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Description: Composite manager for Aiglx and Xgl, with plugins and CCSM
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Licenses: GPL, LGPL, MIT
Conflicts: compiz-core
Submitter: Chazza
Maintainer: Chazza
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First Submitted: 2014-08-04 13:22
Last Updated: 2016-04-09 11:33

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Chazza commented on 2016-04-09 11:37

Thanks again korrode :) If the past is anything to go by, the next Compiz release still might be a few months away so I think it's definitely worth adding this one.

korrode commented on 2016-04-09 11:02

Chazza i don't know if you'll consider it relevant for this package, and i assume upstream is going to do a release soon anyway, but for compiz-manjaro i've grabbed upstream commits 3997+4002 (4002 is the main one, but 3997 is prerequisite for it) and unified them into one "marco-in-mate.patch".

This makes Compiz use Marco's theme setting when it's in a MATE session, so MATE's integrated theme settings area works for changing GWD's theme.

patrakov commented on 2015-12-31 07:25

Reported the bug:

patrakov commented on 2015-12-31 07:06

xinitrc/xprofile files won't work, because I do need these variables set to non-1 value for all other gtk3 programs.

You do have a point, though. I will report this upstream.

Chazza commented on 2015-12-25 11:14

Hi patrakov. I'm afraid I'm not so keen an adding tweaks like that to the package itself unless it's absolutely necessary. Can you not just add the two vars to your xinitrc/xprofile file or alternatively add your script to some location such as /usr/local/bin and then change the decorator start command to point to that script?

patrakov commented on 2015-12-25 08:30

Dear Maintainer,

I have just found that gtk-window-decorator interacts badly with HiDPI support environment variables: GDK_SCALE and GDK_DPI_SCALE. If they are set to 3 and 0.33333 respectively, then it draws the decoration scaled-down so that it is only above the left third of the window being decorated. So, could you please, in your PKGBUILD, move the original binary to /usr/bin/gtk-window-decorator.orig, and place this shell script instead? This produces wull-width window decorations for me.

export GDK_SCALE=1
export GDK_DPI_SCALE=1
exec /usr/bin/gtk-window-decorator.orig "$@"

Xiaoming94 commented on 2015-12-13 16:35

@Chazza yupp, my problem

Chazza commented on 2015-12-10 21:38

Thanks for the clarification GaylairdCulbreth.

GaylairdCulbreth commented on 2015-12-10 20:27

Protobuf and Mesa inter alia updated today. CCSM won't run:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/bin/ccsm", line 92, in <module>
import compizconfig
ImportError: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: _ZNK6google8protobuf7Message11GetTypeNameEv

Rebuilding Compiz now...

Compiz rebuilt OK ---rebooted. All good now

Chazza commented on 2015-12-10 13:06

Compiz builds and runs just fine for me here. Perhaps you could elaborate?

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