX object src/cpp/server/CMakeFiles/rserver.dir/auth/ServerAuthHandler.cpp.o

The error message I get is in this GitHub gist. I have made a Arch Linux based Dockerfile where I experience the identical build error as on my regular Arch Linux installation. Hopefully, that will help clarify where and the why the problem is arising.

hwkiller commented on 2020-04-02 16:54

Patches have been upstreamed. It should compile now.

hwkiller commented on 2020-04-01 04:57

I have fixed this (for now) using two patches.

soci.patch: Changes the cmake configuration to find system soci libraries. rstudio_boost: They forgot to use boost::; they instead used rstudio_boost::.

Added soci to depends. NOTE: soci is only on the AUR. 1) You need to have boost installed BEFORE installing soci. 2) You may need to modify the soci PKGBUILD to have:

cmake \
        -DSOCI_TESTS=OFF \
        -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX="/usr" \
        -DBoost_NO_BOOST_CMAKE=ON \

Note the -DBoost_NO_BOOST_CMAKE=ON; it would not compile for me without that.

hwkiller commented on 2019-10-08 04:15

It is a slightly annoying issue, but it's uncertain how to handle it when using git. Any given git commit does not have a specified major, minor, or patch version.

xia0er commented on 2019-10-08 04:13

@hwkiller, thanks for your information!

On a different issue, after installing the package, the rstudio server version is set to 99.9.9 (in /usr/lib/rstudio-server/VERSION and from Help/About RStudio menu). It seems that environment variables RSTUDIO_VERSION_MAJOR, RSTUDIO_VERSION_MINOR, and RSTUDIO_VERSION_PATCH need to be set before building?

hwkiller commented on 2019-10-08 03:17

@xia0er, You probably won't see a big performance bump. Aside from being on the bleeding edge, compiling from source using native optimizations could speed things up, but I doubt rstudio, per se, is where any bottleneck lies.

xia0er commented on 2019-10-08 00:46

Besides being on the bleeding edge of the code (and possible goodies that are yet available in the released version), is there an advantage of this package (built from source) over rstudio-server-bin (using the deb package shipped by R Studio)? Basically I'd like to know whether rstudio-server would see any performance bump when built from source on an archlinux box? Thanks!