Package Details: linphone-desktop-all 4.1.1-2

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Package Base: linphone-desktop-all
Description: A free VoIP and video softphone based on the SIP protocol (Installed in /opt with all deps included).
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Licenses: GPL2
Conflicts: linphone, linphone-desktop
Provides: linphone-desktop
Submitter: frealgagu
Maintainer: frealgagu
Last Packager: frealgagu
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First Submitted: 2018-11-18 23:23
Last Updated: 2019-07-20 18:15

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danisantos commented on 2019-10-10 19:44

@P31314 my working version is: Desktop 4.1.1 - Qt5.13.0 Core 3.12.0

P31314 commented on 2019-10-10 13:42

@danisantos got the same problem. Crashing when I am called and I take the call, when I call and the other takes the call. Does someone know, what the last Version without this issue is?

danisantos commented on 2019-08-10 15:10

The installation now works [:)], but for some reason, when I receive a call with the new version of this package, the program crashes - everytime.

I have a backup of the program, and with the backup version of linphone I don't get this crash/bug.

Help? Does anyone else has this problem?

frealgagu commented on 2019-07-22 23:39

I've added a patch to solve the issue, build and let me know if you have issues after this.

danisantos commented on 2019-07-22 14:18

The problem may be residing in the belle-sip dependency compilation... Unfortunatly, the belle-sip project doesn't seem to have the Issues tab activated on Github

frealgagu commented on 2019-07-20 16:18

@thoth Yes, some dependency causes this error, I don't know yet how to solve it. @danisantos the error was caused by not clean the environment before built, but even removing the git part does not solve the error reported by @thoth

danisantos commented on 2019-07-14 15:00

To resolve the issue you could remove from PKGBUILD the following lines:

git init >> /dev/null
git config ""
git config "Dummy"
git add --all
git commit -m "${_ver}" > /dev/null
git tag -m "${_ver}" "${_ver}"
echo ""

danisantos commented on 2019-07-14 13:03

I cannot compile. This is the error:

  -> A extrair webrtc-a7757e88b2ac2d1f11ac544c5822659b42db4cf3.tar.gz com bsdtar
==> A iniciar prepare()...
Configuring linphone-desktop-4.1.1
Patching module linphone-desktop
patching file CMakeLists.txt
patching file src/app/App.cpp
patching file ui/modules/Common/Form/ComboBox.qml
patching file ui/modules/Common/Form/Tab/TabButton.qml
patching file ui/modules/Common/Form/Tab/TabContainer.qml
patching file ui/modules/Linphone/Calls/Calls.qml
patching file ui/modules/Linphone/Timeline/Timeline.qml
patching file ui/views/App/Settings/SettingsWindow.qml
==> ERRO: Uma falha ocorreu em prepare().
    A cancelar...

in English is something like this:

-> Extracting webrtc-a7757e88b2ac2d1f11ac544c5822659b42db4cf3.tar.gz with bsdtar
==> To start prepare () ...
Configuring linphone-desktop-4.1.1
Patching module linphone-desktop
patching file CMakeLists.txt
patching file src / app / App.cpp
patching file ui / modules / Common / Form / ComboBox.qml
patching file ui / modules / Common / Form / Tab / TabButton.qml
patching file ui / modules / Common / Form / Tab / TabContainer.qml
patching file ui / modules / Linphone / Calls / Calls.qml
patching file ui / modules / Linphone / Timeline / Timeline.qml
patching file ui / views / App / Settings / SettingsWindow.qml
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in prepare ().
     Canceling ...

thoth commented on 2019-07-09 20:39

When compiling I get errors such as the following:

/tmp/build/linphone-desktop-all/src/linphone-desktop-4.1.1/submodules/belle-sip/src/dns.h:529:16: error: lvalue required as unary ‘&’ operand
  529 |  dns_rr_i_init(&dns_quietinit((struct dns_rr_i){ 0, __VA_ARGS__ }), (P))

frealgagu commented on 2019-05-10 15:09

@trem0r It works for me, maybe a misconfiguration? tyr removing the folder ~/.local/share/linphone (I suppose you will need to configure it again).

