Package Details: android-sdk-platform-tools 33.0.1-1

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Package Base: android-sdk-platform-tools
Description: Platform-Tools for Google Android SDK (adb and fastboot)
Upstream URL:
Keywords: android development
Licenses: custom
Conflicts: adb
Provides: adb, android-tools
Submitter: Gordin
Maintainer: dreamingincode
Last Packager: dreamingincode
Votes: 1246
Popularity: 4.05
First Submitted: 2011-01-29 23:08 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2022-03-18 19:53 (UTC)

Latest Comments

shaybox commented on 2022-03-10 08:47 (UTC)

This doesn't seem to work with fish, the profile.d files use {}

yan12125 commented on 2022-02-18 01:50 (UTC)

can we include this patch?

I don't think that's possible for this package, which just extracts and installs binaries provided by Google.

rany commented on 2022-02-17 21:24 (UTC) (edited on 2022-02-17 21:26 (UTC) by rany)

@dreamincode I found the issue in question,

edit; can we include this patch?

rany commented on 2022-02-17 21:15 (UTC)

Never mind, avx2 had nothing to do with this. After disabling AVX2 it ended up failing on __strcmp_sse2_unaligned... It's something unrelated then

rany commented on 2022-02-17 21:11 (UTC)

This is my stack strace:

Stack trace of thread 27528:
#0  0x00007ffa695bf61e __strcmp_avx2 ( + 0x17e61e)
#1  0x000055e1ccb9d5d8 n/a (/home/user/Downloads/platform-tools/adb + 0x1c25d8)
ELF object binary architecture: AMD x86-64

It seems its segfaulting on __strcmp_avx2 but I do actually have avx2 support.

rany commented on 2022-02-17 21:01 (UTC)

@dreamingincode In that case there are missing dependencies most likely, I'm experiencing this on a freshly installed Arch Linux install.

dreamingincode commented on 2022-02-17 20:58 (UTC)

@rany It works fine on my Arch Linux. Meanwhile you can always downgrade your package locally without a rollback on AUR.

rany commented on 2022-02-17 20:44 (UTC)

Can you rollback to 31.0.3? 32.0.0 broke adb (just SEGFAULts).

dreamingincode commented on 2020-08-19 19:21 (UTC)

@andrfgs There is no patch invocation in this PKGBUILD. You might be commmenting under the wrong package.

andrfgs commented on 2020-08-19 17:02 (UTC) (edited on 2020-08-19 17:02 (UTC) by andrfgs)

This is broken for me when prepare step begins:

patching file adb/adb.cpp
Hunk #1 succeeded at 45 (offset 1 line).
Hunk #2 succeeded at 72 (offset 8 lines).
patching file adb/client/usb_libusb.cpp
patching file adb/sysdeps/posix/network.cpp
patching file adb/types.h
Hunk #1 succeeded at 22 with fuzz 1.
can't find file to patch at input line 76
Perhaps you used the wrong -p or --strip option?
The text leading up to this was:
|diff --git a/base/errors_unix.cpp b/base/errors_unix.cpp
|index 296995efe2..48269b6750 100644
|--- a/base/errors_unix.cpp
|+++ b/base/errors_unix.cpp
File to patch:

How do I know which file to manually patch?

dreamingincode commented on 2020-06-09 21:23 (UTC) (edited on 2020-06-09 21:23 (UTC) by dreamingincode)

Chatted on email and determined that the package.xml isn't required for this package, so I'm not adding for now.

Kppqju77 commented on 2020-06-09 11:05 (UTC) (edited on 2020-06-09 17:16 (UTC) by Kppqju77)

@dreamingincode could you also add package.xml so it is reported correctly in sdkmanager (for example mine reports 30.0.1 even if 30.0.2 is installed)?

dreamingincode commented on 2020-06-07 02:31 (UTC)

@dainis AUR comments are only for packaging issues. Please report issues about the software itself to the upstream.

dainis commented on 2020-06-07 00:30 (UTC)

After update my system i have same problem with adb as txtsd (command just sits there doing nothing, and I have to Ctrl+C to break out of it.) and it is not only for this package it's for android-tools too.

dreamingincode commented on 2020-04-21 02:04 (UTC) (edited on 2020-04-21 02:04 (UTC) by dreamingincode)

Re jwa11:

You'll find the answer if you look at the PKGBUILD for android-tools ( ).

This package contains all the binaries from Google-released Android SDK Platform Tools, while that package manually compiles a subset of these binaries from AOSP. That package might be sufficient for non Android developers, but for developers this is more like the standard one to install. (Developers can also install Platform Tools within Android Studio, of course.)

jwa11 commented on 2020-04-20 14:09 (UTC)

What is the use of this package when community already contains a simpler-named and seemingly superior android-tools that adds its adb and fastboot executables to the $PATH? With this package I had to do pacman -Ql android-sdk-platform-tools and then run the files by typing their full paths at my prompt.

