Package Details: rstudio-server-git v1.3.1073.r4250.gbdf0b8b38b-1

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Package Base: rstudio-server-git
Description: A new integrated development environment (IDE) for R programming language
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Licenses: AGPL3
Conflicts: rstudio-server
Submitter: None
Maintainer: hwkiller
Last Packager: hwkiller
Votes: 8
Popularity: 0.000026
First Submitted: 2012-08-02 13:07
Last Updated: 2021-02-05 04:54

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artemklevtsov commented on 2021-02-05 03:55

Please add yaml-cpp to the deps.

hwkiller commented on 2020-07-15 06:18


Excellent; thank you for submitting that.

mjandrews commented on 2020-07-14 09:34

The issue has been resolved.

The makepkg build and then pacman -U install of this package is working again (as of commit 3fc00223 on, Mon Jul 13 18:12:14 2020 -0700).

mjandrews commented on 2020-07-13 10:15

With respect to the problem I outlined below, I submitted a bug issue to

A Git bisect shows that the problem arose on Friday, July 10, 2020:

c864a1871dc7746c1383c2a8dfbeb670ee4b643f is the first bad commit
commit c864a1871dc7746c1383c2a8dfbeb670ee4b643f
Author: <>
Date:   Fri Jul 10 10:02:01 2020 -0500

    Open source companion commit for

 src/cpp/server/auth/ServerAuthHandler.cpp          | 24 ++++++++++++++++++++++
 .../include/server/auth/ServerAuthHandler.hpp      |  4 ++++
 2 files changed, 28 insertions(+)

As we can see that commit affected ServerAuthHandler.cpp, which is the file listed in the error message.

hwkiller commented on 2020-07-11 22:28

Sounds like a recent change broke their namespaces?

I'm unsure. But you should file a bug report with them; it's possible that I can patch it myself, but it's very time consuming and benefits only us.

In the mean time, I recommend tweaking the PKGBUILD to pull from a specific commit, perhaps from 1-2 weeks ago.

mjandrews commented on 2020-07-11 21:59

Although I have been able to compile this successfully in the past, including earlier this year, I have been unable to compile it now.

It fails at

[ 98%] Building CXX object src/cpp/server/CMakeFiles/rserver.dir/auth/ServerAuthHandler.cpp.o

The error message I get is in this GitHub gist. I have made a Arch Linux based Dockerfile where I experience the identical build error as on my regular Arch Linux installation. Hopefully, that will help clarify where and the why the problem is arising.

hwkiller commented on 2020-04-02 16:54

Patches have been upstreamed. It should compile now.

hwkiller commented on 2020-04-01 04:57

I have fixed this (for now) using two patches.

soci.patch: Changes the cmake configuration to find system soci libraries. rstudio_boost: They forgot to use boost::; they instead used rstudio_boost::.

Added soci to depends. NOTE: soci is only on the AUR. 1) You need to have boost installed BEFORE installing soci. 2) You may need to modify the soci PKGBUILD to have:

cmake \
        -DSOCI_TESTS=OFF \
        -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX="/usr" \
        -DBoost_NO_BOOST_CMAKE=ON \

Note the -DBoost_NO_BOOST_CMAKE=ON; it would not compile for me without that.

hwkiller commented on 2019-10-08 04:15

It is a slightly annoying issue, but it's uncertain how to handle it when using git. Any given git commit does not have a specified major, minor, or patch version.

xia0er commented on 2019-10-08 04:13

@hwkiller, thanks for your information!

On a different issue, after installing the package, the rstudio server version is set to 99.9.9 (in /usr/lib/rstudio-server/VERSION and from Help/About RStudio menu). It seems that environment variables RSTUDIO_VERSION_MAJOR, RSTUDIO_VERSION_MINOR, and RSTUDIO_VERSION_PATCH need to be set before building?