Package Details: cemu 2.0.602+really+2.0.86-1

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Package Base: cemu
Description: Software to emulate Wii U games and applications on PC
Upstream URL:
Keywords: emulator wii-u
Licenses: MPL2
Submitter: Anuskuss
Maintainer: kescherAUR
Last Packager: kescherAUR
Votes: 23
Popularity: 0.79
First Submitted: 2022-09-05 15:23 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2024-06-11 16:26 (UTC)

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kescherAUR commented on 2024-05-09 09:44 (UTC)

@HurricanePootis I see now what a prior comment by @FabioLolix meant - your comment patch is indeed pointing this issue out well. Thanks for that.

I am, however, still not adding vcpkg and Vulkan-Headers to the source array. The main reason for that is: - We genuinely do not need vcpkg here (it's disabled in build()) - We use the vulkan-headers package as a dependency instead of the submodule, and this is intentional.

Additionally, I am keeping the direct references to specific commits, as it allows checksums to be used still.

Still, this is better now. Thanks again.

HurricanePootis commented on 2024-05-09 02:37 (UTC)

Hey, you are doing your submodules wrong. I've noticed that although you are cloning them in your source() array, due to how you are trying to do the submodules in your prepare() function, you just end up cloning them again from the internet. I have made the process better with this patch, and also added some missing submodules which should always be cloned:

diff --git a/PKGBUILD b/PKGBUILD
index 0cce902..37c6f5c 100644
@@ -33,19 +33,23 @@ install=cemu.install
    # submodules
-   git+
-   git+
-   git+
+   git+
+   git+
+   git+
+   git+
+   git+
    # cubeb submodules
-   git+
-   git+
+   git+
+   git+
-            'ad74dba4d6bd055e7862ef6916654e7572cb3601a7882715b0617207b159fc94'
-            'b2f59d28eca6c4d702c845ad82818b5378e9edafff12394f9321bb69e9f80642'
-            '778720b0b08b122af1a958faf5bb1340d44fa33057124373c81822f1e1918e19'
-            'a24b426203153fe25c9678a0ed2335293eec40e4a922a81d61fe0b60987573bc'
-            '2353b7e1877666d242fd45083ae730667fbcdbb418dfaa43b39d33a828ce6e08')
+            'SKIP'
+            'SKIP'
+            'SKIP'
+            'SKIP'
+            'SKIP'
+            'SKIP'
+            'SKIP')

 pkgver() {
    cd Cemu
@@ -60,15 +64,14 @@ prepare() {
    cd Cemu

    # cemu submodules
-   for submodule in dependencies/{cubeb,imgui,ZArchive}; do
-       git config submodule.$submodule.url "file://$srcdir/${submodule##*/}"
-       git submodule--helper update --init $submodule
+   for submodule in {cubeb,imgui,ZArchive,vcpkg,Vulkan-Headers}; do
+       git config --file=.gitmodules submodule.dependencies/$submodule.url "$srcdir/$submodule"
+   git -c protocol.file.allow=always submodule update --init
    pushd dependencies/cubeb > /dev/null
-   for submodule in {cmake/sanitizers-cmake,googletest}; do
-       git config submodule.$submodule.url "file://$srcdir/${submodule##*/}"
-       git submodule--helper update --init $submodule
-   done
+   git config --file=.gitmodules submodule.googletest.url "$srcdir/googletest"
+   git config --file=.gitmodules submodule.cmake/sanitizers-cmake.url "$srcdir/sanitizers-cmake"
+   git -c protocol.file.allow=always submodule update --init
    popd > /dev/null

    # unbundled fmt

kescherAUR commented on 2024-03-24 18:24 (UTC)

@That1Calculator if you mean bumping the version dependency of llvm-libs, yes, that should definitely be at 17 by now

kescherAUR commented on 2024-03-24 11:57 (UTC)

@That1Calculator llvm-libs is already a dep, and the build works without llvm17-libs entirely, so, I don't think so

That1Calculator commented on 2024-03-08 00:02 (UTC)

llvm17-libs needs to be added as a makedep

kescherAUR commented on 2023-12-22 00:58 (UTC)

@hirak99 Patch included. Thanks for pointing it out!

hirak99 commented on 2023-12-09 06:04 (UTC)

No longer builds.

This patch makes it build on Arch -

Should it be included in the package so it works for everyone?

lesto commented on 2023-10-21 12:26 (UTC)

@kescherAUR can confirm that is the issue, thanks! somehow that link was still blue for me, and I did some research before asking!

kescherAUR commented on 2023-10-07 15:11 (UTC) (edited on 2023-10-07 15:11 (UTC) by kescherAUR)

@lesto I can't reproduce your issue entirely, but "//include" not being found indicates that you may be having the exact same issues as described here:

If your PATH contains /bin or /sbin, get rid of it, this should resolve the issue.

lesto commented on 2023-10-06 09:53 (UTC) (edited on 2023-10-06 09:54 (UTC) by lesto)

fmt issue is closed on the repo.

I get the error

CMake Error at /lib/cmake/glm/glmConfig.cmake:10 (message):
  File or directory //include referenced by variable GLM_INCLUDE_DIRS does
  not exist !
Call Stack (most recent call first):
  /lib/cmake/glm/glmConfig.cmake:16 (set_and_check)
  CMakeLists.txt:136 (find_package)