Just wondering if this is an oversight?

txtsd commented on 2020-01-04 05:58 (UTC)

Are adb commands working for everyone else? When I do adb devices or adb start-server or adb kill-server, the command just sits there doing nothing, and I have to Ctrl+C to break out of it.

Anonymo commented on 2019-03-14 17:58 (UTC) (edited on 2019-03-14 17:59 (UTC) by Anonymo)



JKAbrams commented on 2018-03-01 00:24 (UTC)

Got a another sha384:

sha384sum 269d9373d55f0f93994401b9d733e98b599d42c680d6d4436a91232024c298bc1e3d717288f94f85c303b2c2c93e8dc5

dreamingincode commented on 2018-01-03 01:07 (UTC) (edited on 2018-01-03 01:07 (UTC) by dreamingincode)

@caevaroy That is SDK Tools (aur/android-sdk) instead of SDK Platform Tools.

caevaroy commented on 2018-01-02 22:44 (UTC)

from looks like there is a newer version 444e22ce8ca0f67353bda4b85175ed3731cae3ffa695ca18119cbacef1c1bea0

dreamingincode commented on 2017-10-10 07:56 (UTC) (edited on 2017-10-10 07:59 (UTC) by dreamingincode)

@tinxy Because sha1sum is used by upstream (Google) (See, and other Android SDK packages on AUR are also using it. Also quoting Arch Wiki ( > The checksum type and values should always be those provided by upstream, such as in release announcements.

tinxy commented on 2017-10-10 07:42 (UTC)

Why did you downgrade to sha1sums?

dreamingincode commented on 2017-10-01 22:24 (UTC)

@zman0900 Sorry, it's a typo. Fixed now.

zman0900 commented on 2017-10-01 22:18 (UTC)

Package step fails: chmod: cannot access '/tmp/makepkg/android-sdk-platform-tools/pkg/android-sdk-platform-tools/etc/profile.d/android-sdk-platform-tools.csh': No such file or directory chmod: cannot access '/tmp/makepkg/android-sdk-platform-tools/pkg/android-sdk-platform-tools/etc/profile.d/': No such file or directory

chrbayer commented on 2017-10-01 07:58 (UTC)

I personally do not use packages for the android stuff anymore, it is much more convenient to use the sdk internal update mechanism, therefor I orphan this package.

rancidfrog commented on 2017-07-16 17:33 (UTC)

I am having issues with fastboot and usb3 hubs. It seems devs over at debian patched the bug: "The problem is that USB3 can add a `superspeed' companion descriptor to each endpoint. This patch skips over such descriptors in adb and fastboot." Could it also be applied here? Thank you

afsn commented on 2017-06-15 19:27 (UTC)

new version is out: r26.0.0

chrbayer commented on 2017-02-07 13:19 (UTC)

@esrevinu: macosx will be replaced by linux with the next update @madwifi: This package uses a profile script in /etc/profile.d to append the actual binary location to the path. I prefer this to linking the executables into /usr/bin

madwifi commented on 2017-02-07 12:06 (UTC)

shouldn't there be symlinks added to /usr/bin for the executable (adb, fastboot,...) with this package?

esrevinu commented on 2016-12-16 03:24 (UTC) (edited on 2016-12-16 03:24 (UTC) by esrevinu)

I think that Archive.HostOs=macosx in causes the SDK manager to fail to detect platform-tools. Archive.HostOs=linux fixes this issue.

chrbayer commented on 2016-10-24 08:26 (UTC)

Sorry, I made a small fix after recalculating the checksum and forgot to do it again... Should be fixed now.

Alad commented on 2016-10-24 08:11 (UTC)

==> Retrieving sources... -> Downloading % Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed 100 3824k 100 3824k 0 0 1241k 0 0:00:03 0:00:03 --:--:-- 1242k -> Found adb.service -> Found license.html -> Found ==> Validating source files with sha256sums... ... Passed adb.service ... Passed license.html ... Passed ... FAILED ==> ERROR: One or more files did not pass the validity check!

ljrk commented on 2016-08-08 12:50 (UTC) (edited on 2016-08-08 12:50 (UTC) by ljrk)

I'm getting a different checksum: $ sha256sum 076368b337d042d163364594dda63b7e778835f636fafb2c8af4d4a604175c32 NVM, redownloaded and works now.

nlowe commented on 2016-08-05 02:05 (UTC) (edited on 2016-08-05 02:13 (UTC) by nlowe)

Checksums are incorrect again. First checksum appears to be ef1672ecc3430bb11511fce57370f28b0db47d37df7f1b3298970880b2e221de

chrbayer commented on 2016-08-04 08:22 (UTC)

Latest version is actually 24.0.1, checked against google repository-11.xml checksum. This is correctly indicated in the SDK manager.

esrevinu commented on 2016-07-30 14:43 (UTC)

The new with a different checksum is actually version 24.0.1. We should change Pkg.Revision to 24.0.1 in

Fandekasp commented on 2016-07-20 09:54 (UTC)

Fixed by replacing the first sha256sum with ef1672ecc3430bb11511fce57370f28b0db47d37df7f1b3298970880b2e221de

Fandekasp commented on 2016-07-20 09:46 (UTC)

Same here ==> Validating source files with sha256sums... ... FAILED adb.service ... Passed license.html ... Passed ==> ERROR: One or more files did not pass the validity check!