My logs are as follow:

[10:04:46:085][Info]Core:linphone: Sal use rport [enabled]
[10:04:46:085][Info]Core:belle-sip: Root ca path set to /etc/ssl/certs
[10:04:46:085][Info]Core:linphone: sal_unlisten_ports done
[10:04:46:085][Info]Core:belle-sip: Creating listening point [0x7f3128089b50] on [sip:[::0]:25060;transport=UDP]
[10:04:46:085][Info]Core:belle-sip: Creating listening point [0x7f312802f890] on [sip:[::0]:25060;transport=TCP]
[10:04:46:085][Info]Core:belle-sip: Creating listening point [0x7f3128005b60] on [sip:[::0]:-1;transport=TLS]
[10:04:46:085][Info]Core:belle-sip: Random TCP port is 43799
[10:04:46:085][Info]Core:belle-sip: Root ca path set to /etc/ssl/certs
[10:04:46:085][Info]Core:belle-sip: Root ca path set to /etc/ssl/certs
[10:04:46:085][Info]Core:belle-sip: Root ca path set to /etc/ssl/certs
[10:04:46:086][Info]Core:linphone: linphone_proxy_config_is_server_config_changed : 0
[10:04:46:086][Info]Core:linphone: Publish params have changed on proxy config [0x7f312805d5a0]
[10:04:46:086][Info]Core:linphone: Core callbacks [0x7f3128105670] registered on core [0x7f312800d310]
[10:04:46:086][Info]Core:linphone: Callbacks [0x7f3128105670] unregistered on core [0x7f312800d310]
[10:04:46:086][Info]Core:linphone: Linphone core [0x7f312800d310] notified [global_state_changed]
[10:04:46:086][Info]Core:linphone: Callbacks [0x7f3128004af0] unregistered on core [0x7f312800d310]
[10:04:46:086][Info]Core:linphone: Core callbacks [0x7f3128105670] registered on core [0x7f312800d310]
[10:04:46:086][0x55b0dd5d3760][Info]"Set `Friends` path: `/home/frealgagu/.local/share/linphone/friends.db`"
[10:04:46:086][Info]Core:belle-sip: QT: "Set `Friends` path: `/home/frealgagu/.local/share/linphone/friends.db`"
[10:04:46:086][Info]Core:linphone: linphone_core_fetch_friends_lists_from_db(): 0 results fetched, completed in 0 ms
[10:04:46:086][Warning]Core:linphone: the friends migration has already been done, skipping...
[10:04:46:086][0x55b0dd5d3760][Info]"Set `CallLogs` path: `/home/frealgagu/.local/share/linphone/call-history.db`"
[10:04:46:086][Info]Core:belle-sip: QT: "Set `CallLogs` path: `/home/frealgagu/.local/share/linphone/call-history.db`"
[10:04:46:087][Info]Core:linphone: Table already up to date: duplicate column name: call_id.
[10:04:46:088][Info]Core:linphone: linphone_core_get_call_history(): completed in 2 ms
[10:04:46:088][Warning]Core:linphone: nothing to migrate, skipping...
[10:04:46:088][0x55b0dd5d3760][Info]"Set `Chat` path: `/home/frealgagu/.local/share/linphone/message-history.db`"
[10:04:46:088][Info]Core:belle-sip: QT: "Set `Chat` path: `/home/frealgagu/.local/share/linphone/message-history.db`"
[10:04:46:112][0x55b0dd0cd380][Info]"Core created. Enable iterate."
[10:04:46:112][Info]Core:belle-sip: QT: "Core created. Enable iterate."
[10:04:46:112][0x55b0dd0cd380][Info]"Core started."
[10:04:46:112][Info]Core:belle-sip: QT: "Core started."
[10:04:46:112][0x55b0dd0cd380][Info]"Notify unread messages count: 0."
[10:04:46:112][Info]Core:belle-sip: QT: "Notify unread messages count: 0."
[10:04:46:112][Warning]Core:belle-sip: There is no object pool created in thread [139849617831936]. Use belle_sip_object_pool_push() to create one. Unowned objects not unref'd will be leaked.
[10:04:46:210][0x55b0dd0cd380][Info]"Open linphone app."
[10:04:46:210][Info]Core:belle-sip: QT: "Open linphone app."