Package Details: linux-pf 4.10.1-2

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Package Base: linux-pf
Description: Linux kernel and modules with the pf-kernel patch [-ck patchset (BFS included), TuxOnIce, BFQ] and aufs3
Upstream URL:
Licenses: GPL2
Groups: base
Conflicts: kernel26-pf, linux-pf
Provides: aufs3, linux-pf=4.10.1
Replaces: aufs3, kernel26-pf
Submitter: nous
Maintainer: Thaodan
Last Packager: Thaodan
Votes: 178
Popularity: 2.356372
First Submitted: 2011-07-24 12:01
Last Updated: 2017-02-22 18:59

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post-factum commented on 2017-02-23 18:06

...fixed here:

post-factum commented on 2017-02-23 18:02

For UKSM, orig_pte should be replaced with vmf->orig_pte due to API changes.

walkindude commented on 2017-02-23 16:06

-> Found patch-4.10-pf1.xz
-> Updating aufs4-standalone git repo...
Fetching origin
-> Downloading uksm-4.9.patch...
% Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current
Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 --:--:-- 0:00:02 --:--:-- 0
curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found
==> ERROR: Failure while downloading
==> ERROR: Makepkg was unable to build linux-pf.
==> Restart building linux-pf ? [y/N]
==> ---------------------------------

aricart commented on 2017-02-23 01:51

Won't compile with UKSM patch for me.

mm/memory.c: In function ‘wp_page_copy’:
mm/memory.c:2192:21: error: ‘orig_pte’ undeclared (first use in this function)
uksm_cow_pte(vma, orig_pte);
mm/memory.c:2192:21: note: each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each function it appears in
make[1]: *** [scripts/ mm/memory.o] Error 1

post-factum commented on 2017-02-22 19:11

You don't need DCCP patch, it is already in 4.10.

xianai commented on 2017-02-22 13:40

Yes, it seems nothing need to be done from v4.9..v4.10 for uksm. :-)

There are two pending bug-fixing patches from staff in Huawei Inc. need to be reviewed and patched back to uksm. But I don't think most desktop users will bump into them. So you may use post-factum's patch for a while.

I am currently out of office for a few days. After that I will release a new version.

post-factum commented on 2017-02-21 17:07

The same for aufs4 [1].


post-factum commented on 2017-02-21 17:02

Thaodan, wanna try? [1]

git merge uksm-4.9 on top of v4.10 just worked for me, but I haven't compiled it. Feel free to test.


Thaodan commented on 2017-02-20 20:54

I'm currently waiting for uksm 4.10 and aufs4 4.10.

post-factum commented on 2017-02-20 19:34

Sorry, TOI is a mess and does not work for me. Honestly, I've tried to fix it, but got lost in locking mechanism that breaks cycle with RAID+LUKS+Btrfs for me, so I just abandoned it. Unfortunately, I got no help from Nigel.

Maybe, some magic happened recently, and it was fixed, I have to check TOI repo and try to build some test kernel. But without promises.

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