SuperIce97 commented on 2016-07-19 01:49 (UTC)

I'm having a sha256sum check failure. Was the download recently updated?

chrbayer commented on 2016-05-21 17:00 (UTC)

Thank you very much for pointing this out, I changed the post_install to simple inform the user to source /etc/profile on its own.

grawity commented on 2016-05-21 16:06 (UTC)

That install scripts run as root isn't the problem – the problem is that environment doesn't magically propagate 'upwards'. You have something like this: bash (user) └─makepkg -i ··└─sudo pacman… ····└─pacman -U android-etc.pkg.tar.xz ······└─sh -c ". /tmp/pacman/android-etc.install && post_install" Changing PATH from post_install only affects that last 'sh' process, not any 'above' processes.

yan12125 commented on 2016-05-21 13:35 (UTC)

Don't add `source` commands to install scripts. Install scripts are run as root and a `source` command in these scripts does not make sense. And I don't think PKGBUILD can change users' environment. What *.install should do is just asking users to relogin or reopen the terminal, just like what android-sdk does. [1] [1]

duttondj commented on 2016-03-17 15:22 (UTC) (edited on 2016-03-17 15:23 (UTC) by duttondj)

The PKGBUILD should run: source /etc/profile.d/ source /etc/profile.d/android-sdk-platform-tools.csh That should allow you to run adb immediately after install. Otherwise, you would just have to open a new terminal.

chrbayer commented on 2016-03-13 11:45 (UTC)

what do you mean with not able to run adb? Can you provide some logging data?

physicalit commented on 2016-03-13 11:21 (UTC)

not being able to run "adb" after install should be considered a real bug for this package.

isfeldt34 commented on 2016-03-12 12:28 (UTC)

works just fine changing the line arch=x86_64 to arch=i686. since this is a 32Bit machine, other than that, all is well! and adb works as well here.

thx1138 commented on 2016-03-07 01:10 (UTC)

> Wouldn't it be useful to reload /etc/profile at the end of the PKGBUILD > or redefining the PATH ? This is a problem with the default "filesystem 2015.09-1" package, where "/etc/profile" sets "/usr/bin" in PATH="/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin" *before* including from "/etc/profile.d/". You can edit /etc/profile, removing "/usr/bin", and then, *after* "# Load profiles..." add export PATH=$PATH:/usr/bin It seems a bit odd though, having the overlap with the community/android-tools package, and installing android-sdk-platform-tools in /opt.

Munto commented on 2016-01-17 02:28 (UTC)

Hi. Thank you for your package. I just installed it but I was a little bit disturbed right after because the command `adb` wasn't available. I had to recheck the PKGBUILD to see what was done exactly. Wouldn't it be useful to reload /etc/profile at the end of the PKGBUILD or redefining the PATH ?

chrys87 commented on 2016-01-01 01:56 (UTC)

heyho :), please add arch=('i686') i test it out it seems to work just fine on my machine. no reason for exclution for now.

geo909 commented on 2015-12-31 00:02 (UTC)

Thanks for pointing that out, good to know. I guess I'll downgrade then.

geo909 commented on 2015-12-30 22:41 (UTC)

vlad: so I assume this is not going to change, right? If so, does that mean that this package is not suitable for 32 bit machines?

HermesT commented on 2015-12-30 19:34 (UTC)

Hi guys. No luck at the forum. Let's see here. Same trouble that geo909. The two versions of adb have very different size: user@host android-sdk-platform-tools]$ ls -l /usr/bin/adb -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 175392 sep 27 13:00 /usr/bin/adb [user@host android-sdk-platform-tools]$ ls -l /opt/android-sdk/platform-tools/adb -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 2152530 sep 18 00:01 /opt/android-sdk/platform-tools/ But I think that this PKGBUILD is good for both 32/64 bit machine, isn't it? I think that it is something else going wrong... Meanwhile, an overwrite of adb from /usr/bin to /opt/android-sdk/platformtools/ did the trick. But it's a very poor workaround.... Anybody more having this problem? Thanks

geo909 commented on 2015-12-22 01:10 (UTC) (edited on 2015-12-22 01:44 (UTC) by geo909)

I'm having trouble getting adb to run. When I install this package and run adb I get: "bash: /opt/android-sdk/platform-tools/adb: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error" If on the other hand I install eg android-tools, adb runs perfectly fine. I am using a 32 bit maching. I think this package provided adb for 64 bit machines. Am I right? Is that expected or am I missing something? Thank you

trusktr commented on 2015-10-21 20:43 (UTC)

Hmmm, lib32-ncurses is indeed listed in the dependencies. Maybe Aura somehow didn't detect that, which is what I'm using to install it.

trusktr commented on 2015-10-21 20:43 (UTC)

Build failed, saying that lib32-ncurses was not found. Does this need to be listed as a dependency (or build dependency)?

commented on 2015-08-25 12:51 (UTC)

the current version from google is r24.3.4 and this package is only r23 - please update

commented on 2015-05-07 02:26 (UTC)

As yan12125 said, please add provides=('android-tools') to the PKGBUILD. Because this package provides the functionality of a package in the repositority, the provides should be added.

wicast commented on 2015-03-12 06:30 (UTC)

Please change the http protocol to the https protocol.

Gordin commented on 2015-02-06 10:40 (UTC)

Again, platform-tools obviously include more tools than android tools. Just do a pacman -Ql or actually read the comments here... (melodys or mine)

yan12125 commented on 2015-02-06 06:50 (UTC)

This package provides adb and fastboot, the same as android-tools.

djmattyg007 commented on 2015-02-04 22:02 (UTC)

What does thisbpackage provide thatbthe package "android-tools" in the official repositories doesn't provide?

yan12125 commented on 2015-01-19 17:09 (UTC)

Could you add android-tools to "provides"? The AUR package fb-adb-git requires android-tools and it's not reasonable to install two versions of adb on a single device.

Gordin commented on 2015-01-05 01:46 (UTC)

The path is automatically added through a script in /etc/profile.d/ The directory structure is kept this way to keep the Android SDK Manager happy (it will show platform tools as installed when this package is installed). I could add symlinks in /usr/bin/ instead of the profile.d script, though that would conflict with the android-tools package which is in [community] and provides only adb and fastboot.

melodie commented on 2015-01-02 03:56 (UTC)

Hi, I am getting this while checking the package with namcap: ********************* ==> V android-sdk-platform-tools E: Insecure RPATH '.' in file ('opt/android-sdk/platform-tools/fastboot') android-sdk-platform-tools E: Missing custom license directory (usr/share/licenses/android-sdk-platform-tools) android-sdk-platform-tools E: ELF file ('opt/android-sdk/platform-tools/adb') outside of a valid path. android-sdk-platform-tools E: ELF file ('opt/android-sdk/platform-tools/dmtracedump') outside of a valid path. android-sdk-platform-tools E: ELF file ('opt/android-sdk/platform-tools/etc1tool') outside of a valid path. android-sdk-platform-tools E: ELF file ('opt/android-sdk/platform-tools/fastboot') outside of a valid path. android-sdk-platform-tools E: ELF file ('opt/android-sdk/platform-tools/hprof-conv') outside of a valid path. android-sdk-platform-tools E: ELF file ('opt/android-sdk/platform-tools/sqlite3') outside of a valid path. android-sdk-platform-tools E: Dependency python detected and not included (programs ['python'] needed in scripts ['opt/android-sdk/platform-tools/systrace/', 'opt/android-sdk/platform-tools/systrace/']) android-sdk-platform-tools W: Dependency included and not needed ('lib32-ncurses') *********************** what do you think? The $PATH will be invalid unless I add it to my export list in ~/.bashrc, right? (Shouldn't it not be installed to usual places already in the $PATH variable?)

eagleeyetom commented on 2014-12-16 02:52 (UTC)

My bad, sorry for the flag.

Gordin commented on 2014-12-14 23:59 (UTC)

@eagleeyetom unflagged. This package provides adb 1.0.32 which is also the newest version. You can check this when you run "android" (Android SDK Manager). It should say "Installed" next to Android SDK Platform-tools instead of "Update available: rev. XXX". If your adb isn't 1.0.32 then it's probably not the one from this package. "which adb" should give you "/opt/android-sdk/platform-tools/adb", if it doesn't you installed another version from somewhere else.

eagleeyetom commented on 2014-12-14 23:28 (UTC)

Flagged as out-of-date. Nexus 4 requires newer version of ADB (1.0.32) to apply the package.

Gordin commented on 2014-11-15 23:59 (UTC)

@anatolik This contains everything that you get with "Android SDK Platform-tools" in the Android SDK Manager. (More tools then adb and fastboot) It also includes a service file to start the adb server on boot.

anatolik commented on 2014-11-12 01:48 (UTC)

Does it contain only adb and fastboot? If so then android-tools from [community] covers it. Please remove the package then.

martyg commented on 2014-11-04 17:02 (UTC)

Getting these errors building on x86_64 host $ makepkg -s ==> Making package: android-sdk-platform-tools r21-1 (Tue Nov 4 08:59:09 PST 2014) ==> Checking runtime dependencies... ==> Installing missing dependencies... error: target not found: lib32-gcc-libs error: target not found: lib32-zlib error: target not found: lib32-ncurses

iskenderoguz commented on 2014-11-02 13:24 (UTC)

there is an update rev.21

Gordin commented on 2014-07-07 11:35 (UTC)

This is still the latest version. The platform tools version number is NOT the same as the SDK version. Also, this package is does not contain the "SDK Tools" mentioned here

afzalarsalan commented on 2014-06-28 04:47 (UTC)

There's filesystem conflicts with this new update, looks like inproper association. error: failed to commit transaction (conflicting files) android-sdk-platform-tools: /opt/android-sdk/platform-tools/dmtracedump exists in filesystem android-sdk-platform-tools: /opt/android-sdk/platform-tools/etc1tool exists in filesystem android-sdk-platform-tools: /opt/android-sdk/platform-tools/hprof-conv exists in filesystem android-sdk-platform-tools: /opt/android-sdk/platform-tools/sqlite3 exists in filesystem

commented on 2014-06-26 20:25 (UTC)

Updated PKGBUILD for r20. Switched to sha1sums because that is what google provides at

egore911 commented on 2014-05-21 11:39 (UTC)

I did this patch to get the latest (19.0.2) version installed. --- PKGBUILD 2013-12-20 19:05:29.000000000 +0100 +++ PKGBUILD 2014-05-21 13:36:26.673827477 +0200 @@ -1,7 +1,7 @@ # Maintainer: Gordin <9ordin @t gmail dot com> pkgname=android-sdk-platform-tools -pkgver=r19.0.1 +pkgver=r19.0.2 pkgrel=1 pkgdesc='Platform-Tools for Google Android SDK (adb and fastboot)' arch=('i686' 'x86_64') @@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ source=("${pkgver}" "adb.service" "license.html") -sha256sums=('9d58c5f3a4b6a17bee7547dbe99fabb189a92e9cd07a3dcb8ac64138cace2b78' +sha256sums=('ebf110dded7c78474eb2e4f1833c8a7759d4d564773a767225b7d2d6204eec4b' '1c219abea7584ae13f3f76b04e269ef21c1699d6bd29b7615523f927a9d10deb' 'a7f3a259290ae6a5dc61bd34ecae36e2b7e2f644865ddc3c7fde5d248b8a7cef')

thestinger commented on 2014-04-30 06:16 (UTC)

Are the platform tools a different project than <>? There's now an android-tools package in [community] with both adb and fastboot. It lacks the systemd service (it could easily be added) and a few miscellaneous files that I've never used.

Det commented on 2014-04-02 20:52 (UTC)

Platform-tools are still at r19.0.1. Is Gordin still alive?

OldNuc commented on 2014-03-30 18:15 (UTC)

Release 22 is here

slwr commented on 2014-03-02 13:51 (UTC)

Can't find newer version anywhere in the internet - why ist it marked out-dated? See for example:

danyf90 commented on 2013-12-20 13:49 (UTC)

Revision 2 is out!

jbeta commented on 2013-12-12 11:22 (UTC)

The '!staticlibs' default is causing some needed static libraries to be incorrectly removed: opt/android-sdk/build-tools/19/renderscript/lib/intermediates/x86/libcompiler_rt.a opt/android-sdk/build-tools/19/renderscript/lib/intermediates/armeabi-v7a/libcompiler_rt.a opt/android-sdk/build-tools/19/renderscript/lib/intermediates/mips/libcompiler_rt.a

giniu commented on 2013-12-06 18:36 (UTC)

>> I think point 3.3 of > >The point is TU laziness. @AlexanderR We were talking about moving this particular package to [community], not one based on source. This one simply cannot be moved. If there will be source based package, with clean PKGBUILD and >10 votes, I'd be happy to move it myself. Have you tried compiling it yourself? I did, but had no luck getting everything to work back when I tried it - but it was little more than year ago, even before split into separate build and platform tools. If you tried and was successful, it would be great if you could upload a working PKGBUILD with source based installation of stable release with features and version matching one from Google. Thanks!

cgirard commented on 2013-12-06 16:47 (UTC)

Interest would be more appropriate. And you are free to apply for TU if you want to bring this package to [community].

AlexanderR commented on 2013-12-06 15:23 (UTC)

> I think point 3.3 of The point is TU laziness. Terms are only for binary builds, there is nothing preventing you from building whole Apache-licensed SDK from source and redistributing such builds.

giniu commented on 2013-11-29 10:57 (UTC)

I think point 3.3 of "Except to the extent required by applicable third party licenses, you may not: [...] redistribute [...] or create derivative works of the SDK or any part of the SDK."

rvalles commented on 2013-11-29 10:32 (UTC)

Is there an official reason for this not to be in Community?

benjiprod commented on 2013-11-07 15:55 (UTC)

Correct ! Before I post my message I read the warning in wiki but I didn't do anything for that.

cgirard commented on 2013-11-07 14:45 (UTC)

You should enable [multilib]

benjiprod commented on 2013-11-07 13:51 (UTC)

I got this message before installing the package. error : target not found : lib32-ncurses error : target not found : lib32-zlib error : target not found : lib32-gcc-libs Can you fix that ?

earlz commented on 2013-09-24 18:56 (UTC)

This has a runtime dependency on boost and boost-libs 1.53. I had to downgrade boost after boost 1.54 was released to Arch

Gordin commented on 2013-09-21 14:20 (UTC)

Please check if this package is really out of date before you flag this. platform tools version is NOT the same as android-sdk version...

Gordin commented on 2013-07-15 12:37 (UTC)

@delusionallogic source the appropriate file from /etc/profile.d/ or reboot

delusional commented on 2013-07-13 00:08 (UTC)

This package doesn't seem to provide any commands that i can fine, neither fastboot nor adb works after installing this package.

codeworkx commented on 2013-06-21 16:50 (UTC)

If this package gets created on a x86_64 machine it can't be installed on a i686 machine because of the lib32 depencies. Resolution: change arch=('any') to arch=('i686' 'x86_64')

Gordin commented on 2013-06-09 17:53 (UTC)

@cyker done.

cyker commented on 2013-06-09 02:33 (UTC)

Please update the package description since build tools like aapt have been moved to android-sdk-build-tools instead. The current description is incorrect and misleading.

CPUnltd commented on 2013-03-27 01:33 (UTC)

-> Downloading % Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed 100 12.0M 100 12.0M 0 0 739k 0 0:00:16 0:00:16 --:--:-- 822k ==> ERROR: adb.service was not found in the build directory and is not a URL.

jeagoss commented on 2013-02-26 09:20 (UTC)

Adding User=root does nothing more than force the service to be run as an actual user rather than a system process. It would probably be more prudent to add an adb user to the system and run the process as that user, and forcing everyone to join the adb group.

zman0900 commented on 2013-02-26 07:19 (UTC)

SDK Manager says version 16.0.2 of platform-tools is available. Adding User=root works for me too to get this version to work. Maybe something is wrong with udev files?

jeagoss commented on 2013-02-25 01:35 (UTC)

Adding 'User=root' to the [Service] section of the adb.service file fixes the issues with android 4.2.2

cgirard commented on 2013-02-20 13:16 (UTC)

OK. It works if you start adb server as root (keys get created in /root/.android). But it does not when starting it as a service.

cgirard commented on 2013-02-20 12:54 (UTC)

adb is not working correctly for me with android 4.2.2 device. My device stays "offline". r16.0.1 should be sufficient (not even sure there is newer version despite the out of date flag). Anyone managed to make this works?

piojo commented on 2013-02-16 20:06 (UTC)

Why is this package flagged out of date? After installing this, the "android" tool says platform-tools is at the latest version. And the PKGBUILD works fine for me (x86_64 with multi-lib enabled).

jeagoss commented on 2013-02-05 16:32 (UTC)

Uncomment the lines pertaining to multilib in your pacman.conf

timofonic commented on 2013-02-05 14:53 (UTC)

Aren't there x86_64 support? I can't install it... # packer -S android-sdk-platform-tools Aur Targets (4): lib32-zlib lib32-ncurses lib32-gcc-libs android-sdk-platform-tools Proceed with installation? [Y/n] gzip: stdin: not in gzip format tar: Child returned status 1 tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now No PKGBUILD found in directory.

eagletmt commented on 2012-12-24 05:46 (UTC)

I think $arch should be (i686 x86_64) because the package dependency depends on the architecture.

felixonmars commented on 2012-12-23 08:43 (UTC)

Latest is r16.0.1

commented on 2012-12-16 20:44 (UTC)

Hi, just a minor suggestion to add '"' around the paths in PKGBUILD in order to deal with paths containing spaces.

tad commented on 2012-11-19 07:35 (UTC)

Getting error messages when installing: tar: This does not look like a tar archive gzip: stdin: unexpected end of file tar: Child returned status 1 tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

trusktr commented on 2012-10-31 07:26 (UTC)

I'm getting ELF messages from namcap: Is this a problem?

giniu commented on 2012-10-17 07:50 (UTC)

systemd is now default for new instalations, if you have time, can you please check if you are able to provide service file for adb? See for details.

Gordin commented on 2012-09-26 02:35 (UTC)

@EnMod I just tried to build the package and everything works. You could try to manually download into the folder where you run makepkg as a workaround if it doesn't work with curl.

commented on 2012-09-26 02:26 (UTC)

Getting a curl error 18, the source zip just isn't downloading. I've looked up the issue and all signs point to the error being server-side, if I understand correctly. Is there a workaround?

saik0 commented on 2012-08-15 04:05 (UTC)

Should add platform-tools to $PATH, see android-sdk package for sample

amatas commented on 2012-07-20 07:38 (UTC)

New revision:

Gordin commented on 2012-06-27 18:09 (UTC)

updated :)

commented on 2012-06-27 17:55 (UTC)

platform-tools r12 are now out :)

Huulivoide commented on 2012-04-09 10:58 (UTC)

Could this be made to provide and conflict with the [1]adb pkg? Adb alone is really helpful to have around. [1]

sjakub commented on 2012-03-22 17:33 (UTC)


sjakub commented on 2012-03-22 04:09 (UTC)

Rev 11 is available

Gordin commented on 2012-01-23 18:58 (UTC)

should be fixed

Gordin commented on 2012-01-23 18:40 (UTC)

really strange, I just reinstalled the package (the same version I had installed) to test it and know it's broken for me too 0.o Gonna look into it...

sjakub commented on 2012-01-23 18:30 (UTC)

$ adb bash: /opt/android-sdk/platform-tools/adb: Permission denied There is +x for 'others' missing for most of the binaries...

Ape commented on 2012-01-05 14:15 (UTC)

@Gordin, thanks. I just fixed my problems. The error was in the eclipse-android package.

Gordin commented on 2012-01-05 14:05 (UTC)

@Ape really sure. try running "android", it will open the Android SDK Manager. There's a Folder called Tools that contains "Android SDK Tools" at rev 16 (which should be supplied by the android-sdk package) and "Android SDK Platform-tools" at rev 10 (which is supplied by this package) "Android developer Toolkit" is the Eclipse Plugin btw, so if any Package is broken, it's "eclipse-android". Although I'm guessing you just broke your Eclipse-Setup by installing some old version of the plugin via the Eclipse Package Manager or manually.

Ape commented on 2012-01-05 13:51 (UTC)

@Gordin, are you sure? I reinstalled android-sdk-r16-1, android-sdk-platform-tools-r10-1, and eclipse-android-16.0.1-1. Now eclipse just tells me: "This Android SDK requires Android developer Toolkit version 14.0.0 or above. Current version is 10.0.0.v201102162101-104271. Please update ADT to the latest version." android-sdk-platform-tools is the only package that is on the version 10.x. It really seems that it's out-of-date.

Gordin commented on 2011-12-21 21:21 (UTC)

@Ape Nope, SDK Tools is not the same as SDK Platform-Tools. (And I don't think the platform-tools are listed on anywhere)

Ape commented on 2011-12-21 09:12 (UTC)

Isn't r16 the latest version?

axil42 commented on 2011-09-23 07:01 (UTC)

Thanks Gordin :)

Gordin commented on 2011-09-23 00:22 (UTC)

@markelos the md5sums are different because makepkg strips the binaries of debugging stuff (basically). If you don't want this, you can add the line options=(!strip) to the PKGBUILD before you build it

Gordin commented on 2011-09-23 00:00 (UTC)


farwayer commented on 2011-09-22 23:36 (UTC)

r07 released. Gordin can you update, please?

axil42 commented on 2011-09-21 09:54 (UTC)

Excuse my ignorance, but I don't understand something. The adb which is installed in /opt/android-sdk/platform-tools has a different md5sum than the one in the downloadable link. Why is that?

zorun commented on 2011-09-18 09:42 (UTC)

Why is everything installed to /opt? It's ugly and requires tweaking the $PATH... (even if it's done automatically by the profile.d script) Is there really no way to put binaries in /usr/bin?

Gordin commented on 2011-08-12 20:52 (UTC)

if you updated from a previous version that's supposed to happen

commented on 2011-08-12 20:32 (UTC)

I get the warning with the numbers reversed: warning: directory permissions differ on opt/android-sdk/ filesystem: 775 package: 755

Det commented on 2011-08-01 21:34 (UTC)

Sha256sums. Someone's not taking any chances.

commented on 2011-08-01 20:13 (UTC)

WOW! That was quick! Everything's fine right now, thank you!

Gordin commented on 2011-08-01 20:08 (UTC)

Should be fixed now. (You might get that warning one more time if you still have the broken package installed)

commented on 2011-08-01 19:55 (UTC)

I get: warning: directory permissions differ on opt/android-sdk/ filesystem: 755 package: 775 and as a result Eclipse does not recognize Android.

commented on 2011-06-18 06:22 (UTC)

chgrp 420 opt/$_sdk/platform-tools? group 420? what's this?

Gordin commented on 2011-06-09 21:46 (UTC)


revel commented on 2011-06-05 13:27 (UTC)

how about bumping pkgver to r05?

Gordin commented on 2011-05-28 11:13 (UTC)

applied the patch

commented on 2011-05-27 14:44 (UTC)

Could you apply the following patch to the adb daemon script? This makes it work with the new /sbin/rc.d init script, since that script sets its own PATH. It also lets you start adb on boot in /etc/rc.conf in the DAEMONS array. --- adb 2011-05-18 09:51:44.000000000 -0400 +++ 2011-05-26 08:12:18.943418443 -0400 @@ -3,7 +3,8 @@ . /etc/rc.conf . /etc/rc.d/functions -DAEMON=adb +DAEMON="adb" +DAEMON_PATH="/opt/android-sdk/platform-tools" ARGS="start-server" [ -r /etc/conf.d/$DAEMON ] && . /etc/conf.d/$DAEMON @@ -11,7 +12,7 @@ ARGS="start-server" case "$1" in start) stat_busy "Starting $DAEMON" - $DAEMON $ARGS &>/dev/null + $DAEMON_PATH/$DAEMON $ARGS &>/dev/null if [ $? = 0 ]; then add_daemon $DAEMON stat_done @@ -22,7 +23,7 @@ case "$1" in ;; stop) stat_busy "Stopping $DAEMON" - $DAEMON "kill-server" &>/dev/null + $DAEMON_PATH/$DAEMON "kill-server" &>/dev/null if [ $? = 0 ]; then rm_daemon $DAEMON stat_done

commented on 2011-05-26 12:15 (UTC)

Could you apply the following patch to the adb daemon script? This makes it work with the new /sbin/rc.d init script, since that script sets its own PATH. --- adb 2011-05-18 09:51:44.000000000 -0400 +++ 2011-05-26 08:12:18.943418443 -0400 @@ -3,7 +3,8 @@ . /etc/rc.conf . /etc/rc.d/functions -DAEMON=adb +DAEMON="adb" +DAEMON_PATH="/opt/android-sdk/platform-tools" ARGS="start-server" [ -r /etc/conf.d/$DAEMON ] && . /etc/conf.d/$DAEMON @@ -11,7 +12,7 @@ ARGS="start-server" case "$1" in start) stat_busy "Starting $DAEMON" - $DAEMON $ARGS &>/dev/null + $DAEMON_PATH/$DAEMON $ARGS &>/dev/null if [ $? = 0 ]; then add_daemon $DAEMON stat_done @@ -22,7 +23,7 @@ case "$1" in ;; stop) stat_busy "Stopping $DAEMON" - $DAEMON "kill-server" &>/dev/null + $DAEMON_PATH/$DAEMON "kill-server" &>/dev/null if [ $? = 0 ]; then rm_daemon $DAEMON stat_done

Gordin commented on 2011-05-24 21:24 (UTC)

What do you mean by default? This package already adds /opt/android-sdk/platform-tools/ to your PATH through scripts in /etc/profile.d/

DeltaKilo commented on 2011-05-24 16:11 (UTC)

Can we add /opt/android-sdk/platform-tools/ to PATH by default. I mean it would be useful.

Gordin commented on 2011-05-17 19:08 (UTC)


tom5760 commented on 2011-05-17 19:04 (UTC)

platform-tools r04 has been released.

Gordin commented on 2011-04-09 17:23 (UTC)

@tanders12 looks like you don't have write-permissions in the folder where you tried to build the package. The PKGBUILD works.

commented on 2011-04-09 04:24 (UTC)

-> Extracting with bsdtar platform-tools_r03-linux/aapt: Write failed platform-tools_r03-linux/aidl: Write failed platform-tools_r03-linux/dexdump: Write failed platform-tools_r03-linux/NOTICE.txt: Write failed platform-tools_r03-linux/lib/: Can't create 'platform-tools_r03-linux/lib' platform-tools_r03-linux/lib/dx.jar: Failed to create dir 'platform-tools_r03-linux/lib'Can't create 'platform-tools_r03-linux/lib/dx.jar' platform-tools_r03-linux/dx: Write failed platform-tools_r03-linux/adb: Write failed platform-tools_r03-linux/ Write failed bsdtar: Error exit delayed from previous errors. ==> ERROR: Failed to extract Aborting...

Harvie commented on 2011-02-15 14:32 (UTC)

thx! :-D

Gordin commented on 2011-02-15 10:15 (UTC)


Gordin commented on 2011-02-14 02:33 (UTC)

not a bad idea... I'll see what I can do ^^

Harvie commented on 2011-02-14 01:53 (UTC)

rc.d script for starting adb server would be usefull...

Gordin commented on 2011-01-31 13:24 (UTC)

Didn't think of that. There is now ^^

vnoel commented on 2011-01-31 11:50 (UTC)

Shouldn't there is a profile.d file to add the dir to the PATH?

Gordin commented on 2011-01-29 23:11 (UTC)

IMPORTANT: If you installed platform-tools manually with the android tool this WILL conflict with files in /opt/android-sdk/platform-tools Just delete the platform-tools folder in this case